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on 22 July 2013
I have ordered, tried and sent back a couple of OTHER manufacturers keyboards, so when THIS one (the Perixx PERIDUO-707B PLUS) arrived, I wasn't expecting anything amazing. BUT it arrived and I must say, I love it!

1) It IS a UK layout, many keyboards of this type and price come in a US/International layout. This one is a TRUE UK layout! Also, the layout of the keys are great, it's compact yes, but I can type and navigate the keyboard without hitting the wrong keys or having any issues.

2) Quality: It's very good quality, it doesn't feel flimsy or cheap in any way. The mouse is also very good quality and feels just right. It's not too big or too small or too light. I have tried other mice that 'look' nice in a picture, but in reality were way too light and flimsly.

3) Other people's issues: Other people have said it doesnt work with Windows 7. That's incorrect, it DOES work. Some people have reported that it doesn't work to log on with a password. AGAIN, that's incorrect for THIS reason: The keyboard is mini style, that means it has the number row at the top but no number keypad to the right, it has an Fn key that activates a set of keys to act as the numerical keypad (normally found to the right).

SO, if you have pressed the Fn and Number Lock keys and use the numerical keys, then LOG OFF from Windows, windows will remember this and when you log back on, before entering your password, you will need to press Fn and Number Lock first. <<< HOWEVER AND THIS IS IMPORTANT!!!! >>> IF you DON'T press Fn and Number Lock and use the numerical keypad, (using the keys as normal), then when you log off from Windows, Windows WILL remember this. SO when you log back on you will NOT have have to unlock the keypad. It will act normally! So, it's not a product problem that people have reported, it's user error!! It's works FINE, I have shutdown and then re-started over 10 times now and can log on normally without any problems. you do NOT need another keyboard to log on!!

4) Final thoughts: I love it, I'm keeping it and would order more! It's a great compact size without compromising on quality or function. The only thing that would make it better would be if the mouse automatically turned off when you shut down your PC. I have used other mice that have that function (and yes cheap ones too). BUT the mouse DOES have an on/off switch, you just have to remember to switch it off to prolong battery life. The Nano receiver IS a nano receiver, some keyboards come with a larger dongle, so this is another plus.

BRILLIANT product, well done to Perixx.
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on 29 March 2012
If your looking for for a compact wireless keyboard and mouse you will not find a better bargain than these. First off they both look great in white and there is no problems with fingermarks like on the black ones. They both still look like new and i have not wiped them once. My son has a piano black keyboard and it always looks terrible with fingermarks. Also they both feel very well made which surprised me for the price. The nano usb receiver is tiny and you only need the one usb slot for both keyboard and mouse. I just plugged in the nano receiver and both worked perfect with no problems. I sit about 10 feet away from the pc and there are no connection issues. The numlock was on by default but i switched it off and thats the way it has stayed.It does not default back to the numlock on startup as some others have stated. There is a connect button underneath both the keyboard and mouse if for some reason windows does not recognise them, but i did not have to use it because as i said they both worked fine with no problems. To sum up, these are 2 stylish compact devices that ooze quality at a very compact price.
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on 3 July 2012
Firstly, absolutely first class service from the vendor - couldn't fault.
Moving on to the keyboard and mouse themselves, I was a little hesitant to purchase, given the problems outlined in some of the other reviews. I have to say this was not my experience!

I am always keen to try my new acquisitions, so didn't stop to read the instructions, just unpacked, found the receiver hidden in the mouse, plugged that into a spare USB port on the running computer and put the batteries in the keyboard and mouse. Hey Presto, both started working with no other requirement from me. (on a Windows 7 machine) so for good measure I unplugged the USB receiver and plugged it into a Vista machine - again instant keyboard and mouse and even found the same result with my old Win98 laptop - so excellent connectivity. I have not tried the bundled software as I don't need it

My only criticism of the keyboard is that there is no light when caps lock is on and as I tend to look at the keys when I type (I know I should look at the screen!) I sometimes find I have written a couple of sentences in CAPS. A minor irritation that could have easliy have been avoided, but hey, for the price who is going to quibble

Am seriously thinking of getting another one to use with my netbook
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VINE VOICEon 26 June 2013
I use the Perixx for connecting to a Raspberry Pi, and it does it well. A small transmitter USB dongle sits compactly on the Pi without looking out of place. The keyboard and mouse both receive the USB signal well especially within 'normal' usage distances. I have only tried the Pi about 4 meters away, I see no reason why a greater distance would not work.

Although small, the Perixx feels well made. It is quite thick plastic, in a good feeling white finish. It looks quite neat and light enough to have on your lap all night without any discomfort.

The wireless mouse is a good mover, responding well to movements. I only used it on a plastic mouse mat, but it should work well on other smooth services.The keyboard also feels good with a positive action on it's keys, the keys feel well fitted, i.e. not stiff to press, well sprung, and smooth to use.

