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on 21 July 2014
I have loved Supernatural since the early days of season 1. Some friends of mine lost interest around the latter stages of season 5/early season 6. Whilst I would have to agree that the show did start to waver around that point I felt that season 7 upped the game. I enjoyed the whole Leviathan arc. It was then over a whole year before I watched season 8 for reasons I don't fully understand in hindsight! And I'm happy to report - what a season.

The stories are top notch with many strong tales (in fact I am struggling to think of any bad ones). The general idea behind this season is that our heroes discover there is a way to finally close the gates of hell which involves some lucky soul having to complete a series of trials. Now this been Supernatural that fortunate person has got to be Dean or Sam. And anyone who knows this show knows things aren't gonna end pleasantly. That's all ill say on that one.

We get a pleasing chance to see Bobby once more. Other highlights of mine include the boys meeting their grandfather and learning their original destiny - this is a game changer and the brothers soon acquire their own 'bat cave'. We get a tale where people are dying in the style of cartoon characters! Sounds wacky? - It is!

This show is still going strong. Bring on season 9!
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TOP 500 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon 8 January 2014
Yes, still around. For seven seasons Winchester brothers Sam and Dean have taken on daemons and much that is weird. Problems have been confronted both in Heaven and Hell, Armageddon sorted. What can be left?

Quite a lot, it would seem. Ingeniously creators have come up with cracking new storylines. (First concern somehow to get Dean out of a year in Purgatory.) The main theme now concerns tablets representing The Word of God, instructions how to close the Gate of Hell (trials to be undertaken, but ultimately at a fearsome cost).

There is still time though for plenty of fun. No matter how serious certain issues and how great the violence (some of it really nasty, with many heads severed), humour is rarely far away. For light relief the brothers find themselves caught up in cartoons and lavish role play pageantry, this set off course by a book of spells acquired by one participant on the internet. (Savour a hilarious out-take on the gag reel.) There is even one episode when Sam and Dean barely appear, as teens experiment with camcorders and everything goes horribly wrong. (A 24 minute bonus feature on Disc 1 interestingly tells how this came about.)

It is all preposterous. The creators know it. So does the cast. We are invited to join in the spirit of it all. Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles have the chemistry upon which to build. Both are great, as are their colleagues. Misha Collins is back, his playing of enigmatic angel Castiel so exceeding expectations, the creators are ever determined to explore new aspects. Brilliant Kevin has an important part to play. (A pity we do not see more of his feisty mum.) Geeky Garth is again very funny indeed. Amanda Tapping stars as an Archangel with a hidden agenda - as, indeed, the whole lot of them seem to have. Still charismatically horrible is Mark A Sheppard as "King of Hell" Crowley, he never short of new tortures to inflict.

23 episodes. Bonuses all worth exploring, including one explaining how the character of Castiel has evolved.

Some may consider the series totally over the top, blasphemous to boot. They may have a point, but fans will rejoice that SUPERNATURAL continues so entertainingly to deliver the goods.
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on 8 October 2016
Nothing bad to say about Supernatural. Have been watching it since season 1 and just finished season...11? I think it was on E4. Sometimes it gets a big stale with some of the later over arching main season stories but what long running series doesn't suffer from this? the humour is always there; the main actors always give it their all and there's always a couple of episodes each season that are simply gems and a pleasure to watch; a previous season as a day in the life of Bobbie springs to mind.
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on 25 August 2014
I used to love Supernatural- the early season were amazing and I couldn't wait for each to come out on DVD to watch, however by this stage it all feels so tired- the characters and story lines have been exhausted and with this season it's just boring. The humour that really made the early seasons and the banter between brothers is gone, Dean in particular has become very dis likable, also this season yet again tries to introduce a few quirky episodes, but fails to entertain- for example- a "found footage" Blair witch style one barely even features the Winchesters and perfectly illustrates a barrel being scraped!
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on 8 June 2016
I love Supernatural and I'm not gonna lie, I'm a total fan girl!
If you haven't watched it then you should start and if you have watched it then watch it again. Season 8 is fantastic and keeps the viewer gripped and prepared for season 9. Supernatural is an emotional rollercoaster and as always has plenty of laughs. Jensen & Jared (Dean & Sam) are fantastic actors and seem to share a great friendship outside of the show and its reflected on screen playing brothers. I love this show and the cast and crew are amazing and really give a lot to their fans. Watch it! :D
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on 28 April 2014
Dean and Sam's journey has taken them through hell and back, literally. But now the brothers are faced with a new, much more powerful danger. The conflicts of hell are starting to effect the living. The conflicts of heaven aren't helping either. The angels are plotting, the demons are killing and loyalties are torn. The brothers don't know who they can trust and when their faith in each other is pushed to the limit, their whole world starts breaking apart.

the perfect mixture of humor, horror, touching and heartbreaking moments, and a great new season to add to my collection
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on 23 December 2014
It's not my favourite season, it's still good, it's not that they are running out of ideas, but it's very odd that the writers keep swapping Dean and Sam's for lack of a better word - roles? Sam has a normal love interest now (like Dean in Season 6) and Dean now has a vampire for a BFF (like Sam and Ruby) I don't know, I'd prefer it if they stuck more to one character each.
But hey, I love the supernatural world and their depictions of purgatory, hell yes. Not sure how many more seasons the show can hold out for though.
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on 3 August 2017
Finally after five seasons of Monster Hunting we reach a low point for the series, it Ok some stories are watchable but some do seem a bit cumbersome, hear it picks up a bit before Getting back to it best a few season on here hoping
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on 5 March 2014
These two characters are part of the furniture in our household. The chemistry of the brotherhood is always funny, sad and typical of a good relationship. Love the comedy and the series with the other main characters. I would like to see more of the individual horror stories, rather than the continuance of the devil plot. I prefer it when they have different cases to deal with rather than battling angels and demons. Very good though.
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on 15 February 2015
I only got this because season 9 was on TV. I was really disappointed with season 7 so this seemed much better. That said it is still not up to par with some of the earlier ones. The overall story arc is a bit messy as though they had a couple of ideas that they couldn't fit together, but there are some nice bits, including Sam and Dean discovering more family history.
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