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on 7 May 2017
Great value
Awesome game just tested it
Can't wait to play it fully
Graphics great, sounds awesome
Just wait to people
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on 4 August 2017
Ahh. Vergil and Dante before they were.... well Vergil and Dante.

I thoroughly enjoyed this game, albeit a little too much! I now have a thing for a video game character called Vergil!

Great game, great graphics. And we almost see Sparda's face.
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on 15 June 2017
Great game came at reasonable time
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on 17 July 2014
Despite animosity among fans regarding the protagonist, the game did well to hold true to the original series with challenging and stylish combat. Game does well to represent 'demons' portrayed as bankers, journalists, delegates of Wall St etc as boss fights ensue. Enemies new and fresh with challenging aspects in their behaviour towards you, AI is smart and will try to corner you in groups.

Since it was a new developer (Ninja Theory) underatking this project, they have done a good job of creating a fresh new DMC with different elements to the original series. If you are expecting the old DMC you will be dissapointed, but if you are viewing this as a completely new game series then this game will live up to it's reputation.
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on 29 January 2015
This game is boring and horrible in every way from the gameplay to the cutscenes. The way you slip in and out of "limbo", yet interesting get's boring very quickly.
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on 12 November 2016
DMC is not as bad as anyone would have guessed. It's a well rounded and fast paced action game with a great diversity of playstyles and options for combat. Our protagonist is not as bad as everyone thinks. He's not dante but for crying out loud does everything have to be the same always all the time forever.

They took a risk and the game is fantastic. Great environments. Dark and gloomy lore. Brilliant boss fights. Who could find this bad.
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on 30 January 2013
a fan of this series but this reboot is a great new take on this gun and run action game
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on 25 August 2014
Too many flowed story line issues. The character himself is great, full of personality and youth and great combat gameplay....But unfortunately you don't get enough Orbs throughout the game to fully upgrade all your weapons unlike its predecessors which was full of orbs and by the time you got to the final boss you were fully upgraded...You will end the game with the same size healthbar as you started and if your lucky 75% complete weapon upgrade.....The vital stars are toooo expensive so you won't be able to buy many of those. I am on the final boss and i don't have and wont be able to get any vital stars...so i am stuck on the final boss. And the devil trigger dries up so fast and is a major disappointment and to top it all off it barely fill up more the 10%.
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on 2 September 2016
In my opinion this game is good fun, it looks descent, the Controls are great, the story are way better then in the other games and the villan is great but it has bad Things like the bosses are not so great exept for the last one that was awesome, and the side caracters are boring. The biigest reason to why some People don`t like it was because of Dante`s New style witch in my opinion is not bad and a Nice change even though the original Dante is better this is still Dante just New and he is good. Overall this game is great and is not the worst in the series, that goes to devil may cry 2. 8/10
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on 2 March 2014
You play as Dante, a wise cracking, don't give a f *&^ badass with a talent for slaying nasty demons too. A war is brewing between the angelic and demonic worlds, which leaves it up to Dante to put his skills to good use. The dark lord Mundus spearheads the demonic invasion, but all is not lost as Dante joins a resistance movement led by his brother Vergil. The two must unite to kick the demons out of existence forever.

Rebooting the series was always a simple proposition for Ninja Theory, and thankfully they've created a solid background story for Dante 2.0. The conflict between the angels and demons is intriguing, competently thrusting this rivalriy into a present day setting.

G R A P H I C S & S O U N D
The demonic presence of Limbo is the star of the presentation, twisting and manipulating environments into obscene constructs. Gooey blacks and swirling reds splash all over the screen to create strange otherworldly effects. The effects of Limbo completely distort levels in real-time, changing architecture at will to make the journey ahead extremely treacherous. Plenty of consideration has been given to level design, effortlessly pushing the scope and platforming qualities of the experience.

Even though linearity of the levels is an apparent feature, there are still enough distractions and side ventures to loosen progression. The character model of Dante perfectly reflects his laid back attitude, capturing his nonchalant personality in the process. The combat animations are stunning, brimming with energy and seamlessly integrating numerous weapon changes when the going gets tough. The head-banging soundtrack compliments the gameplay, drilling each thumping beat into your head. Sound design is on top form to signify how much of a beating demons are receiving.

The contemporary aesthetics of levels is where the game truly shines, but the latter stages are very unimaginative and become tiresome means to exploit uninteresting characters.

The amount of enemies thrown towards players is nothing short of overwhelming, and this is where the combat can really let loose. With Dante's sword rebellion in hand, it will be of great pleasure chopping demons into confetti. Combat flows smoothly, each strike lands with precision and menace. Combos are easy to get to grips with, but even the odd case of button mashing will do the trick too. It's not just about offense, but evasive techniques will become lifesaving moments against tougher enemies.

Additional weapons push the gameplay into overdrive, creating countless combo types and putting a spin on platforming segments. The powerful axe of Arbiter deals heavy damage, pounding the crap out of enemies and keeping closer enemies on a tighter leash. The angelic Scythe Osiris incorporates wide-ranged and quick attacks, great for crowd control and speed finishers. Combine the weapons together and you get seamless combat that is sure leave you grinning endlessly. Ground and aerial attacks are encouraged to keep the combat flowing, making it impossible for the enemy to strike back if you keep on the war path. The dual guns of ebony and ivory add a little firepower, which can mix up the combat and employ some strategy when dealing with multiple enemies.

The stylish metre is in full effect, and reaching those glorious SSS rankings can easily become a regular occurrence. Doing the same attacks over will not do you much good, but continue to mix things up and it will skyrocket without you even knowing it. Enemy A.I. Is generally unforgiving, never waiting to take a hit and always ready to take a chunk out of you. Boss battles are challenging, employing QTEs and cinematic gameplay. Away from the combat, the platforming incorporates numerous mechanics to navigate levels.

DMC is a competent reboot of the series and it does plenty to establish a strong new base. The second half of the game seems to lose focus, as this creates pacing issues and uninteresting gameplay scenarios. The combat triumphs as a core element, successfully creating a seamless experience.
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