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on 11 April 2016
Some time ago I bought Rumer's CD Boys Don't Cry in a charity shop actually for a Euro. I had some other CD's by her and had always intended to get this one. I have a good friend in Germany who was an Au Pair in my home about 20 years ago and we have remained good friends ever since. She is a big fan also so I copied it and sent it to her. She loved it.
Then I decided to look her up on Amazon to see if I was missing anything by her, and discovered there was this de-luxe edition of the album with four extra tracks that I was unaware of so I ordered two copies, one for me and one for my German friend. I loved the album when I first got it but I love this one more with the extra tracks.
It is a little strange listening to her sing Neil Young's song A Man Needs a Maid, so obviously a man's song, but she does it well as she does with all her songs.
I will say Neil wrote this song, according to the cover in 1972. I'm not sure if it would be considered acceptable nowadays even with the title alone. It might be considered sexist by the feminine movement. We're living in different times nowadays where you have to be so careful about what you say. You can get into trouble so easily and offence is taken so easily.
But it really is an excellent album. She concentrated on chosen songs written and sung by male artists from the past.
It would be interesting to see what she would make of a similar album of songs originally written and sung by female artists.
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on 5 June 2012
Although an unashamed fan of Rumer and her talents, it doesn't put me beyond constructive criticism. As I commented on the review posted by 'The Wolf' I felt a bit removed from the material when I heard it for the first time at St James Church, it was a step away from Seasons album in many ways. My first impressions were less Rumer here I am in-a-sense, more Rumer ostensibly performing material by others and obviously so, but that view has changed with a few plays. (Edit: really growing on me, like a Streisand early album in many ways, so beautifully sung and rambling, I really wish we could rate these reviews in 0.5 increments)

Now I feel you can sense the songs are sung with meaning and sincerity and that beautiful voice is great to hear again. I doubt I will move to hear the originals so I have enjoyed the album as a whole, and for me it will be Rumer - not the original artists - who will come to own them, as I am sure will be the case with the majority of people listening to the album. I think it might be a benefit not having heard the originals too, for me you are always comparing this bit with that and it takes away something from the enjoyment. To rate this album with five stars would put it on the same pedestal as the outstanding Seasons which I don't think would be fair but it sparkles in places and is a good addition to an album collection. We all have favourites, but I particularly liked P.F Sloan, It could be the Last Day, Be Nice to Me, Sara Smile, Flyin' Shoes, Soul Rebel, A Man needs a Maid.

Home Thoughts from Abroad has the same beautifully banal lyrics as Thankful (from Seasons), maybe somewhere there is a link, both beautifully sung mind.

Not entirely sure if it is relevant but for the first time-ever I purchased a set of medium-range headphones to listen to material ripped to iTunes in Lossless format (B&W P5's) and it is striking how much more detail and clarity you discover with a recording such as this. Rumers voice is strongly accentuated, it is beautiful, just crystal-clear on this album and the production of the songs is superb to my mind. Well done all involved, and particularly the musicians and backing singers who allow Rumers' talent to shine so strikingly.
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on 4 June 2012
There will be no arguments from me about the quality of Rumer's song selections, all from male singer songwriters of the 70s and many neglected for far too long, for example, Clifford T Ward's emotional Home Thoughts From Abroad. My problem with the album is that it makes me want to go back to John Oates' original guitar intro to Sarah Smile or to hear the strings coming in on A Man Needs A Maid rather than listen to Rumer's versions. So by all means buy this as sort of sampler of 70s songwriters, but be prepared to be led elsewhere.
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VINE VOICEon 17 March 2013
This woman's voice is truly a gift from God. Her vocalisations are top-notch and she makes these male written/sung songs seem like they were specifically written for her alone.

If you haven't listened to her singing 'A House is Not a Home' live at the White House, Google it and listen - wow!!! Please, Rumer, release this track and more like it.

I recommend both of Rumer's albums + her EPs.

An Artist that almost demands 5 stars with her vocal skills and I'm happy to give them.
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on 30 September 2012
A little unfair to critique this as a fan as it was purchased for my other half (whose unbiased opinion is faultless, of course!) Mine, well is an admiring one for an artist that has crept quietly onto my musical radar, and done a very good impression of Karen Carpenter. Like the album, well produced will appeal to fans of seventies MOR, with a little more depth here and there. Would I claim this album?; probably not; would I play it? again not my first choice, but irritating it is certainly not and in places,is balm for the late night soul.
Dim the lights, pour a glass, and let it wash over you!
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on 6 December 2012
I had heard snippets of each song on-line when this disk was actually released and at the time it didn't give me a very good impression - particularly in comparison to the excellent previous album Seasons of my soul. Which is why I delayed from buying it until now, and I'm glad to say I did eventually buy because hearing the extended disk in full is definitely a pleasure. I dont think it quite has the edge of the previous album and isn't quite as immediately entrancing (in my opinion), but it still gets alot of airplay and is especially nice to have on during an evening, simmering away in the background. Don't like the album cover, but thats kind of irrelevant really.
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on 31 May 2012
Rumer has an amazing voice and the more I listen to her new album the more I am transported back to a magical time of the 70s
The album has a wonderful warmth to it , the tracks grow on you more every listen and the melody remains long after the song and in my opinion is reminiscent of the Carpenters Horizon album
The voice and production are 1st class and all songs seem to be sung effortlessly and emotively bringing immense pleasure to the listener
Rumers voice is very similar to Karen Carpenters and I know she may get tired of this comparison but I personally could not imagine a bigger compliment to give a female singer
I believe Rumers voice is a breath of fresh air in the current market far from all the screeching and voice acrobatics that most female singers are recording today
An excellent album for late evenings dim the lights and let the music wash over you and ease all your worries away
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on 16 July 2012
Being a grumpy old man I don't take much notice of pop music - if it doesn't get played on Radio 3 I wouldn't hear it. I saw a review of this CD in the Daily Telegraph and it looked quite interesting. Given my partner likes The Carpenters I thought I'd buy it and see what it's like. I have to admit that I don't know most of the songs but they are catchy and Rumer has a pleasant voice which at times is uncannily like the late Karen Carpenter's. I have this cd on the cd player in my car - how retro is that? It's very pleasant to listen to while driving. I'd recommend it; the production of the numbers is good and her version of the Gilbert O'Sullivan song is , in my opinion, better than his version (the one song I did know).
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on 4 June 2012
I don't know exactly how to define what it is, but listening to this album/CD just made me feel so good!! It could be in how relaxed yet confidently Rumer interprets these songs and/or has managed to channel the best parts of Joni Mitchell, Dusty Springfield, and even Karen Carpenter and woven them into a wonderfully nuanced vocal tapestry. Her first album was great, but this album is, in almost perfect balance, a youthful twenty-something singing as if she was the being of an old soul...Adele may be the "Big Buzz", but Rumer is the real treasure... Just listen...
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on 2 June 2012
It's an interesting diversion and approach for her second album to produce an album of solely covers - but boy does she do them justice!

A fantastic follow up to Seasons of My Soul - what a voice this lady has! The musicians and production of this album only add to the quality. Completely addicted. Great song choice too - what more can I say?!
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