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on 7 July 2017
The item broke after 7 months use as the suction cup heated up in hot weather and the mechanism failed - has been chucked in the bin !
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on 29 May 2017
Neat satnav/phone holder. Have used a similar "sticky" grip for a few years transferring it between cars. Unfortunately the gel grip is starting to deteriorate.
Bought the OsoMount is to replace it.
Mounts on almost any flatish solid surface. The device holder supplied with the mount works well.
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on 26 June 2013
I'll make this quick. This item is almost perfect, it holds extremely well but doesn't quite get 5 stars as the grip on mine has basically gotten stuck in position so I can no longer rotate it. I need to get some pliers on the locking nut to undo it but i don't want to break it as it's only plastic.

Otherwise this is brilliant, doesn't bounce around and doesn't slip. It even holds my Galaxy S4 with a OtterBox case on it which is one chunky monster of a case.

4.7 / 5
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on 29 March 2013

Unfortunately, one of the springs inside the holder broke away/snapped its plastic fixing inside. It now will not grip very well as one of the grips just slides freely.
Didn't realise the product came with a 2 year warrantee so contacted Amazon and of course, no quibble return and refund. I have now ordered another one, exactly the same. I know it broke but it was after nearly a 1.5 years of daily use. Still very pleased with the holder. I have discovered that due to heat and general use the holder can just fall off the dash so to eliminate that happening you just need to remember to release it once in a while and reattach it.


I have now used this in my car on several occasions and found it to be very good at it's job, however 2 things you need to be aware of;

1 - The limited adjustment on the up/down side/side does have an impact on where you can place this. It has full 360 rotation but if your dash has a high angle of slope then you may find this does not work. Fine if you are just going to place on the windscreen.
2 - The suction on this thing is immense. After only 1 hour on my dashboard (Elephant Skin finish) I decided to try it in another location. After I removed it I could see that it had physically lifted my dash and caused a raised bubble in the shape of the sucker!! It is not huge but you can see it. If you are not anal about your car and its appearance then this will not bother you but you should bear this in mind. I will not be moving mine until I sell the car, so I will wait until then to worry about it.

Been looking for a holder for my Samsung S3 for ages and had given up hope of actually getting something that worked on my dash.
Discovered this on Amazon and read the reviews... All, except a few, praised it. It comes in a proper quality package, not some plain brown envelope wrapped in bubble wrap. These guys obviously take care in everything they do. It is a good size and not too big. Good quality plastics, all though I think they could turn down the brightness of the red silicone which grips the phone... Very bright. The holder springs from both ends and is very, very tight for my liking but at least you know the phone isn't going to fall out.
The suction cup comes covered with a paper disc to protect the surface. When you peel it off you might think that it is some kind of sticky adhesive but it's not. It is this very cool rubber that is really sticky. I got this because I did not want to use the holder on my window and wanted to place the phone on the dashboard. In my Volvo XC90 I have the common 'Elephant Skin' finish. I was not entirely convinced it would hold but just placing the sucker onto the dashboard you could see it 'Grab' the surface and not let go. Once I had pushed down the leaver to pull everything tight it was rock solid. I think you could actually hang off this! I tried to take it off to re-position and I really had to work at it. The Ball and Socket could have a little more adjustment available but I am being picky. The Red is too bright but overall this is a very good holder.
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on 13 June 2014
One of the best I've used. Very easy to stick to dashboard (I haven't tried the window), even on a textured surface. The gel pad means it can cope with surfaces that aren't smooth. This is my second one of these after leaving the first in a hire car, but I knew I wanted the same one again. Very compact design, easy to adjust and very quick to pop your phone in and out without any effort.

