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Customer reviews

4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 15 August 2016
Brilliant game and excellent quality
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on 27 July 2017
very good game. Not on the level like gow 3 but, again which game IS on that level
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on 7 January 2015
Edit - I managed to do the trial of wotsit - seemed like the difficulty level had fallen or I'd just got a technique together - about 5 hrs in the same stupid spot so maybe there's a system in place to help?

Overall a below average game - I had enough by the time I got to the final boss (big ol sea creature thing that eats u - thanks) and just deleted it off my harddrive and watched the ending on YouTube - don't think I want to play another gow game ever again - think its tired.

Graphics are poor vs gow3 - looks like upscaled 480p and loads of jagged edges / stair casing

Camera - often the camera zooms right out during fights and it's difficult to see where u r also, during the final battle on the ship I thought I was one of the Spartans on the ship - really confusing

A reboot or different time place like the Egyptians wold be best.

Original review before a final go a couple hrs later (was going to delete but decided to hold on)

Couldn't finish it on normal - the final boss stage is impossible! Going by YouTube walk thrus their are 3 -4 stages with no auto save or Heath upgrade (or milisclue amounts of health) have just watched the final on YouTube and deleted this off my HDD - thankfully only wasted £7 on this crap. Overall a average game with a poorly Thouggt out and designed ending.
Note I have played every gow game and completed the first ps2 games on hard / god and completed the challenge of the gods

It's only the second ps3 game I've ever given p on due to a way too hard final stage - the other was dead space 2 - this is waste of space acsenion
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on 10 March 2017
Excellent third game in the series. Graphics are truely amazing.

Bring a whole new dimension to the story of god of war.

Really meaty game to get into, level up the character, unlock new moves and hack away at enemies.

Loved it.
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on 27 March 2013
Fans of the series like me may be disappointed. It's certainly the weakest one.


- Good graphics, some of the best of the generation.
- It's pretty good fun and hasn't been changed so much from previous games, so if you did enjoy the others you will still have some fun with this in places.
- Final boss is epic. Some of the other bosses were pretty cool too.
- Level design is still good as usual, although some areas were a bit of a drag because you had to backtrack.
- Smashing white and red chests looks amazing.

That's about it really as far as positives go.


- Weak story. I won't go into it but it's not interesting enough to make you care what happens.
- Lame choice of enemies and no memorable set pieces. For some reason the first 3 hours of the game are spent mainly fighting these irritating ladybug type creatures. They are not fun to fight and a pointless addition. When you do meet something big and bad to kill, instead of giving you one, then two of them plus other enemies, you kill the first one and move on. This also means less tactical play because you don't have to watch out for your health/magic levels knowing that you need to get past wave one and still have one or two other waves. Most of the time you just fight one wave and then move on. For some reason they also thought it would be a good idea to change the Satyrs into women who look like the things from Avatar...
- You can no longer parry attacks. This is criminal! That was one of the best moves Kratos had and they replaced it with a fairly useless blocking shield move that is much harder to time correctly and not nearly as satisfying.
- Platforming might as well be made into more cutscenes. You don't even have to press buttons to move around anymore. It feels like Assassins Creed (in a bad way) because you just have to hold the stick roughly in the right direction and he climbs about. You have very little control on this now.
- The notorious `Trials' section. I did get stuck here and in total it probably took me about 2 hours to get through it (roughly 15 attempts). I believe they patched it just after I did it though so maybe it's better now. Not a fun section and just poorly designed really. The bulk of the game is very easy and I think I only died 2/3 times from combat up to this point. Checkpoints are way too generous throughout and health chests are a little too plentiful. Then they give you this to do where there are no checkpoints or health chests! I would have minded it less if it felt consistent with the rest of the game. Even the last boss was really easy compared to this.
- The main issue I had is that even the small enemies seem tougher than many of the larger ones. They also don't react to being hit as much as they should, and can even break through your power attacks much easier than previous games. Some may say this is good cos it makes you play better but I think it's a massive flaw personally as you should be able to hit a small enemy with you most powerful moves and at least stagger them! It just doesn't feel as satisfying as it should.
- Puzzles were not very interesting.

I do have some other complaints but I think I've said enough. Personally I think the strongest game in the series was 2, with the first and 3 also being excellent but a bit frustrating in places. This one is a watered down version of everything that's gone before, just with added polish to make it look more appealing. I did have fun playing it at times but the annoyances outweighed them and I was just left thinking what this game could have been like if they had just carried on where they left off and actually put some thought into the story. I still have all the other games cos I can't bring myself to get trade them as I know I'll want to play them again one day. This one I couldn't wait to get rid of it.
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on 22 October 2013
Fun game to play. The graphics and the amount of detail was amazing. They put a lot of thought in this game and overall its decent. Everything is really good and i really loved the new stuff. However the story was decent and there's this one part which is really hard and frustrating. It took me a very long time to do this bit, about 3-4 hours with lots of deaths. I was playing it on normal and i don't understand how other people will be able to do this on a higher difficulty. I found a few glitches and i felt that they rushed this game. I havent play multiplayer so don't know if that's any good. Overall, its very good and and i hope the creators of this game continue to do a great job.
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on 2 June 2013
Being a fan of the god of war series for a number of years I wanted to obviously get this one. Although, after waiting a while I managed to get it for about 24 pounds which is brilliant for the game your getting. The game itself has a good story line which ties in nicely with the rest f the story. Gameplay and graphics are also good although graphics haven't changed much since the 3rd game but that isn't necessarily a bad thing considering the high quality of the graphics in the 3rd game. Some controls are different from previous games which are easy to get use to and with the mixture of different element abilities with the blades of chaos (I won't spoil what they are) the game seems to go back to its roots but is still able to deliver a new but similar experience.

