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on 27 June 2017
Great cd with the classics
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on 30 August 2017
happy songs
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on 22 August 2015
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on 14 September 2013
its great, the more you listen to it the better it gets and it gonna be great for a party I am throwing next week
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on 30 October 2017
Worth buying. Loved all the songs.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 14 February 2016
This latest release from Kylie Minogue is truly a Greatest Hits package, covering her entire career, from 1987 to present. Her singles catalogue consists of 48 solo singles, and 9 duets or as featured artist. To have a complete Singles Collection requires a 4 CD box set. Personally, I have collected every of her albums or other collaborative efforts from other artists, like Jason Donovan, Robbie Williams, Taio Cruz, etc. I also have most of her DVD concerts and recent 3D Aphrodite Tour concert and have thoroughly enjoyed all of them immensely. She is a consummate performer, with a sweet voice, beautiful figure and on-stage personality.

The sound of this CD is very well remastered, with Kylie’s sweet vocal out front. Although I have all of Kylie’s previous recordings already (there is no new unreleased cut here), I still buy this, partly for collection purpose, and mostly for the DVD with all her music videos. To have all these treasures in one collection is gratifying to have, and the qualities are much better than those you see in You-Tube. Watching Kylie in her music videos is another different immersive experience. The songs in her music videos appear in the same order as that in the CD.

Song listing (with chart positions and album source) is as follows:
01 Can’t Get You Out Of My Head (UK 1/2001)(from Fever)
02 Spinning Around (UK 1/2000)(from Light Years)
03 I Should Be So Lucky (UK 1/1988)(from Kylie)
04 Love At First Sight (UK 2/2002)(from Fever)
05 In Your Eyes (UK 3/2002)(from Fever)
06 Kids (with Robbie Williams)(UK 2/2000)(from Robbie’s Sing When You’re Winning)
07 Better The Devil You Know (UK 2/1990)(from Rhythm of Love)
08 All The Lovers (UK 3/2010; US Dance 1/2010)(from Aphrodite)
09 Give Me Just A Little More Time (UK 2/1992)(from Let’s Get To It)
10 Celebration (UK 20/1992)(from Greatest Hits)
11 Slow (UK 1/2003)(from Body Language)
12 Red Blooded Woman (UK 5/2004)(from Body Language)
13 I Believe In You (UK 2/2004)(from Ultimate Kylie)
14 On A Night Like This (UK 2/2000)(from Light Years)
15 Confide In Me (UK 2/1994)(from Kylie Minogue)
16 Get Outta My Way (UK 12/2010; US Dance 1/2010)(from Aphrodite)
17 The Locomotion (UK 2/1988)(from Kylie)
18 Tears On My Pillow (UK 1/1990)(from Enjoy Yourself)
19 Wow (UK 5/2007)(from X)
20 In My Arms (UK 10/2008)(from X)
21 Never Too Late (UK 4/1989)(from Enjoy Yourself)

Kylie Minogue has sold more than 68 million records worldwide, and has had seven number one singles and sold over 10.1 million singles in the United Kingdom, making her the 12th best-selling singles artist in UK history. She holds a female record 13 consecutive career-starting Top 10 Singles. I also read that she is going to do a duet with Jason Donovan (I still have his Greatest Hits CD). Kylie literally has grown up with us, and has changed her image along with time. She is also a brave breast cancer survivor, and has now back to recording and concerts full time.

I personally would recommend the Deluxe Edition, because for a few dollars more, you can also get her 21 original music videos. The above set is highly recommended.
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on 4 June 2012
Just RAN to get this but upon reading the track listing I thought "nah", I've already got 'Ultimate Kylie' and 'Kylie 2000-2010 so pretty much have it covered, I thought with the release of 'Time Bomb' it may have been included - DAMN! Nice to see 'Get outta my way' on the track list though as its my fave kylie track yet....
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Kylie Minogue is celebrating 25 years of hits so it's no surprise to see a retrospective collection in the shops...but this must be one of the worst compilation efforts in recent memory.

Like Madonna, Kylie has now amassed so many top singles that anything less than a double CD is an insult both to her and prospective buyers. EMI have managed to squeeze 21 songs onto this CD but there are at least a dozen huge tracks missing - her deConstruction era is virtually ignored, represented solely by Confide In Me, and where are early smashes such as Hand On Your Heart and fan favourites like Shocked and What Do I Have To Do?? It really is a poor showing - and what's worse, no new songs whatsoever, bizarrely not even her current single Timebomb. This half-hearted effort has made me wonder if perhaps she is planning on leaving EMI for a new label; it has the feel of a release cobbled together in five minutes with little thought or respect merely to fulfill the contract of a departing artist.

If you want a Kylie compilation, you'd be far better off looking for a second hand copy of the Ultimate Kylie collection and downloading the singles from X and Aphrodite to add to it. There are some great pop tunes here but Kylie's 25th Anniversary surely deserved better.
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on 7 June 2012
Yes, 1 star. Don't get me wrong, the CD itself is pretty much perfect and had I bought just the CD it would have garnered a 5 star review. However, I bought the CD/DVD combo and it is the DVD I am basing this 1 star review on.

I have two words for you - Aspect Ratio.

Who encoded this piece of crap? I understand that it is a Region 0 disc, so to expect a 576 x 720 picture is probably going too far and that the 480 x 640 ratio fits better on foreign systems. However, the idiot behind this disc has encoded the videos a 480 x 720 resolution. This means all the videos are squashed vertically (or stretched horizontally, depending on your thinking), ruining the look of them.

As if this wasn't bad enough, the producers, in their infinite wisdom, decided to make the DVD 4x3 (it's 2012 people!!) instead of widescreen. This is fine for the older videos (even if they are squashed), but it means the newer, widescreen ones are letterboxed, bringing their resolution down to approx 330 lines. Now, as anyone who has 'zoomed in' on their TV will know, this makes the picture quality drop massively. Zooming in on a 330 line picture on a big screen TV makes these videos look hideous! What they should have done, instead of making the newer videos '4x3 letterbox' is encode the DVD in widescreen and make the older videos '16x9 pillarbox', then they'd all look lovely.

So, in closing; Poor quality, low resolution, badly encoded and in an incorrect aspect ratio.

Save your money and just buy the CD and download her videos off youtube for free in the correct ratio and at the correct resolution.
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on 5 October 2012
It was very difficult to decide on a star rating for this product - On the one hand, it contains some truly classic Kylie tracks, and the packaging is just GREAT.
BUT, the tracklisting is a mess, it seems like they just picked song titles out of a hat. A lot of seminal Kylie tracks are missing, such as Finer Feelings, Breathe, What Do I Have to Do, Shocked, Hand on Your Heart and more, and the inclusion of Give Me Just A Little More Time and Celebration is frankly baffling.
Also, the single she released around the same time, Timbomb, is NOT on this CD.

I was also extremely disappointed by the quality of the DVD. The screen ratios are completely wrong on some songs, and the picture quality ranges from nearly unwatchable to acceptable. For some reason, even (comparatively) recent videos such as Spinning Around and In Your Eyes are extremely pixely.

If you're looking for a best of Kylie, I would recommend tracking down the Ultimate Kylie compilation. Though obviously Wow, In My Arms, All the Lovers and Get Outta My Way were not available when Ultimate Kylie was first released.
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