The only downside is it doesn't cope very well in hot weather. The gel gets very soft and the holder can fall off without warning. Has happened on mine several times on the hottest of days, and also to my friend who bought the same one. But apart from this small inconvenience I still think it's a great holder as we don't have that many really hot days!
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on 30 December 2014
As I upgraded my phone every year or so - seem to have alternated between overpriced cradles from my vendor (hold my phone well for silly money and gets binned on the next upgrade) and no-name Chinese budget versions (nasty plastic cradle for the phone - that connects to a generic and nasty sucker-and-swan-neck).
This is different. Somebody with some design chops, has made a premium mount that will hold anything.
This is the second Osomount I've bought - and they're both great. The 360 (not this one) has a larger base and is geared towards a dash-mount, this one is smaller and designed for a window-mount. Check them both out - but not a huge amount of difference between them.
Why they're both great.
Sucker on them is a stick monster. If you remember those octopus toys you could throw a window and they'd roll down, the sucker is made of the same sticky stuff. It will attach to pretty much anything by simply pushing it onto it (and even more so, once you've pulled the lever). If it gets some fluff on it from being thrown into the glovebox, a bit of soapy water will restore it to "as-new". This thing will stick.
So, moving on from the sucker - the joint will enable you to point your phone wherever you want and will hold that position (I know this doesn't sound too impressive, but if you've ever had to bat at your phone-mount, I wish to reassure you you won't here).
Best thing - and it really is - are the jaws that hold your phone. They don't look too impressive in the photos, but you can shove your phone into them one-handed (edge in, roll, jaws open, jaws hold). Same goes for removal. Grab phone, roll, remove.
The whole mounting/removing process is a one-handed process of pleasure, and inbetween your phone simply does not move.
I'm not somebody prone to hyperbole - but those jaws and their grippy rubber, have been designed to perfection.
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on 3 November 2014
This is the best accessory I've bought for my Nexus 5 and I've got a few : )

I chose this car mount as it has a small footprint and therefore the windscreen is not cluttered, I've used the product for about 2 months now and it's never once lost suction on the windscreen. I keep the mount on the windscreen permanently.

The product looks really well made and I can imagine it will a last a while. The last mount I bought was specific to the Galaxy S3, this product has the advantage of working with any screen up to 5.3, so long as you don't have a whale sized phone you'll be fine!

The swivel ball works really well too providing a lot of control over the exact angle I want my phone to be at. I didn't have this feature on my previous mount and it's really useful.

Overall, I wholeheartedly recommend this car mount!

- Small footprint
- Great swivel ball offering good control over angles
- Quality plastic which feels like it's built to last
- Strong suction

- None that I can think of and I'm a fussy person!
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on 14 June 2014
I was initially surprised at how small this unit is. It uses a pair of opposable plastic jaws that are lined with grippy rubber and that slide apart against a very strong spring. The slim jaws don't inspire confidence but do grip the phone very sturdily. They also mean that by placing the phone in the holder I can still access all the buttons on my Lumia 920 when in landscape orientation.

The mount seems to be rock solid. Vibration causes no problems and it has never come loose or slipped out. I've got it mounted on glass. So far I haven't had cause to remove it so I can't speak for how well it repositions on repeated use.

If I've a criticism it's that the very strong grip comes at the expense of ease of mounting. The strength of the spring means that it's a bit of a fiddle to get the unit in and out and one handed operation only comes after much practice! I could see mounting a tablet or very large phone as a real struggle.

On the whole I'm very pleased.
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on 12 June 2014
the best Universal Smart Phone Mount i have had yet - and had a quite a few. This thing sticks to anything like Dog Muck to Trainers !! Its designed with the usual suction cup and locking switch - but has additional sticky, but non residue, rubber, and the suction has been designed so well that it will stick to most car dash surfaces (even nobbly ones, leather look etc) no problem without the use of the additional sticky car dash mount !! The Gripper system is also excellent, and very easy to use, no buttons or adjusters. The whole thing will keep your phone steady as a rock even on bumpy ground due to the short arm and solid suction. Excellent Product.
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on 27 September 2015
I've tried numerous dash mounts over the past few years, and this is by far the best. Mounting to the windscreen is secure and quick, staying in place even with very heavy devices (I use an LG G3 - one of the larger phones out there).

The cradle has soft rubber on the inside, so there's no risk of damaging the phone. This is attached via a simple spinning lock, so that once the mount is adjusted you can lock it in place so that the phone doesn't move about when going over bumps (a problem many of the cheaper mounts suffer from).

Overall a top quality mount, that I have already recommended to many friends.
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