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on 15 December 2016
I've purchased two of these HD 7's - onoth without ads - one for my wife and the other for my sister.

Size wise they are just right for holding in one hand although with the optional Amazon leather case fitted they are not exactly featherweights.

I find the large format icons that you can flip through really easy to use and the display quality for video and reading is very good, although it almost goes without saying that you can only really use it for reading inside. Outside you cannot really see the screen clearly unless it's a very dull day.

My wife keeps hers next to the bed, which is where a lot of Kindles live I guess, and it is charged every week or so. In between it's on battery so it lasts pretty well, unless my daughter secretly plays games on it in which case we tend to find it flat...but I don't think that's the fault of the HD 7.

Very occasionally it needs to be rebooted - most recently seemingly caused by Candy Crush - but generally speaking it works reliably.

I take a star away for Amazon's somewhat annoying lockdown policy that prevents you from deleting some apps.

So, in summary:

- Dependable
- Screen quality for video and inside reading
- Battery life for normal use

- No lightweight when fitted with an Amazon leather case
- Not suitable for reading outside
- Amazon lockdown policy

I hope you found this review of help. Thanks.
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The Kindle is now my favourite gadget

We now have three of these in the house and I am the newest convert / user.

Why do I need it ?
In one gadget I can now listen to my music, see my photos and show others, read books and check my emails when I am out and about. I use it all the time and it has cut down on the amount of stuff I have to carry.
Being in my 50’s I was not prepared to spend a huge amount on a tablet and for what I do the Kindle Fire HD does everything I want. The ease of using music is great – all my Amazon purchases from years back were there ready for me to download. I did not have to copy Cd’s etc. It was all just there in my Amazon account – brilliant!
I have downloaded lots of the free books and have really enjoyed my return to many of the classics of my childhood.

It’s all about convenience – my entire tech is there if I want it in one easy to use tablet. Yes the iPad might be slightly slicker and do a bit more but for me the Kindle is a great toy that is always with me.
I have recently downloaded a few films on it which kept me entertained on a long journey. The unit is very versatile.

Any drawbacks
So far for me I have none but I am not a power user. My daughter who is a power user seems to do a lot more with hers but she lives on the net and keeps up to date with all her friends, she has not complained about any limitations.
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on 26 November 2013
I wouldn't be without my Kindle HD now. I previously had the original Kindle for reading and then used to borrow my boyfriends iPad for web browsing. I wanted to upgrade my kindle but was worried that the HD wouldn't be as user friendly for internet searching as the iPad. I needn't have worried. Though I primarily use the Kindle to read, and wade through pinterest I frequently go online and browse. Though the screen size is small and therefore not ideal for long periods of time on the web, for short bursts it perfect. The battery life is unbelievable and it's lightweight to carry around with me.
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on 3 August 2013
I purchased my Kindle Fire HD. At Gatwick airport and saved a whole £1 with their internet beating price guarantee. Wow! Anyhow,once finding out the hard way that almost everything on it has to be downloaded as an app I have become very fond of it and now use it for virtually all of the things that I used my laptop for, especially when I'm on the move. However, I am astounded at what few benefits there are to be gained from the Amazon Prime facility that came with it on a free one month trial. Basically, it's not worth having for free and I for one will NOT be paying £49 a year for this low or no benefit feature. I ordered some products from Amazon and non of them were available for Prime free delivery and then I used the appalling lending library. One book a month! And then it's only the very cheap mostly trashy books. If, like I did, you download a really poor book that you don't even want to finish, that's it, even if you remove it instantly from your device, you can't get another one until the next calendar month. What a waste of time. Fortunately I didn't waste my money as well.
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on 27 February 2017
Bought as a present for my partner who had original kindle. Fantastic, she wouldn't be without it. One downside it takes along time to charge,
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on 5 January 2013
The Kindle Fire HD made an excellent Christmas present, it does mostly everything I want it to and is a very neat piece of tech.

From reading other reviews it seems everyone uses the Kindle Fire in a number of different ways but usually with a particular idea of how it suits them best. Mine is watching films and TV. The Videos section loads up Love Film automatically as its Amazon's company and device, but you can also download the Netflix app from the Amazon App Store. This suits me as I have a subscription for both.

