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on 12 June 2017
If you like aviation you will like what these blu rays have to offer. A informative insight to what pilots go through.
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on 30 July 2017
Love it. Captain Raps has a wonderful sense of humor, as do the others. Always great to see the various flight procedures handled in such a professional manner. And the A 380 - what an enormous beast!
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on 27 July 2013

This is an excellent video, an inside look at what it takes to move a modern Airliner.

I order this video from the USA after reading pilotseye.tv web site stating the Blu-Ray would play in most any US Blu-Ray player. So when it arrived I popped it into the PlayStation 3, the best Blu-Ray player on the market, bar none, and what do I get "Disk Defective or Unknown Code." I'm thinking great now what; I have another Blu-Ray player but it is a cheap LG player, no way it will work in that, but to my surprise it worked flawlessly and also played fine in a Windows 7 PC Blu-Ray player.

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on 6 October 2012
I have a number of the PilotsEYE.tv DVDs. They are all great but this one is particularly worthwhile. Captain Juergen Rapps is Lufthansa's senior pilot and this is is final flight as he must retire from the flight deck after more than 19,000 hours at the controls. He is engaging and clearly loves what he is doing. You get the feeling that he would be flying the big birds for free, though getting a chief pilot's salary is a nice perk. I live in San Francisco and have taken many flights to European destinations. The approach to San Francisco is one of the best in the world with spectacular views of Marin County, the Golden Gate Bridge, the City of San Francisco, Alcatraz, Bay Bridge and views of the Bay and Oakland and the East Bay hills beyond. This DVD shows it all. One word of caution to US viewers. The format is PAL, so it won't play on the standard format of DVD players sold in the US. I watch this on a 27" iMac which permits both formats
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on 26 April 2017
One of my favourite videos ever! An enjoyable and interesting insight into a Lufthansa A380 cockpit. Well worth what I paid for it. Already watched it many times and plan to watch it countless more times. Highly recommended.
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on 13 April 2013
I saw a portion of this video on wimp.com and discovered the Blu Ray here. Because I live in the USA, I was unable to play it on my machine. I replaced the machine with an all zone unit and was blown away by the video. There are two stars in the production, Captain Raps and the A-380. To see someone devote an entire career to aviation and a single company is rare these days and it showed in the retirement ceremonies. The scenes are well composed and the editing is excellent! It is a very relaxing documentary and well worth the purchase.
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on 22 February 2013
This is my 5th purchase from this pilotseye and I am impressed yet again. I put the disk in, and a fancy, proffesional looking menu pops up, easily navigable and straight to the point. Upon selecting English subtitles (I don't speak a word of German) the dvd launches into a music intro looking at zoomed in bits of the A380.

The Captain introduces himself and gives a quick intro about the flight, and then we're off, following the flight as it passes through various airspaces. This DVD is clearly concentrating on Jurgan Rapps, the reitiring Chief Pilot and captain of this flight, as it cuts out 4 hours of the relief pilot being in his seat. Once back in the office, Jurgan talks about his career with a cringe inducing emotional montage of him with hair sat in various ancient cockpits. The landing in San Fran is a bit of a bouncer so the shot doesn't include an inside view of what I presumed to be breaking wine glasses and peanuts flying everywhere. There is then a water canon salute for Jurgan which he proceeds to ignore before riding his Harley around the airport.

For the tour of San Fran, they go on a boat where Jurgan drives it for a bit, before cutting to a scene of a hotel where he does a speech about retiring, it only then emerges that it is the Purser's last flight too.

Back in the return flight, there is a wing waggle on takeoff which we are told about by the purser, not the pilot and another flawlessly edited flight by the crew, detailing casual things that happen during the flight, for example, the pilots discussing a shortcut and wondering whether they should be with London Control, this is one of the best features about this DVD, along with the fact that they have decent microphones, unlike a well known competitor which I won't mention but we all know them as JustPlanes. After a perfect landing, there is another ignored canon salute before the hand shaking ceremony after engine shutdown.

The bonus is just as exciting.

Overall, this is a fantastic dvd well worth the (a lot of) money.

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on 31 January 2013
I have seen a lot of cockpit video and this company produces the best product. Those from another company just doesn't come close in terms of production quality. There is no shaky video or erratic camera movement. This is great stuff.

Also learn a lot about the aircraft, the crew, the ground personel. Awesome stuff!!
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on 13 February 2013
I love this Blue Ray, it's so well put together, fun, informative, relaxing and emotional. Yes emotional.
Captain Jurgen Raps is one of the loveliest people you will ever meet or see and watching his crew at the end of everything will bring a tear to your eye. I know, a Pilots Eye DVD that makes you cry!
The A380 is the true dream machine. The cockpit is beautiful. Everything looks effortless.
Everything about this Blue Ray is beautiful, I've watched it multiple times and I never tire of watching it.
You bet I recommend it for anyone else, so much so I brought my dad the DVD version.
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on 10 August 2013
PilotsEYE.tv Blu-ray's are getting better and better! Stunning camera work and a great production have been evident in all the PilotEYE.tv discs that I have - and this is no exception.

Through the video, I enjoyed being alongside Captain Jürgen Raps on his last trip. Not only did it provided a great insight to the Airbus A380 and the workings of a Lufthansa long-haul flight, but also includes some great non-aviation related moments including Jürgen love of motorbikes and a quick tour on a Harley around the SFO apron!

As a bonus (I'm learning German and has an interest in aviation), I have found that that these Blu-ray's are a great way of picking up the German language in an enjoyable way :), but the English subtitles are good for those who may not understand German.
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