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on 11 July 2017
This was bought as a replacement for a Morphy Richards which had decided to steam when and if it felt like it, sounding like an old tractor with a blown exhaust when it did decide to take part.
It is the most expensive iron we have ever bought but so far, after two months of use, has proved good value. The steam is consistent and although the unit is quite hefty the iron itself is remarkably light and lives up to Tefal’s claims in that it does glide over any fabric.
The iron has plenty of settings for various fabrics although, to be honest, I suspect that we are like most people and don’t change settings to the exact one recommended for each item to be ironed, relying on experience to take care of delicates and so one but being more general with the rest.
The results though, despite the somewhat cavalier approach, are excellent and with consistent steam, light weight and easy gliding it makes the task of ironing not only easier but also much quicker. The boiler produces 6 bar pressure, incidentally, rather than the more common 5 bar for more powerful steam output when required.
We live in an area where the water is not particularly hard but boiling water and evaporating it off as steam is always going to produce scale so the anti-calc collector is going to be a real boon. Removing scale from the Morphy Richards’s boiler was almost an aerobics exercise involving unscrewing a drain plug on the base, filling the boiler with water, shaking and emptying, then repeat until no more sediment washes out. With Tefal unscrew the collector, empty scale in bin, rinse and replace. It’s no contest really.
The removable water reservoir is preferred to the inbuilt unit in that it is less messy, with no risk of spillage when filling, and is far easier to empty when ironing is complete.
Also useful is the cable tidy which retracts into the body as well as being able to store the steam tube within the body. The lock, allowing you to lift the unit using the iron as a handle has its uses, but the unit is much easier to carry with two hands on the boiler section rather than like a bulky bag although the lock does keep the iron secure. With cable and steam tube stowed away then the unit is a much neater package to store without tubes or wires or both everywhere.
One point to mention is the ironing board. We were replacing a steam generator so had already bought a larger ironing board. You can get away with a standard board but the unit takes up a fair amount of space, so a larger board with a separate platform for the generator unit makes life so much easier in that the unit is secure and you still have a full board available for ironing.
The whole unit appears very solid, well-engineered and well-built; as I said at the start it is more than we have ever paid for an iron but with its thoughtful design, ease of use and safety features the Gv8461 is proving to be an excellent buy and good value for money.
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on 29 July 2017
I am very pleased and happy with my Tefal Steam Generator. This is my first Steam Generator and it took weeks of deliberation on choosing the right one - we read review after review from different sites on the most popular Steam Generators. I live in a very high calc area so am using distilled and tap water. Knowing when it was going to arrive I saved up 3 lots of bedding and it was a pleasure to do. It is great that it has a large water tank but also that it doesn't seem to "drink" the water like my other irons and I am not constantly topping up. My husbands shirts look great too and so easy to iron.

So far very impressed.
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on 24 September 2017
I bought this to replace an older generator iron that just gave up working. I have been using it for 5 months in a family that generates more ironing than is reasonable and had no issues. The filter seems to trap the nasties in the water so never had that brown steam I got with the old one. I love having a seperate water tank which is easy to fill. The cable tidy is a nice touch and works well and the clip to hold the iron on the base makes carrying it a breeze.

I have recommended to a friend who also loves it.
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on 10 April 2017
The Iron arrived very quickly. It is fantastic, lots of steam. The only draw back is that I did not see a warning about leakage of water from the calc eliminator hole ! However the ironing gets done rapidly.
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on 27 December 2016
The best way to review this product it to say straight off that this is the second one of this series that I have bought. Even at this price, there is no way I would go back to a lesser product. Even other steam generator irons that I have owned are not in the same league. The first of this range I bought lasted for years and I only replaced it because the non stick surface of the hot plate lost some of its coating. I think this was down to user error rather than bad design. Mechanically it worked perfectly and my wife's friends all wanted it when she said she was replacing it.

The unit itself is very large and heavy so a good quality board will be needed to carry it. All the materials are good quality and the reason for the extra weight seems to be because the iron pressurises the steam so that a continuous supply is always available.

This iron seems to have one of the only scale removal systems that actually works as stated. Even with the incredibly hard Wiltshire water, the scale removal tool manages to capture the scale so it can be poured away.

Because the iron is capable of supplying so much steam it does get through quite a bit of water but the 1.8l tank holds enough for a up to an hour of ironing. Unlike most steam generator irons, this is one of the few that really is capable of creating enough steam to be used to steaming the creases out of dresses.

Basically I cannot praise this iron enough. Spend the extra money and you will not want to go back to another product again.
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on 13 December 2017
This iron definitely makes ironing easier. I recommend a silicon attachement shoe cover though because it melts / sticks to
all fabrics other than thick cotton. Also, I'd say you have a 7 second span of using the steam before you need to wait for it to
build up again. Perhaps a larger or external resovoir could help.

I recently saw a similar steamer at LIDL for like 56 pounds. With auto scale cleaner! Needless to say I felt like this is way overpriced.
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on 24 December 2016
Easy to use. Nice and neat system for stowing away cables. Reducing ironing time by 50% as you REALLY do only need to iron one side. Simple to fill with water and due to the water being stored in a plastic removable tank, you can leave unused water in it for next time.

If you haven't used one of these before you really do need to have an ironing board that can a, take the weight and b, have holes in it to allow the steam to pass through, so's not to leave your ironing wet. I bought the "Brabantia Ironing Board with Solid Steam Unit Holder, Size C, Wide - Ice Water" and it's perfect for the job.
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on 26 June 2017
Got slightly disappointed with the settings. Many of them lead to water leaking to my shorts when ironing them. So had to avoid most of the settings in the range of the slider. However when you find configuration that works for you - all works well. I only think that there is no point to overpay for many settings if you can't use them.
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on 10 June 2016
Great product but make sure that you regularly clean it out by swilling water through to prevent limescale build up. It does lengthen the life of the appliance if you do this
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on 17 March 2018
Larger than I thought it would be. Need a large surface area to sit the unit on when using and a large space to keep it on when not in use. I could have done with an instruction booklet on how to iron with it. The week it arrived a shopping channel on TV was selling one and I watched the commercial otherwise I would not have realised just what the iron could do. Did cut through my pile in quick time. I look forward to getting plenty of use out of it over the forthcoming years especially at this price. I found on the eco function that I did not use excessive steam.
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