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FIFA 13 (PS3)
Platform: PlayStation3|Edition: Standard|Format: Box|Change
Price:£7.99+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on 20 May 2014
I bought this game after reading about the menu lag in Fifa 14 thinking that this should be better, but I was wrong. I had Fifa 11 before and the menus were slow to load on my PS3, but I got used to it. In this version it has become so bad it almost makes me want to give up editing my team. The selection won't move and then when it does it will be 2 places when you press once. It really is that bad.

The usual flaws return as well. Characters do odd things when the ball is loose at there feet. All the hitting of square in the world won't clear the ball when there's a slight obstruction. It's so frustrating when you're playing a close game. One of the worst feature to this game is how it is made more difficult as you increase the level. Not only does the CPU get much better, but you players get worse. It makes it extremely hard to increase the difficulty passed what you're used to because the leap can be vast.

Another pointless aspect is the simulate game option. I can only assume the coding behind this command is to produce a random result because that is exactly what happens. And why you can't make changes and substations during it is beyond me. Very poor.

The one saving grace to this game is the youth scout feature in career, but without a proper training simulator even this is half-arsed. I wouldn't be happy producing a game that barely makes any changes every year. There's so much scope for improvement this needs 1 star.

P.S. Character selection is still bad too - not so much in open play, but on set pieces it's awful.
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HALL OF FAMETOP 500 REVIEWERon 25 April 2013
I am relatively new to FIFA, as my experience only started a couple of years ago. Yet, I note that every time FIFA releases a newer version, certain critics just shoot it down with some horrendous reviews. I too have fallen into this trap since my first FIFA 11.

Hence this late review... I now only use the PS3 to play FIFA even though I have a few games including Gran Turismo. And I have to admit that I was no football fan prior to playing FIFA, which might sound odd.

I do like this game, and because of it I have become quite a football fan. One major contributing factor is the commentary, which is implemented so well in the 13 version.

Gameplay is very good, even though my best division yet is 6 !!!! I do not know if certain users have hacked online gameplay, yet I am surprised that beyond division 6 most players seem to suck the ball from my players... If only vacuum cleaners were so effective LOL.

Now even though I used to win so many more matches in the FIFA 12, there's no going back. Maybe its the graphics, or the commentary which is so much better.

Whilst looking forward for future releases, I do think that FIFA 13 is a great game, with some nice tricks up its' sleeve.
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on 15 January 2013
Do patches and up dates through networks or something, develop it for a two year cycle, pushing these deadlines every year seems on my personal experience to wreak things in this game. The game itself feels more clunky and less responsive than previous titles on PS3 (This isn't resident evil ITS FOOTBALL!) These off controls and less responsive times hinder the gameplay sometimes, especially on harder difficulties than Semi-pro. Crashes on manager mode happen sometimes too, since I've had this my console has had to be hard reset over 5 times now, you people reading this, should realise that hard resetting the PS3 is a BAD thing, NOT GOOD. Unless you want to see yourself in position of buying a new PS3, I would think twice about buying this outright, its worth a rental, OH WAIT IT ISN'T because career mode every time I load any of my saves up, I can't get a past a certain point of either a few sim matches or trying to do a player match, EA sports, you will not be getting money from me anymore, bye, have fun milking the cash cow called FIFA. I do feel however the experience up to this point is enjoyable in career mode and skill games, but thats IT. Fix these problems as the 1.04 patch has done little to nothing of lessening of game crashes.