I like this set and would not hesitate to recommend it.
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on 27 January 2015
The last three companies that I have worked for, each issued me with a brand new laptop (Dell, hp, Dell) which their respective IT departments had wiped the hard drive so as to erase all the "bloatware" that geeks love to hate. They then installed a clone of the their setup so that all machines in the company operate in the same way, to make servicing easier. Sounds reasonable enough but on every occasion, the drivers for the trackpad and keyboard which are specific to an individual machine, have been substituted with some generic ones that don't operate the device correctly. I have given up trying to get the IT depts. to solve this so instead bought this little keyboard and mouse. It works a treat, I have been using it for about a year. As noted in other reviews you may need to unlock the numbers on the keyboard sometimes when switching it on. I only wish that the keyboard had a on/off switch like the mouse, so battery cannot be drained when not in use. I took to removing one of the batteries but with such frequent opening of the battery cover the little plastic tab has broken. I have improvised a repair which is fine for me. Used like this the batteries have lasted well.
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on 14 June 2017
This wireless set of keyboard and mouse is very convenient. I find that not having the extra numbers pad on the right hand side, lets me have the mouse in a more comfortable position. The keyboard responds to gentle touch (no need to bang, as come keyboards require); the mouse is comfortable. But... A big but! This is the third time I buy this set. With use, the letters and numbers disappear. So after about eight months, at least eight letters (the ones that are more frequently used) are no longer there. I don't always need to look at the keys; I do write with all fingers and most of the time touch-typing. Sometimes, though, I do take a look and I find it frustrating that some keys have become black (especially N M , and .). But this third time I am really unhappy. They have made the letters even less visible from the start. They are no longer really white but yellowy. They are thinner and the little symbols that are on top of the numbers are almost invisible. It is especially difficult for me to distinguish between the & the % and the $ signs. All that makes me think that I will have to buy a new one after four months rather than ten months or a year. I might decide not to.
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on 25 December 2017
Literally plug and play on Windows 7 OEM. No driver installation required. Mouse is nippy with a nice light feel to the clicks. Keyboard layout is the best on the market, in my humble opinion. Love the full size arrow keys and perfectly placed Page Up and Page Down keys, especially with Delete in the very top right corner. I would pay £100 for one of these if they made it with keys that have the Microsoft Surface Desktop feel.
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on 27 June 2013
Using on Windows 7. put in batteries, plugged in dongle, turned on. Job done. Buttons work, Fn buttons work.. Happy days.
Keyboard feels good. I come from the compact Mac keyboard so used to the size and layout. In fact this feels a bit more spaced out than the Mac board. I can type at full speed without issue and the wireless doesnt lag at all. Hey this is nice to type on. it is a little noisy, so you might need to mute your phone if you are on a conf call and multi tasking. Think thats a bit of a negative but otherwise the keyboard is great.

There is no riser at the back that you can adjust so you will have to live with the angle, which seems OK to me. Perhaps for others it may feel a little horizontal.
Having just put a skinny notepad under the back it feels a bit better actually, so bear that in mind.

Mouse is good. It's a fast mouse so I had to go into the setting to slow it down. Now it isnt running like Bolt it works well, is precise, has a nice wheel and the buttons click well. Only downer on the mouse is it is a little small. Just coming from a Dell mouse that my hand had obviosuly got used to my fingers hang over the front a little and I have to bend them more to click. Again, just because I am accostomed to the Dell mouse, give it a couple of days and this will feel like the new normal.

Great, I'm very ahppy with this. Seems to do a wonderful job.

Caution it is very shiny. They say piano black. It certainly is. Both the keyboard and mouse. Shinier than the picture. Very similar to the shiny black TV's are made out of. If you dont like shiny you wont like this ;)

Oh and what people say about no lights, again I was used to not having them with previous keyboards anyway. You get used to it.
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on 7 June 2013
After a bad back and a visit to a chiropractor, I was advised to get a laptop stand plus a remote keyboard - so I could prevent crouching over while working at my laptop. The first keyboard I purchased had a calculator/number keypad to the right of the main Qwerty keyboard - as many office keyboards do these days. I found this too wide, it meant reaching out uncomfortably far to use the mouse. So...I found this more compact design, which really suits me much better and the mouse now sits closer to my natural reach, right next to the keyboard. The keyboard is really easy to install, you just plug in a small USB device which automatically downloads the software and connects the keyboard wirelessly to the laptop. You need to leave the device plugged in the whole time while it's in use, which is not an issue for me but I guess you need to make sure you have a spare USB slot depending on other devices you regularly need to use. The mouse and keyboard are battery operated and don't show any signs of running out of power yet (about 1 month of regular use so far). You can switch the mouse off while not in use.

The only very slight issues are - you can't use the remote keyboard to enter your main user password on the computer. You need to enter using your main laptop keypad before you can get going. I guess this is a sensible security feature, as the keyboard works at quite a distance from your computer. The other minor thing I would have liked is a couple of little risers, or flip-out stands at the back of the keyboard to give it a bit more angled height. It relies on a moulded curve at the rear of the keyboard to give it a lift.

Overall, good value and does exactly what I wanted.
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on 18 July 2014
I bought this item 18 months ago for my partner. She hated it from the get go, so I ended up using it myself. I've never liked it either, to be honest & have finally decided to replace it. The action is too slow. I type with two fingers, but I still type double letters too fast for the keyboard to keep up, so "keep" will often end up as "kep", if I don't constantly check. The scroll wheel on the mouse is pretty bad too. Much of the time it fails to do anything & I have to go drag the scroll bar on the page instead.

I almost forgot to mention one if its most endearing features... Once, or twice per day, on average, the mouse will simply freeze on me. I then either have to reboot, or unplug the sensor & plug it in again, before I can continue.

I've suffered long enough. I'm going back to Logitech.
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