When I first heard they created multiplayer for this title I'm sure I wasn't the only fan thinking "oh why ruin it" purely because a lot of single player games get ruined by poor multiplayer because so much time is spent on it. However, I was very surprised with the multiplayer as its extremely fun and very well made and can be challenging at time considering its very unique but after a few hours if gameplay you can easily enjoy the multiplayer and still contend with higher levels when you start so it isn't constant death row!

For the money and the fact that you can now access the last of us demo which I have played today, it is well worth the money and the last of us demo is also very good. For the
Money and if you love the god of war games you honestly can't go wrong with this purchase!
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on 27 July 2013
Awesome boss and set design with a more realistic edge then the comic looking GoW3 also great sound design had me ears ringing but sadly these are the only redeeming points of this version.

Gameplay wise I couldn't help feel Kratos has been speeded up but also dumbed down even with the extra moves. My old Gow playing methods were out of the window and the new throwing moves made it almost too easy to get through any sticky situation but the one major downfall of the game was for me is that you have to have certain heavy weapons upgraded to get past certain points namely the Trails of Archimedes which totally relies on slo-moing enemies with Amulet of Uroborus rather than any tactical thrashing and after this point the end of game baddie seems very tame and is over very quickly. The puzzles are so simple even the most modest retard won't find any challenge in this department and they felt more like time wasting with pretty set pieces.

The story could never match the epic scale of the original trilogy but isn't too bad and better than the PSP versions but still leaves you a little flat.

The online stuff is fun for a while and I can see why they speeded up the moves and added a few more but for me Kratos was at a fine pace for tactical scrolling slasher and trying to make it into a dedicated beat em up results in a basic half way between both.

Ok I have been harsh but don't let this put you off, it's still Kratos, still an awesome looking game that takes the PS3 to the max however I think Sony were trying to attract a new audience with this one and although die hard GoW fans will buy it anyway it's not one I'll go rushing back to replay like the original trilogy.
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on 19 May 2013
I'd say this may be the worst God of War with the exception of the PSP ones. Being a prequel, Kratos isn't still the invincible creature that rips heads of gods with his bare hands. No, in ascension you won't face enemies as powerful as Zeus or Ares and that certainly takes away a little of that epic scale previous GOW games had. Fans will probably be dissapointed that this is a more simple story with a weaker Kratos but that doesn't make the game half bad.

Graphics (impressive in GOW3) are even better now. The camera work has been improved as well being more dynamic, spectacular and being still as useful. The combat while remaining familiar has been through some modifications that make it feel even more polished. One example being the QTE minigame when defeating some enemies that has been given more depth adding the need to evade certain attacks in real time while executing them. The only combat modification that in my opinion was made for worse is the way they complicated parrying.

In all honesty, the addition of Multiplayer wasn't a feature i was demanding but the developers did a great job with this one. GOW's multiplayer it's deep, brutal and will surely extend the lifespan of this game for every fan. Matchmaking works great and in all the hours i've been using it i've encountered no lag. Also, in a world crowded with so many multiplayer shooters this feels like a breath of fresh air.

I'd recommend this game for any fan of the previous GOW tittles. You may find it not as great or epic as the previous games but it's still an amazing entry and a ton of fun.
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on 18 March 2013
*Some spoilers*

I was really looking forward to this game as i'm a huge God of War fan.

I was not disappointed, but I wasn't blown away either.

The story was a bit low rent after the promises we were given about Kratos having a sensitive side. He barely spoke in the game but when he did it was bonerific, as you might have guessed. But still, I wish he said more awesome lines. Even though the story wasn't up to standard, you still get some sense of how it all started. You even get to see Kratos smile for the first time.

The game-play has been slightly changed but in a good way. Now you don't have more than one weapon in your arsenal. You pick up a bunch of disposable weapons along the way like a sword, spear and hammer etc. Magic is back but you don't really get the more powerful stuff till later. Combos have been made weaker now. You have to get a hit streak going before you can pull off the more spectacular moves.

Voices acting is great. I didn't expect any less from the voice behind Kratos. The other characters were just as good.

In terms of fun, the bosses were absolutely fantastic. They were what you would expect from a God of War game. The finale was one of the best boss fights in a game I've ever played hands down. That fight made me shout "**** yeah! That's what i'm talking about!" I'll leave it at that because it's too good to spoil.
But between bosses, that's a different story. It gets borderline boring after the first boss for a solid 3 hours. For example, you have to get 3 gigantic snakes attached to a tower to progress and it felt like a chore. You'll jam a monster's tail into it's own face along the way but it didn't make up for it. There were a few back tracking moments that were annoying also.

The executions were definitely a highlight. Especially the Elephant/man Minotaur thing and the new version of the snake ladies. Whoo are you in for a treat when you make Kratos tear them a new one!

Over all, I'd give this game 4 stars.

Well worth a buy if your a fan.
If your not a huge fan, give it a rent or borrow it of a friend.
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