Feel free to buy at your own risk. Don't forget ' EA Sports : its a rushed ( to meet a less than a year development cycle where we cash in on people who will eat this stuff from our hands no matter where its been or whats on it because its got the word FIFA on it and will inevitably release this every year ) game'.
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on 12 October 2013
I didn't really enjoy this fifa as much as the previous version as defending was awful since it was switching between players that wasn't even close to the ball which allowed opposition clear runs on goal. the game was also very much based in speed & found out online you face the different people playing the same one way choosing real madrid & running at you with ronaldo. I did have fun online with friends playing Pro Clubs & Ultimate also career mode with also improved. probably would of stuck to fifa 12 if i knew fifa 13 would of been such a small improvement
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on 6 February 2016
Seller - great, received quickly at a good price.
Game - questionable. Don't buy it if you want a stable Career Mode campaign. It's rocky. It freezes often, sometimes irreparably. The game is absolutely full of bugs.
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on 18 June 2013
The manager mode would be so good if the amount of money involved in transfers was actually realistic. When you substitute players it takes ages to swap them around (not a huge problem, just an irritation). The ultimate team is good, contracts are still annoying, the ultimate team seasons are a bit bad because you can't change your team while you're in the season because if you improve your team from a 4 star team to a 4 and a half star in a 4 star season, you can't leave the season, or continue within that season. The gameplay is better, you don't just need pace anymore, if you're good enough you can still score and defend. I haven't played online seasons or be a pro etc but so far it's a good game but not excellent.
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on 12 March 2013
Where do you start? Since 09, Fifa has been the only sensible choice, and this year's version takes it to new heights.
The improvements are all relatively subtle, but they are nonetheless game-changing.
The physicality in the tackles, the chance creation, the ability to use creation centre players and teams in career mode, the AI for the players off the ball, the way the computer-controlled teams defend.. I could go on, but I won't. I need to get back to my game, after all.
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on 22 December 2012
I'll start with the positives. They've made the game play a lot better, it's easier to tackle and defend that fifa 12, and there's a lot more variety to the types of goals you scored. The season and cup online modes are great, although see below. The novelty of saving the squad changes made is useful too. I actually quite enjoy the skill games too. Never really use career mode so won't review that.

However, fundamentally this is a computer game and seeing as it is 2012 certian functionalities should work, but this isn't the case with fifa13. The game itself frequently fails to even load up, freezing halfway through boot up. I don't have this problem with any other game. When trying to play online the game can often just endlessly loop in the areana. The only way out of this is to restart the game, it would have been very easy and useful to have a return option in the area, in fact any cancel buttons would be a start for a game that freezes so regularly. At various stages the game fails to connect to the online service and signs me out of the ps network frequently. It also asks me for the activation code every couple of weeks, even though it's already entered. Even if you do enter it again this doesn't work, you need to reset. There was a bug that meant 9 times out of 10 you'd get an invisible ball when playing online, which was infuritating. I think in total I've download 3 patches for this and still issues persist.

Overall the game is much improved, if it loads, and that's the kicker for me, and has truly put me off fifa. I've lost confidence in the game. I'm not even that much of a high use player, maybe two nights a week, but I'd say on average I have to reset the game close to 6 times a week for one fault or another. I just want something that allows me to turn on, log in and play for an hour or so. With fifa 13 you're looking at a maximum of 2 games in an hour, if you're lucky... so if you've got time and patience it's possibly a game for you. If you like the simple life and a bit of fun, it's not.
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on 22 May 2013
Another year, another FIFA. Loads of teams, a lot of the focus has been switched to online play but, all the things you love are still in the game. It's a shame they've changed the created star mode. Can't be a manager or a player. It's one or the other which is annoying but, even with that it's still a good mode to play, going on loan, winning national caps and coming through the ranks.
The skill challenges are really good and utterly infuriating too.
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on 26 November 2012
I have had FIFA 13 for several weeks now. 90% of the game is perfectly fine - career mode, single online games etc. However, I have encountered many problems with FUT. Forums have directed me to an EA help desk that has been set up to specifically deal with issues that have occurred within the game. However, none of their suggestions have worked and I am now in limbo. The problems I have are:

1. I am able to play online seasons and online cups in Ultimate Team. However, when I attempt to play against CPU in a cup or league (even challenging Team of the Week) the EA Server crashes after exactly 4 minutes. This has happened every time that I have tried to play against CPU and has cost me countless contracts and coins.
2. I have lost players through the online auction. I have purchased several talented bronze players for fairly large fees, only for the money to be taken, the player to appear as won in my wish list, but not actually there when I try to include him in my squad.
3. I have won cups online, only for the resulting cup, coins & pack not to be awarded.

EA sent a list of ways to remedy he issues, most of which were common sense (switch off your PS3, wait 2 minutes and restart, switch off your modem, wait 2 minutes and reboot, check your firewall settings) but useless. The fact that I can play online, should make these strategies redundant!

I have been promised an improvement "within 7 -10 days" after they have reviewed the issues. If there is no joy, I will have to return the game for refund as it is not fit for purpose!
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