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on 20 August 2013
I bought this on the basis that I didn't want to spend a fortune on a tablet and to use it to watch TV shows, films and use apps. The device itself works very well, a good size and clear graphics and sound. The problem comes with Amazon's absolute control over the product with an insufficient service supporting it. For example, in the US you can buy films and TV shows through the Amazon shop to watch offline. You get an even better deal on these purchases if you have Amazon Prime.

In the UK the only thing that is offered is Lovefilm where you cannot download anything and have to be connected to the internet to view anything. I have a laptop for that. So there goes use number one of my Kindle Fire.

When it comes to apps, you can only purchase those available through the Amazon store. You cannot purchase anything from Google Play or any other available android apps. To say that Amazon's selection of apps is appalling is being generous. It has very, very few available android apps and it is extremely frustrating to not be able to install ones I know exist but that Amazon chooses not to sell. There goes use number two.

Yes, I can read books on it but I could do that with a normal kindle and this is marketed as a multi-media device which it is in theory but not in practice.

All in all, Amazon has brought the Kindle Fire to the UK without the infrastructure behind it to make it the tablet it should/could be and is in the US. They have tried to emulate Apple's model but failed dismally. They should either open up purchasing of Android products from other providers for use on the Fire or get the Amazon store up to scratch to sell a really compelling range of apps and the option to buy or rent films and TV shows as Apple do.
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on 6 November 2012
Generally pleased with product, but very disappointed by lack of back up/ guide! Eventually managed to find some on Internet, but it took quite some time.
Main help ,or setup, is obtained by swiping from top to bottom of screen. Why could this be mentioned in the box.
My unit did crash, ( probably too many tabs open ). Tried advice line, until I realised that this cost nearly £2 / minute. Unwilling to pay this extortionist price, I trawled through the internet sites, and found that if you held down Start button for 20 secs, the unit reset. No problems since.
How much would it cost to give an enclosed note in the box indicating these points, or, at least, giving Internet sites for help.
I would recommend this product, but only if you have a friend who has had one for a month or so, and has learned how to obtain these helpful sites.
Amazon, get your act together, and rectify these faults that could be addressed at minimum cost to you.
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on 25 October 2012
I had been humming and haa-ing for a while as to whether I should get a Kindle or not as I am an avid reader and take books with me everywhere, as well as swapping them etc. Also I was put off by the original Kindle that the books would only appear in monochrome.
But when I saw the previews for the Kindle Fire and the fact that it was in colour and was much more than just an e-reader (video player, MP3 player, web browser, games, apps etc.) I decided to go for it, and I placed my pre-order at the beginning of September and waited with anticipation for my new "gadget" to arrive.

My first thoughts are how good it is for the price. The crisp, clear display, intuitive interface and decent sound quality are very impressive, as is the speed and simplicity with which I was able to set up the Wi-Fi and start downloading content immediately. The reading display is clear and well-lit, and the touch-screen is easy to use. I also like the little quirks such as instant dictionary definitions for words when reading, as well as the ability to annotate and bookmark pages.

My only (tiny) gripe is that, at 400 grams, it's a tad heavy. However, I've found that resting it on a surface (for example the tray table you get on a plane or train) is ideal.

So far I have downloaded books, music and a game to get a feel for what the Kindle Fire can do. I travel a lot and spend endless hours in airports, so I now have a 'must have' holiday item which will be one of the first things to go into my hand-baggage from now on.

I'm well pleased with my purchase, and will recommend it without hesitation.
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on 2 December 2012
This is so much more than an e reader . It has replaced my laptop as a web browser. It allows me to download fun apps for free. And yes I also download books. I am so busy playing that I forget to read my books. It's so much fun. I can shop, do my on line banking. Watch movies and catch up Tv and play games. One tip is to shop around for a cheap charger.
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on 3 November 2012
This is a neat tablet, but anyone accustomed to the old Kindle Ebook will find this heavy and less convenient for reading the newspaper, or a book, on a crowded train. What shocked me is that there was not one word of instruction supplied, not even a "quick start up" single sheet of paper. For the manual, you have to search online (even this information is not supplied.) This is not a failing of the Kindle Fire, but a failing of Amazon customer services.
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on 24 November 2012
Bought the Kindle Fire two weeks ago and have waited this long to write a review as wanted to use well first before "jumping the gun" as so many before me have. With little experience, I researched the product well before buying. Am an avid reader and so wanted to buy mainly for reading. So far have downloaded several free books which I would have happily paid for. Also, had few of the apps which im really happy with. Very easy to set up on receipt, following the instructions on switching kindle on. Downloaded the instructions from a previous review which are also easy to follow. Don't find it any heavier to hold than a normal big book, the fact that it's thinner than a book is a bonus. As far as the charger is concerned,yes a charger would be nice as part of the package but a multi-functionining charger can be bought from a well-known store at a fraction of the price. Only thing Im now disappointed about is that its £30 cheaper than when I bought it two weeks ago! Would highly recommend.
Im adding to my review having now watched films on Lovefilm, which was very easy to set up. Great picture and easy watching!
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on 13 November 2012
received my kindle fire last week and i was really pleased. read some reviews and was a bit put off. but i found the kindle easy to use no heavier to hold than a hard back book also read how bright it is for reading well you can turn the brightness down. easy to install on took me seconds to do that as i am 75 years young if i can do it so can you much younger folk. so really pleased with it.
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on 4 June 2013
Purchased this direct from Amazon. After a few months, started to get problems with the screen freezing. Apparently a common fault with the Kindle. Tried all the recommended fixes, but nothing worked.

