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on 7 November 2013
OK, I think its finally time for a genuine customer to write an authentic review to put an end to this love/hate relationship.

I ordered this replacement battery from Jazooli as my iphone battery had reached a point beyond death. I would leave it on charge for 9 hours and the sign would still show that the battery was zero and still prompt me to charge it - tragic, I know.

On to delivery, which was quicker then amazon's normal response time (free delivery). Now the battery. On my first impression, it looked genuine, but I could'nt help notice that this new battery was slightly bigger than my dead battery. Other reviews have commented on the difference in serial number. And yes they were right, the serial number for the 4S ended in '79' and this one ended in '80'. Is this mysterious outcast battery part of the iPhone 4 family? Who knows...still bigger is better right? Wrong. Once I put the battery in, it powered my iphone fine and I, for the first time in 4 days, was enjoying the fruits of Apple's creation which ended up lasting almost a day and a half! But then when the battery died, it simply would not charge.

The reason for this I have speculated to be as follows:
- The new battery was simply not compatible with charging when connected to an iPhone 4s
- The connection between battery and iphone was damaged. The wires are confined in what looks like some glossy black tape. There is a possibility I damaged this on installation. Therefore I highly recommend that once you've installed the battery, use the small flat head screw driver that comes with the battery and gently caress the black tape that's sticking out into place. Make sure you don't damage this as that could have been my problem.

None the less, at this stage the battery was non functional and I could see an obvious tear in the black tape that connects the battery to the rectangular battery connection plug..thing. This was most likely my own fault so guys please be careful - no one really mentions this in youtube tutorials but its something I encountered.

So I then contacted Jazooli via Amazon to ask for a replacement. I sent the faulty battery and they sent me a replacement within 2 days! So swift it actually made me forget about the failed battery.

Now this new battery looked identical to the iPhone 4s battery. Serial ended in '79'. Connected it making sure no damage comes to the black tape. Say no more. Working like a dream. (Note: As I had a hunch the problem could be the battery was incorrect with it ending in '80' and all, I gave Jazooli a gentle reminder that I needed the correct iPhone 4s battery in the returns form)

I think the crux of this dispute questioning how genuine Jazooli are stems from elements of miscommunication, administrative errors (on Jazooli's side) and poor installation technique (on the consumer's side). As of now, I am enjoying my iPhone 4s with battery life average of that of a typical iPhone battery.

I would recommend you get this battery, its costing you £5! As far as I'm concerned, with the amount of money I saved, I'd happily endure at least 3 more cock ups from the Jazooli team before stars for the review start dropping.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>update<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< 19/06/14

I bought this battery in Nov 13, and at the time it served its purpose and I had no complaints.

However since then, the battery life has significantly reduced. Using the iphone for, lets say browsing or facebook, for 30 mins will reduce the battery power by 30-50%. Not too impressive. Thus forth, I have come to the following conclusion.

Sending your iphone to apple for a battery replacement costs £63 including delivery. I am sure the battery will be brand new and thus restore your iphone with power as if it were just off the shelf. This battery cost me £5 and lasted me a good 5-8 months before I saw some noticeable leakage in battery life. I'm sure I could buy another battery from Jazooli and it would last a similar duration. Coupled with the fact that most users change handsets every year or, if your like me, every 2/3 years, you'll still save money in the long run by sticking with Jazooli (a saving of roughly £40). Having said this, this is a bit of a nuisance. In an ideal world, you should be able to purchase a new battery for your handset and have it run as if it were new. The blame for this lies solely with Apple. They do not make their official batteries commercially available.

Thus forth, you would be very right in assuming the vast majority of batteries sold over the internet are most likely second hand. Perhaps they have been charged in a specific manner to give them a pseudo-boost when you first purchase them. But eventually, they'll show signs of weakness sooner than you'd hope. Also, if my hunch is correct, then no two batteries sold over the internet will have the same life span - perhaps another factor explaining the mixture of reviews and something you should take into account. It all comes down to saving money vs practicality. The choice is ultimately yours.
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on 25 November 2016
Worked exactly as intended and noticed increased battery capacity immediately. Definitely have to charge the phone fully once the new battery is installed so don't panic if the phone is unresponsive for a good 20 minutes after installing.
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on 11 February 2017
Happy with the product
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on 10 January 2013
I bought a second hand 4S before Christmas and was thinking about changing the battery despite the phone only being 9 months old (or so the seller told me). I was getting about a day standby and 6 hours usage from the original battery but when I saw Apple's claims of 200 hours standby time from a new 4S I decided to swap it.

The replacement battery arrived quickly, within a few days but without the tools to change the battery. Frustrating. However one email to the seller and the tools were shipped out to me. I had both the battery and the tools within 8 days.

First, the star screwdriver to get the bottom two screws off is perfect, you slide the back off and you have 2 small phillips screws to take out, unfortunately the screwdriver sent for these was too big. I managed to get them off with a Stanley blade although I wouldn't recommend this. You need a proper phillips really.

I put the new battery in, replaced the screws and charged the phone up to 100% (noting that the new battery was on 42% already when I put it on charge).

The battery has now been in for a week or so and I am getting an average of 6 hours usage a day and 20 standby, more or less exactly what I was getting before.

My conclusion is the battery probably isn't new. It was a bit bashed up with a few scuffs and the black tape type stuff on the battery peels away at the edges already.

My final comment was the battery number - the battery I pulled out ended in 80 but the battery I put in ended in 82. There doesn't seem to be any difference in performance or charging time.

Suppose you get what you pay for?

***Thought I'd update this review***

After having the battery in my 4S for around 2 months now, it is definitely worse than the one I took out. I get around 5 hours usage and 15 hours standby (Admittedly, I'm quite an aggressive user). I have tried charging with an original apple cable and charger and a replica and it doesn't make a difference. If your battery is completely knackered this may be a good option, otherwise you may end up with worse standby time than you currently have!
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on 7 January 2015
Fitted correctly. Phone turned on. Battery only ever lost charge, would not charge back up. Product not fit for purpose.

Contacted seller and they offered to refund, but for the price of postage and also given that the 'free' tool kit decided just to keep it for the tool kit. Searched around a bit and got an item from somewhere else which was more money but works well. Not going to say where as I don't want people to think this is a bad review from a competitor. Either way seller was happy to replace. However decided not to mess around given all the other bad reviews. Seems that some items you will receive just will not work. I was in that category but for under £4 I figured that the tool kit offset the cost of the dud battery.
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on 16 September 2016
Doesn't work.
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on 27 July 2015
This was a simple replacement for my iPhone battery that was starting to show its age with reduced capacity. There are plenty of videos and guides online explaining exactly how to change the battery. If you can change a household plug, this is a little bit more fiddly but basically involves undoing a couple of screws, removing the battery and plugging in the new one.
So far the new battery is performing well with no drop in performance which has been reported on other products. This has given my 4s a new lease of life and is 100% recommended.
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on 24 January 2016
After watching a video on YouTube, I decided to have a try and changing the battery on my iPhone, it was well worth the effort, what a difference I notice in the times between charging. I would highly recommend this battery.
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on 27 January 2016
Perfect, easy to fit battery, all the tools needed are included and a quick youtube tutorial can clear up any confusion, works perfectly in the phone better than the old apple battery by far.
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on 2 April 2016
This worked for a bit but the cable snapped in installation with next to no pressure
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