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God of War: Ascension (PS3)
Edition: Standard Edition|Change
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on 19 May 2013
I'd say this may be the worst God of War with the exception of the PSP ones. Being a prequel, Kratos isn't still the invincible creature that rips heads of gods with his bare hands. No, in ascension you won't face enemies as powerful as Zeus or Ares and that certainly takes away a little of that epic scale previous GOW games had. Fans will probably be dissapointed that this is a more simple story with a weaker Kratos but that doesn't make the game half bad.

Graphics (impressive in GOW3) are even better now. The camera work has been improved as well being more dynamic, spectacular and being still as useful. The combat while remaining familiar has been through some modifications that make it feel even more polished. One example being the QTE minigame when defeating some enemies that has been given more depth adding the need to evade certain attacks in real time while executing them. The only combat modification that in my opinion was made for worse is the way they complicated parrying.

In all honesty, the addition of Multiplayer wasn't a feature i was demanding but the developers did a great job with this one. GOW's multiplayer it's deep, brutal and will surely extend the lifespan of this game for every fan. Matchmaking works great and in all the hours i've been using it i've encountered no lag. Also, in a world crowded with so many multiplayer shooters this feels like a breath of fresh air.

I'd recommend this game for any fan of the previous GOW tittles. You may find it not as great or epic as the previous games but it's still an amazing entry and a ton of fun.
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on 18 March 2013
*Some spoilers*

I was really looking forward to this game as i'm a huge God of War fan.

I was not disappointed, but I wasn't blown away either.

The story was a bit low rent after the promises we were given about Kratos having a sensitive side. He barely spoke in the game but when he did it was bonerific, as you might have guessed. But still, I wish he said more awesome lines. Even though the story wasn't up to standard, you still get some sense of how it all started. You even get to see Kratos smile for the first time.

The game-play has been slightly changed but in a good way. Now you don't have more than one weapon in your arsenal. You pick up a bunch of disposable weapons along the way like a sword, spear and hammer etc. Magic is back but you don't really get the more powerful stuff till later. Combos have been made weaker now. You have to get a hit streak going before you can pull off the more spectacular moves.

Voices acting is great. I didn't expect any less from the voice behind Kratos. The other characters were just as good.

In terms of fun, the bosses were absolutely fantastic. They were what you would expect from a God of War game. The finale was one of the best boss fights in a game I've ever played hands down. That fight made me shout "**** yeah! That's what i'm talking about!" I'll leave it at that because it's too good to spoil.
But between bosses, that's a different story. It gets borderline boring after the first boss for a solid 3 hours. For example, you have to get 3 gigantic snakes attached to a tower to progress and it felt like a chore. You'll jam a monster's tail into it's own face along the way but it didn't make up for it. There were a few back tracking moments that were annoying also.

The executions were definitely a highlight. Especially the Elephant/man Minotaur thing and the new version of the snake ladies. Whoo are you in for a treat when you make Kratos tear them a new one!

Over all, I'd give this game 4 stars.

Well worth a buy if your a fan.
If your not a huge fan, give it a rent or borrow it of a friend.
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on 24 June 2013
In this new entry for God of War Series, players will experience a part of the past of Kratos after losing his family. And for the first time ever a multiplayer mode was added.

The gameplay is still great, but it is no longer the overpowered Kratos that players were used in the triology. Nevertheless the combat mechanics are still all there, entertaining, engaging and good looking, speaking of good looks, this game is once again visually amazing, so well detailed from giant creatures to amazing enviroments.

The only complain I can give to the singleplayer mode is the story, the developers decided to pick a less interesting part of the past of Kratos, it would have been way more amazing if they decided to tell the tales of Kratos when he was a general of the spartan troops. Instead players are left with a kind of side story, for when Kratos decided to have his revenge on the god of war.

Multiplayer comes for the first time for the series and it's so much fun, there is the usual team deathmatch and capture the flag modes, but with the combat mechanics of the singleplayer game. Players gain levels which gives them new skills and gear to use in battle.

