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on 3 January 2015
I CANNOT explain... WHY I enjoyed this book, but I'll try.

I have been reading this book---cover-to-cover---for SOME time now.

It is next to my bed... seems to get better the more I read. The author
seems to throw politics into the mix from time-to-time... I think he was
in bed with the Clintons and Obamas. I'm a Republican, and moved to
Europe after the Clinton re-election... still waiting on aliens to land in
America... was just hoping they WEREN'T from Central and South
America. Maybe this old dinosaur will see another ghost... angel... or,
have another Near-Death Experience... before I die... or get another
DEMOCRAT President.

Politics aside, I DID enjoy 95% of this book!
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on 3 September 2017
Great, thankyou :)
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 15 January 2016
Having read one of the earlier reviews, I have to say, I got a different take on this book. I thought it was a pretty "down the middle" piece writing (as these things go), with references, of these types of eye-witness reports-based stories.
It also contains some rather incongruous additions (I thought the whole sections on "Inexplicable Astronomy" and "Panic and Paranoia", were out of place in this book ) and his overall style is quite soft (Scientology gets a bit of an easy ride from him).
Also, the small number of famous people cited who have claimed paranormal experiences, is a bit out of place too. You could, literally, write an encyclopaedia, given the sheer number of celebrities who have claimed alien contacts, ESP, visions and "previous lives" (which usually seem to involve having been someone quite historically important or interesting.....never a poor farmer in prehistoric Europe, or a goat herd in Asia. Funny that). Come to think of it, someone should write that book!!

The maritime section, for me, is the most interesting and the area with which I was least acquainted.

Overall, I thought it was stylistically, easy reading, non-controversial and lacking in the hyperbole often associated with writings on these types of topics. Yes it is light on detail, but it certainly is a chunky book!

Oh and Al-khalili, didn't have to eat his boxer shorts live on TV, after all!
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on 2 March 2013
I thought I knew a little about unexplained phenomena, and this book showed me how little that was. Packed with examples that are clearly explained and well referenced, so I was easily able to cross check and get further details when I wanted.

I read the book in one go, but the book is split into 8 sections, each clearly indexed, so it would be quite easy to pick and choose
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on 15 February 2013
This is the kind of book that I pick up at railway book stores (or indeed airport bookstores if it wasn't so bulky!) with the intention of whiling a few hours of journey time and I have to say that it is just about perfect for so doing. Contrary to one reviewer on here I expected lots of filler to live up to the Mammoth epithet but frankly there isn't that much here. What you get is a lot of opinion wrapped around even the well-known stories eg Roswell and in this context the writer is very good at debunking where debunking is appropriate especially in comparing contemporary accounts of events with the subsequent often unsubstantiated stories that grow up around mysterious happenings. Where he excels however is in the telling and retelling of many maritime or coastal mysteries - he himself worked on merchant ships for many years - including several very spooky stories that were unfamiliar to me or that I had assumed to be just myths, such as the Flying Dutchman. I don't recommend you read these too late at night or indeed on a boat!
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on 21 September 2015
I believe in unexplained Phenomena, I saw a UFO in front of the moon for a few days, during August a while back. So this subject isn't new to me.
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on 23 July 2013
awsome probably a little to much info on clairvoiants but well worth the money enjoyed the ufo subject imenselly
and the life after death subject makes you really wonder what happens next, like the author said its something we will never know or be able to tell this book has given me lots of web sites to visit so it saves me buying more books even though i most probably will, and to finish my review WE are Deffinetly NOT ALONE
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on 28 June 2013
Although it takes a while to get into the juicy bits of this book, once it does, it's extremely interesting. The chapters on UFO sightings etc were my favouite. Didn't as much enjoy the near death experience section but still thought provoking. The author takes a good standpoint, not too much of a sceptic, not a whole hearted believer. He very much leaves it up to the reader to decide what they believe. The book is packed with references, both print and online, which I fully intend to utilise at some point. I'd like to see some more from this author as he seems like he is very thorough with his research into the topics he is writing about which can't be said for all authors in this genre
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on 21 May 2013
One might be tempted to think that a book with the word "mammoth" in the title - its comprised of almost 600 pages, including the index - will be rather superficial owing to the range of topics covered by the author. In my opinion, however, Roy Bainton's book does not fall into that category. I found it a fascinating read, well written and thought provoking on a variety of phenomena such as UFOs, spiritualism, psychics, maritime mysteries, cryptozoology and inexplicable astronomy etc. The author approaches these miscellaneous areas of the unexplained with a healthy degree of scepticism, rather than simply pandering to the gullible and sensationalist end of the Fortean market where facts can sometimes be sacrificed on the altar of fantasy.

I was delighted to read that Bainton's own interest in the subject of UFOs began as a boy after having read the works of George Adamski (my own interest in the subject was around the same age and by the same route) and when Bainton writes that "over half a century later, my gratitude to Adamski survives, but my adolescent faith in his veracity has taken a severe beating", I felt I was on the same wavelength as Bainton. He also injects a degree of humour into his prose, but one does not feel he has his tongue firmly in his cheek or that he comes across as condescending like sceptics whose sole agenda is to debunk that which cannot be quantified or examined by the methods of modern science. The best way to sum up Bainton's book I would say is to repeat his quote by Charles Fort: "The fate of all explanations is to close one door only to have another fly wide open". This book should provide much food for thought, so long as the reader is not addicted to humanity's obsession with explanations or its craving for ready-made answers to the mysteries of life and the universe. But having said that, reading Bainton's book might throw a little light on a few of these mysteries, which is far better than stumbling around in complete darkness.
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on 27 September 2013
Like Mr. Bainton I'm a bit of a romantic when it comes to the unexplained, I'm generally a sceptic but nevertheless enjoy reading and speculating about such things. The author's approach is nicely balanced between healthy scepticism and being open-minded and he isn't afraid to debunk where appropriate. Overall an entertaining read and very good value at nearly 600 pages.
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