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Customer Reviews

4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 2 November 2015
Seriously - if you ever watch one film - make it this one. I felt like it painted my soul all the colours of the rainbow - be prepared to feel emotionally exhausted by the end though - beautiful, heart wrenching and thought provoking.
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on 18 March 2013
This is not a description of the story. I would like the people reading this to discover this unique and beautiful journey themselves without preconceptions. I just want to put to ease any hesitancy that you may have to see this movie; either as someone who has read the book and does not wish to tarnish it, or those that feel that such a film, with a boy and tiger in a boat must get boring pretty quickly and may not be worth the money or time.

I read the book quite a number of years ago. As someone who loves a good story (and is a zookeeper by trade) it was a perfect match. Yann Martel is a wonderful storyteller. On one level the story is one of beauty and, despite the moments of despair, it often stays light and full of humourous episodes that balance the darkness delicately.
On the next level it is a deeper look into humanity, spirituality and how we view occurrences in our life and others'.

When I heard that they were planning on making a film I was extremely hesitant about it. Even with CGI graphics and the like, how would they explain the small nuances that are clearly stated in the book? And how would they recreate the emotions and questions that were stirred even after the last page was read?

They solved this through the narrative that was unobtrusive and emotional.

I was awestruck by the film. They captured the essence of the book; the joy, the sadness, the humour, the exhilaration; all bound together by a stunning beauty. I watched it twice in two days and each gave me something new and stirred emotions that I found in the book. In fact I felt that the film actually gave me more insight into some of the questions that I was left with just the novel; not because they attempted to explain them, but in the way that some instances and narrative were portrayed.

I always recommend reading a book first, but this can also mean that watching a film can be frustrating when one has the written word fresh to compare, yet I really do believe that you would not be disappointed whether you have met Pi within the pages of the novel or are meeting him face-to-face as an on-screen character.

Please enjoy.
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on 11 June 2013
I will be honest , I was in 2 minds weather to buy this film or not but I'm glad I did , its a wonderful film and I'm sure anybody will love it .
I can see how it was a winner for 4 academy awards , best film ever .
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on 19 July 2016
The title of this film never seemed to get me interested enough watch it until UHD Blu-ray came along and that's another story. Picture quality is stunning and the story held me from start to finish. The scenes that stood out for me were the tea plantations, the storm at sea the flying fish and meercat island. UHD Blu-ray with HDR makes TV interesting again and the wait was worth it. Brilliant film outstanding picture quality and a great story plus end-credit music make it a great buy. In the case is 1 Ultra HD disc and 1 Blu-ray disc. Also, watch the making of the Life of Pi it's very interesting.
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on 25 August 2014
I must admit I was deterred by the hype on this film
When it was first released. I never saw it in the cinema
And was bemused by the reaction around the globe
I mean what's the story why the fuss a boat a young man
And a tiger?. Then by chance I saw it on tv .and boy
I was blown away.the story and the cinematography
Was stunning . In many ways you get captured
By the story and you root for both the tiger and
The boy. Sad and tragic throughout the film
It deserves the applause the film world gave it
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on 5 October 2014
Stunning, and one of the best movies to show off your 3D as it should be. You also get a standard non 3D disc included for when your viewing figures exceed the number of pairs of 3D specs that are available. Breath taking scenes and haunting sound track make this a viewing delight. Maybe the content is not for all tastes but my family and I love it........12 out of 10
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 22 December 2012
Not having read the bestselling book on which this film is based, I came to the cinema with no great expectations, apart from thinking, as proved the case, that judging by the trailer this would be an excellent theme for 3D film and the use of CGI.

From the outside we are transported to the magical beauty of the Botanical Gardens of Pondicherry, where the oddly named hero Pi's father runs a zoo. Political pressures cause him to take a Japanese ship for French-speaking Canada, with his animals caged in the hold, but disaster strikes when the vessel sinks in a storm and Pi finds himself in a waking nightmare, confined to a lifeboat with a ferocious Bengal tiger inappropriately named "Richard Parker".

We know that Pi will survive the ensuing Odyssey, since he is narrating the tale years later to a young writer, but that does not detract from the tension of his struggle to exist, leavened by moments of humour and the astonishing beauty of vast starlit skies, oceans suffused with phosphorescence and a passing school of leaping dolphins. The striking scenes give you a real sense of Pi's loneliness, leading to a subtle identification with the tiger, and of his increasing sense of closeness to the natural world. This in turn helps you to appreciate how such experiences may give people a "sense of god", and Pi is, as we know, very susceptible to spiritual experiences anyway.

At some points the story turns to magical realism, which the computer graphics makes wonderfully vivid and somehow more plausible than might be the case in a novel. The mind plays tricks on people under stress, so we are left uncertain as to whether Pi may have imagined or even invented the story to replace a more mundane and sordid truth.

I recommend this film which can be enjoyed both as simple entertainment, or taken on a deeper level. But to do it justice, you must see it in 3D.
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on 2 March 2015
I am sure that it will be good when watched. It was bought for the appropriate age I thought, but have since discovered that it is a thought provoking film which would be far too young possibly for the child it was bought for. We have yet to watch it so I can't comment fully.
I wrote the previous paragraph because I hadn't yet watched the film. Now, having watched the film, my 11 year old and I + 2 others really enjoyed the film. It was beautiful pictorially and you really felt the relationship between the child and the elements develop. Maybe not the greatest film I have ever seen, but still a very good one and well worth a try. There are some especially 'difficult' scenes near the beginning of the film which might not suit a really young age, but certainly my 11 year old was well able to enjoy the film. It's always a good sign if you discuss elements after watching a film and this provoked a lot of thought and questions when it had finished.
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on 29 May 2015
One of the quirkiest films I've ever seen, and I like quirky films. Am I supposed to be doing a film review or a product review? Is the film the actual product?? Just a philosophical interlude...

Anyway, back to the movie. The distinction between the real tiger footage and the CGI is just too obvious for me, but leaving that aside I really enjoyed it, and the bit where the tiger fell into the sea (again) made my girlfriend cry, although I thought it was hilarious! (I felt more sorry for the crippled CGI zebra from earlier in the film). Much philosophical pondering caused by the unexpected ending (won't give that away in case you haven't seen it). The bit with millions of Meerkats was silly and unnecessary, unless I'm missing something important.

Interesting extra 'making of' documentary.
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on 8 May 2013
From a wonderful novel Ang Lee has crafted a cinematic masterpiece (and they all said it couldn't be done). The screenplay is a sympathetic, thoughtful adaptation. The photography is out of this world and, in my opinion, the whole cast give 100% (including the CGI characters !) The icing on the cake is that, for once 3D really does enhance ones experience for home viewing.
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