Overall another great God of War game, with the only flaw being the less epic story.
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on 27 December 2014
Do yourself a favour, don't buy this. This is a step backwards for the entire series. The fluid combat that has persistent since the original game is missing here, instead we are greeted with janky and unresponsive controls and mechanics that feel barely tested.
The story, just wow, so kratos left his house because this guys says you are seeing illusions, so I walk out of my house several hours later I realise I'm in some abandoned temple island and the game hours after that finally remembers that there is supposed to be some kind of narrative. Oh and the flash back way of telling the story, jumping from present to past at intervals isn't clever, that kind of story format is only successful in skilleful hands.

So what do we get here, well we get an uneccessary story, no real justification for the story, terrible multiplayer, a clumsy attempt at 'evolving the combat' and the same enemies reused until you suddenly realise there are maybe 5 or 6 enemies the entire game.

I loved this franchise but I'm not going to pretend that this is a good game and neither should you.
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on 3 May 2013
Though visually spectacular, God of War Ascension doesn't really bring anything new to a series which is showing its age. Kratos is still a characature of brutality and anger, but he's now such a well-established character that his complete inability to grow or change is growing tiresome. Ascension prioritises its set-pieces a little too much, often pulling the camera back so far that it becomes very difficult to keep track of the action. Not that this is of huge concern, however, as the combat has very little tactical depth. Simple button-mashing suffices against most enemies, making the differences between them largely irrelevant from a gameplay perspective.

The God of War series has consistently delivered with its boss battles, and Ascension tows the line in this respect. There are some very impressive boss fights in this game but if you're played any other game in the series you'll already know what to expect. Hammer basic attacks ad-nauseum until a prompt appears and then QTE the boss to death. The kill animations are gruesome and satisfying.

Fans of the God of War series that simply want more Kratos in new places and fighting new bosses should be satisfied, but nobody is going to be blown away.
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on 19 August 2013
God of War is a great series of games, and the ascension title is no different. It has a good fighting vs puzzle dynamic expected of the series....and that is just it....this game is nothing new really. Yes there is a new story (which is very good and well told) with the introduction of some new features like different pick up weapons and magic, but you get this in all the other versions as well but it only took around 10 hours to complete the game - the single player did seem a bit short, and that was even looking for the extra's etc.

Multiplayer wise - I can't comment as this really doesn't appeal to me. I wish they had gone for a longer single player in all honesty with a bit more 'new' - but after so many titles maybe there isn't much further for Kratos to go.

In honesty - get it if your a fan of the game. If new to the franchise - start at the double packs of 1 and 2, then play GOW3 for the best PS3 version.
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on 29 July 2013
God of War: Ascension is a brilliant game.

No, it's not God of War 4, but neither is it God of War `3.5'.

The main focus of this game during its media push was its shiny brand new multiplayer component, and despite the single player portion being about half as long as the `normal' GoW game length (12 hours complete time for me), it is no less playable or enjoyable. Or spectacular.

Ascension sees the telling of the `interim' story that precedes the original God of War and portrays Kratos' battle with `The Furies' that ultimately leads him onto the path of showdown with Ares.

The hack-n-slash gameplay is still as good as ever, and the game still befits the series' `Epic' moniker.

Each iteration of God of War so-far has managed to tweak the network of weapons/magic/combat so that it always feels sufficiently different and fresh, and Ascension is no exception. New ideas such as the Oath Stone of Orkos and the inspired Amulet of Uroborus (they must keep this feature and build on it for future games) add some nice new ideas. But it's still the God of War we know and love.

What is perhaps different is the direction: One of the `Extras' videos shows the Project Director saying they wanted Ascension to be a `distilled' form of the GoW DNA - the very `essence' of the series - and that's exactly what it is: Shorter, maybe a bit less varied with fewer characters and perhaps an ever-so-slightly `diluted' iteration; but still as utterly immense and enjoyable.

