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on 24 November 2012
this is another boring B-movie from a company specialized on make copys of forthcoming blockbusters with name lookalikes,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,BAD TO THE BONE!
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on 28 February 2018
Revisiting and reimagining American history, this film from The Asylum sees random, unexplained outbreaks of zombies to be a fact of life. The hero of the story, Abraham Lincoln, experienced the problem first hand as a child but has not seen the issue arise since then. Now an adult and the president of the US, he and a small group of colleagues must crush the latest outbreak at Fort Pulaski or risk the zombies taking over the country.

There was a period when The Asylum seemed to spend more time thinking about their stories and this resulted in a few better than average films being completed. And these were also released on Blu-ray allowing for better video and audio to be exploited. This film was one of those, and is surprisingly good. Much of the credit goes to Bill Oberst Jnr who puts in an outstanding performance as Abraham Lincoln. And maybe because of this, the acting from the other main cast got a lift and can be genuinely pleasant to watch. The story is well thought out and directed with good pacing.

The Blu-ray presentation has great video which is very clear but this does highlight some of the production deficiencies (eg. ill-fitting, cheap quality uniforms and bad digital effects). The colour palette is very drab and skewed towards blacks and greys but I think this was the intention of the filmmakers rather than an issue with the transfer. The audio doesn't fare so well - the disk contains Dolby Digital 5.1 and 2.0 soundtracks and both have issues. The 5.1 has reasonable ambient sounds but the voices can be very soft. The 2.0 has very loud voices but the ambient sounds are terrible.

This film is still a low budget production and this shows and will upset some people but it is probably one of the best films I have seen from The Asylum and is really quite good in the story and acting departments.
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on 12 January 2014
Hi Guys I haven't done many reviews for amazon but i am a huge zombie fan having most every zombie film ever made. I got this film thinking that it would be at least passable but i was wrong. For a start the acting is atrocious at times in the move you can see the actors looking off camera at scripts or prompt boards. the only actor/actresses that puts in some small effort is the guy playing abe Lincoln (Bill Oberst Jr) fair play to him.

Ok next on to historical accuracy this film is set in the American civil war and they use civil war weapons but and its a big one you can see the rifle been used primarily in the film is a Pattern 1853 Enfield wick is a muzzle loading rifle. but you see the gun been fired multiple times with out a reload the gun will only fire once before you would need to reload. my second point is this stone wall Jackson did have a beard in the war but was not a wispy glued on one the you see Don McGraw (Jackson in the film) waring it is the worst fake beard i have seen in a film and his second in charge officer looks like he has a slug balanced on his top lip and not facial hair. ime 30 i can grow a descant looking tash an around a week. if i know i was to be in a film that called for one i would grow one and not sellotape a slug to my lip.

The plot and the zombie suck the reason Lincoln is there is to kill all the zombies but for the most part of the film he just walks around them with ample time and safety to kill them but elects not to. the zombies for the most part just stand around and wate to die. Making them a none threatening opponent threw the film.

The sfx are also a joke its all done badly on final cut pro by the looks of things

All in all if you want a zombie film set in this time period there are other options. Please For all that is good in the world Avoid this film like a zombie plague

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on 26 August 2012
After reading other reviews I was led to believe that I was going to enjoy watching this film, this was very much not the case. This is a bad idea for a story with no direction and really bad script and acting. At first I thought it was funny that it was so bad but after a short time I realized this film was so bad it was just not funny. To sum it up it is a total waste of money.
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on 5 October 2012
Try not to go in taking it to seriously, its a good old fashion B grade zombie movie but I found it entertaining from start to finish. Bill Oberst, Jr. as Lincoln is fantastic and magnetic and holds the entire movie together.
Granted the majority of acting is very average but the story keeps the actors within their limits not pushing them beyond what they can deliver so it never really gets annoying.
there is very little charactor development but hey its B grade zombie movie what do you expect?
The zombies arre actually very cool and more believable than the living in this movie, the make up is great and is a real strong point, even the effects of them being shot in the head is of good quality, though they were decapitated far to easily but that is part of the charm.
if your after realistic stick with the remake of Dawn of the dead, Zombieland or most recently the Dead. but if your after a fun entertaining zombie romp in the same vain and quality of the evil dead series then give this movie a go, you might find yourself pleasently surprised
My only real dissapointment is the audio is only 2.0, not entirely sure how a movie filmed in widescreen HD doesnt come in 5.1 but I overcome this to a degree by turning on the 3D sound effect on my home theatre system
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on 9 July 2013
A good pseudo-history is one that can squeeze into the known facts of history. This one pretends it does. The film opens in 1818 with young Abe having to shoot his own zombie parents. It then jumps to 1865 with news of a zombie infestation at Fort Pulaski. Abe (Kent Igleheart), while searching for the words for his Gettysburg dedication, leads a group of secret service men to the zombie infested fort. At this point the film becomes similar to "Dawn of the Dead" with the fort replacing the shopping mall.

While here Lincoln meets Stonewall Jackson, poorly portrayed by Don McGraw in a cheap comically fake beard. The blood splatter was good and fell on the camera, although those scenes tended to have the color washed out and the blood was unrealistic. In one scene Lincoln is killing a bevy of zombies by swinging his reaper, although the zombies appear to be computer generated. Was that the prostitute using a hoe to kill zombies? Nice touch.

This is a low budget production filmed on location in Savannah Georgia. 3 stars on the Asylum scale

No f-bombs, sex, or nudity.
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on 21 May 2015
Asylum pictures are slowly starting to get better in both production and story values.This was One of the First to begin that trend of spending a little more money and employing Actors that can ACT!.The One thing I will say though is that at roughly the 3 quarter way mark.Three Cars can clearly be seen in the background as Two of the cast discuss how they should proceed through this Army of 1800's American Undead.My Advice? Hail One of the Cabs that are passing by Behind You!!!.
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on 26 May 2012
In the middle of the America Civil War President Lincoln learns of an unusual outbreak at a fort. Soldiers and locals are infected with some kind of virus. The President has an idea what's going on, so he and a group of secret agents travel to the fort.

The virus is an outbreak of the living dead, Abe knows all about zombies (which is revealed at the beginning of the film) so he hatches a plan to dispatch the zombies.

Along the way he is assisted by various historical characters including Pat Garrett, Teddy Roosevelt and various disposable extras who all join in the carnage. Abe is incredibly adept at killing the dead and he does so in quick and lethal fashion. This President doesn't mess around he just kicks some undead ass!!

Bill Oberst, Jr. is terrific as Lincoln and plays his role dead straight with just a slight wink at the audience as he knows it's all very silly and unrealistic. The blood runs in rivers but there is an absent of any real gore aparts from some beheadings, so if anything the film is a campy entertaining action picture.
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on 7 December 2012
Defiantly not taking it's self to seriously, its a good old fashion B grade zombie move.
I found it entertaining to begin with but soon became to samey and boring.
Bill Oberst, Jr. as Lincoln was very good and holds the entire movie together.
Granted the majority of acting is very average or at least the parts don't give the actors a chance to shine

Main draw for me it was filmed at Fort Widley Portsmouth which is only a few miles away

Would not recommend it unless it's for a late night post pub watch!
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on 16 February 2017
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