More concerningly, Amazon refused to replace the product even though it is still in warranty. Beware the avoidance tactics of a US company who think they are above UK laws. I have reported to Trading Standards - will update this review as the case progresses.
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on 17 November 2012
The Kindle I purchased for my teenage daughter arrived a week or so ago and my idea was to register it in my name to allow her to take advantage of my Prime account standing so she could loan a book a month without her incurring any costs but I have already highlighted a problem for other parents to bear in mind.

After registering the unit I downloaded a few apps such as BBC iPlayer, lovefilm, weather and Shop Amazonand was very pleased to see the variety of apps available. I was a bit concerned that I hadn't opted for the HD version but the picture quality through the BBCiPlayer looked great. The screen moves very fluidly from one screen to the next and the build quality is superb. I thought it would be fairly light and a very cheap build but far from it. The build is suprisingly solid which is reassuring being a gift for my daughter in a household of 4 children.

However, this is where the problems began. The Shop Amazon app appears to share information from the original registration of the unit and logs directly into the Amazon account. From here I could make purchases without entering a password using the 1-click method.

I activated the parental controls and password protected the purchasing option but the Shop Amazon app continues to log you directly into your account without prior logging. Having spent 2hrs talking to the technical team using the CHAT window they told me I could lock the apps - but why buy a kindle fire if I'm gonna lock out the selling points. With no apps I may just as well bought a standard Kindle.

I have now managed to stop the saving of passwords through the browser but the Shop amazon app still goes straight into my account. I must add that purchases are still locked and require a password but you are still able to view orders and despatch addresses etc which would not be a good thing when next Christmas arrives. The guy I spoke too did say he would pass on my concerns to their software developers but I'm sure many parents would share my concerns.

The only solution he gave me was for her to have her own Amazon account and for her to pay for her purchases with gift certificates I would have to send her from my account because amazon requires a payment card registered with the account, which she doesn't have.

A simple password entry to the app would be a solution or better still what about a family group account where family members can share books from their library's as they would if they purchased the book. I have 3 teenage girls in the family who regularly share books they buy, so why not give the same options for the Kindle, even limit it to a certain size to prevent improper use of the group set up.
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on 27 October 2012
My kindle fire arrived on 25th which was the day of release and I have had a chance over the last day or so to try it out. I already have a basic kindle and have to say that I will continue using it as my main reading kindle. I find the Fire quite heavy and uncomfortable to hold for reading and the long rectangular screen shape takes a little getting used to for reading. It is good for night time reading due to the LCD screen.
It is a shame that books cannot be organised into categories like they can on the basic kindle.

The screen is very reponsive and I like the idea of a colour kindle screen. Images look great on it and for me the real bonus is being able to read a magazine on it, the pictures and text and very clear and the pages easy to navigate. However that is when the magazine apps are working efficiently, I have had a couple of issues with payments being taken and no magazine downloading. Unforunately at the moment you can only see and access these magazines and apps on the Fire itself, it would be great if I could maybe access them on Amazon online too and perhaps sync the missing bought magazines to my Fire from there?
Anyway despite these issues I can see the news stand being a feature I will be using the most.

The games selection is good, i have downloaded a couple of games which opened straight away and the graphics are good.
I didn't buy this as a devise to watch movies so I cant comment on anything to do with that.

The music player is good, far better through headphones and I like the option of music whilst playing a game or reading.

The carousel on the home screen I'm not too keen on,there is a setting to switch off the recommendations on the bottom which I have now done.

I find the icons and screen easy to navigate once I worked out where everything is, its just a matter of cruising around the device and getting used to it.

My main niggle is the battery life, obviously when setting it all up the wireless was on constantly for downloading and the battery did drain quite quickly.

Overall I really like the Kindle Fire, I'm not sure how feasable it is for people who purely want a reading device, but for a basic tablet with reading as an integrated theme its great and I know for me I will be using it for the other features mainly, the magazines, games, shopping and email etc, with some book reading but using my basic kindle as my main book reading device.
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