One thing that has been ramped up though is the sheer scale. I spent the first one-and-a-half-hours of the game with my jaw dropped on the floor. Remember the Cronos fight in GoW3? Well that sort of `size' becomes the norm in Ascension. And it doesn't lose its punch. It's just an enormous game. The level design is still as good as ever and the set-pieces are the best in the series. And yet despite this increase in `loudness', this iteration offers the most `solitary' story so-far; with lots of areas for Kratos to wander in without an enemy on every pathway. There are some great puzzles in there too.

The difficulty is definitely easier than the other games. It's still a challenge; but altogether more manageable. There is one section that is being fed to the dogs by a lot of people - the `Trial of Archimedes' level, and while it is a bit of crass design perhaps; it is no more difficult than anything from the series so far, so the game is still well balanced.

There's a few minor niggles here and there - slightly grandiose camera angles, noticeable but not fatal bugs (I had to re-start a checkpoint at one point because my mini boss enemy `disappeared'), and maybe slightly less-engaging `standard' enemies, but this is still `triple-A' God of War. Shorter; but still brilliant.

And so, If God of War 1, 2 and 3 were the first 3 `core' `albums' (and, if you like, Chains of Olympus and The Ghost of Sparta the two complimentary `EPs'), then God of War: Ascension is Studio Santa Monica's first greatest hits album - plus 4 bonus tracks and a `Multiplayer' bonus disc. You've seen it all before, yes, but when the bonus tracks are this good? Well, you've just got to get that album haven't you?

A perfect generational swansong for Kratos and the series as a whole. It will need to evolve from here on in certainly, but this is as a good a last hoorah as it was ever going to be. Every bit as `canon' as any of the other entries, and a must for any God of War fan.

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on 18 June 2013
This game is not as epic as the third one, but is still an awesome game:
Fightings are still epic and the gameplay is really awesome.
Probably someone could be disappointed by the story that could seem boring if compared to the third god of war, but the gamer has to consider this game apart from the other ones, due to the fact that this is a new story.
Another thing I wanted to talk about is the weapon issue:
It's true that you only have one weapon (blade of chaos), but you can combine them to the power of four different gods. In the beginning I was skeptical about this, but when I played it felt like I had four different sword. Furthermore you have other cool object that you can use during the battle that make it more fluid.
You also have to consider the low price, I think this game is a "must-have" for all ps3's players
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on 15 March 2013
First of all ignore the critics and anyone giving this less than 4/5... The game is amazing.

The only reason critics are being more negative than usual towards a God of War game is because this game isn't a big deal better than its predecessor like the jumps from 1<2<3 were... that's a moronic reason to criticize this game especially since it's the successor to the most acclaimed and bestselling game in the genre ever so of course it's not going to be MUCH better, it is though just as good and in some areas like graphics, navigation, value-for-money & combat it's even better!

If you're a fan of the past God of War games you will love God of War: Ascension;

- The graphics are the best on consoles by a large margin. The art-style and wide colour palette exemplify the amazing tehnical graphics.
- The gameplay is fast, fun and exciting. Plenty of upgrades, magic, world weapons and an element system keep combat fun and varied.
- The sound is brilliant with an amazing OST by Tyler Bates and an A+ voice cast.
- The story is great and seeing the human side of Kratos is interesting.
- The multiplayer is incredibly fun, it's good enough to be a standalone game.

So yes, if you have a PS3 and you're 18+ you MUST buy this game, if you're a newcomer to the series I also highly recommend trying both HD collections and God of War III, all are such amazing games and can be bought brand new for a very good price nowadays.
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on 20 March 2013
First things I bought CE edition version which is a nice set,figure maybe not the best but still nice.
Play single player looks amazing epic battles & really does look stunning.
But the bloody multiplayer is totally broken, get as far as countdown for games & then nothing. Never been able to play it. Well apart from the really exciting training. Just look at GOW forums & you will find this is a major issue. (so much for my CE multi xp boost). Before any smart comments I have 3mbs+ wired broadband & can play any other MP game with no issue. But seeing as this is a big part of the game its a bit of a let down.

If you buy it for the single player game that's great but for MP I wouldnt bother, strange that the great IGN dont say anything about this in the review.
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