Also interesting for movies is the Flixster App, if you've noticed on some DVDs and Blu Ray films, they come with a UV (Ultra Violet) copy. Using the Flixster site online I have been able to redeem vouchers for movies I already own on DVD and then using the Flixster app on the Kindle Fire download these into the device. This means if I'm on a train/ car journey/ flight, I can watch one of the downloaded films without needing a wifi connection.

The Games are also better than I had expected, I've downloaded Football Manager 2013 on it for £7, cheaper than the PSP or PS Vita versions and works in the same way. Brilliant and addictive. Also good is the Need for Speed game which uses the tablet to steer the car depending on which way you tilt it. So there is plenty of opportunity for fun interactive games on the Kindle Fire.

Also great is the quick and easy access to emails, the internet and previous Amazon music, and kindle e book purchases. You can access these from the "The Cloud", for the uninitiated like myself this is like a big storage space in the internet. So you can download your pick of what you have to your Kindle Fire. You can even email things like word documents to a kindle email and use them on the Kindle Fire.

The only downside for the e reader function is the backlight, you can adjust brightness but for me I'll be sticking to my Kindle e reader for books as the magnetic ink is easier on the eyes than the backlit screen.

Other downsides include compatibility with certain software. The Kindle doesn't seem to have Adobe Flash Player which is a drawback for using some sites, as you won't be able to. For example ITV Player can't be accessed, so if there's a live football game you fancy watching in your office in the background whilst doing some work on your laptop, you can't. Flash players are advertised in the app store but most user reviews show they haven't worked in the way they were hoped to. More for using files you already have than online content.

However, BBC I player is available and you can watch some live shows on BBC using this or catch up, which is great.

Great for skyping as well, the microphone isn't awkwardly placed so you don't have to speak up or put the Kindle next to your mouth (and away from the camera) to be heard clearly and thus negate the point of Video calling.

The only real downside I can think of is that despite being HD, not all the content you can access is HD, eg. Netflix, (but this isn't Amazon's fault it's Netflix's) but Love Film is usually HD films. Also the Kindle Fire isn't always compatible with some of the things you might like it to be.

As far as tablets go having shopped around the price is better than an iPad, but you should check out the Google Nexus before buying. This is another highly rated tablet and may suit your needs better than the Kindle Fire. As it is made by Samsung but run through Google, most things are compatible I hear.

Overall very happy with my Kindle Fire HD and give it 5 stars. Having played around with an iPad, my own opinion is that they are overrated for the price you pay and even less compatible in some respects than the Kindle Fire, e.g. printing seems much easier to set up on the Kindle, but that's just my opinion.
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on 18 December 2013
i bought the kindle because i read alot of books and was told a kindle would save me money and space in the long run. however just on personal preference it does not take the place of a good paper book and i have found my self reading less, all of the other features on it are great though facebook, audio books, apps etc. the kindle i find to be a bit heavy to just lay and hold this may just be me as i have weak wrists so have to prop it against something, i did buy a purple case of amazon for it and it is supposed to act as a stand aswel but found it flimsy and not worth the money i paid
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on 22 April 2013
I thought I would never be able to replace books... but with my new Kindle Fire HD... I have been able to do just that...

Now I want to read all the books that I read before, so that I can enjoy them again... and again... and again.

its not light... but it weighs about the same as the Samsung Galaxy tab1, so it wasn't a surprise about the weight. but, the technology and the ease... that's what makes the difference. everything is set out so its easy to find, easy to load and even easier to use. the updates from Amazon load super fast, (which I was surprised at) even on the slowest network, so you never miss a beat.

Yes... I am seriously impressed. Now my daughter wants one too... so it can't be all bad... can it!!!!
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on 28 May 2013
Use mostly at break times at work for reading and ocassional tv series/films. Part of my giving up smoking plan which is going well, 5 months on. This is my second Kindle Fire HD. First one froze after around 2 months. Sent back to Amazon they had my 2nd one to me 3 days later. Find it a great travel companion as most Hotels have free Wi-fi nowadays. The speakers aren't to bad really for such a small device so it plays music well (bit tinny). Battery life is a good couple of days usually unless I watch alot of video. Charges using the same charger as my HTC phone. All in all very pleased with it.
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on 30 June 2016
Kindles are great but one weakness is the micro usb port which is rubbish. This is my second one and the port failed. . My first kindle broke before a year with the same problem.
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