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on 7 September 2017
Bought the HD60 S version because I wanted to stream me playing my Nintendo Switch for uploading to YouTube. I figured that as the S model was USB 3.0 then it may be able to handle live streaming alot better without the lag. It does work great in this regard for recording my Switch, but alas, while the software has the capability to overlay the facecam over the video, it doesn't handle simultaneous face cam so well with this model. (you start getting alot of audio lag when done this way). Not an issue, as I will mostly be recording the facecam separately and editing it over the main video afterwards anyway, but just keep this in mind if you had intended to use it for live game capture and face cam simultaneously. (only the Pro model of the elgato handles both of those video streams simultaneously like that), but unfortunately the Pro model will only work on a desktop PC (due to it being a PCIe card as the way it connects to your computer), so the HD60 S is the best of the models you'll be able to use if you're doing this from a laptop like I am. It's a wonderful device though, and really easy to use, so I'm not knocking off any stars for this. It works great so long as you're aware of the limitations between the two connection methods, and you'll be fine as you know how to get the best out of them. (but yes, for the HD60 S model, just record your game capture and facecam separately, and the quality is perfect!) ;)
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on 18 September 2017
This is a great little device which I am currently using to stream Nintendo Switch gameplay on Twitch via my Mac Pro. It's worth noting that on a Mac it only really works with the Elgato software and not a certain 3rd party open source program that seems to be very popular at the moment. Also as I'm using a slightly older operating system I was forced to download an order version of the Elgato software. The downloads are not very clearly labelled on their site and so this process involved trying to install several different versions by trial and error until I found once that actually worked. Once you do manage to install the software it does work really well. Setting up your Twitch account and settings is very easy and worked first time and it has some very nifty additional features, such as the ability to automatically lower the game volume when you are talking. My viewers on Twitch reported that the gameplay came through at very good resolution and frame rate and this device was particularly good value for money compared to other products out there. Overall very impressed and will be considering a higher spec Elgato product for my next purchase.
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on 1 July 2017
Best game capture card on the market. Simple plug and play, good soft-ware. Used to stream both Xbox and PS4 to twitch. There's a learning curve of course but this is a complex peice of tech at the end of the day. Support from elgato is also amazing. However should you be thinking of buying one a word of caution is if streaming from console and your using party chat on the games you will need a elgato chat link cable, there available on here or direct from elgato. Can't fault the hd60s other than the chat link issue. However if you use a head set like the Astro a40s and amp on optical you can get away with out a cable but it's still tricky. That said elgato is the best on the market. Buy with confidante.
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on 20 August 2017
I used this to record a couple of games for YouTube and was amazed at how easy it is with this piece of kit. If you need near 0 latency then go for the HD 60S. I couldn't buy the 60S as my PC isn't powerful enough but it runs the HD 60 perfectly.

The only problem with the Elgato is that there aren't any proper instructions to get you started. I had to make a few changes to the settings because my old TV wasn't able to handle 1080p so I had to reconfigure Elgato to 1080i. I only figured this out by looking at the online FAQ.

The other problem is that to record live commentary you have to click two buttons: one to record the gameplay and another to record the commentary. It would be nice to have just 1 click recording.

Other than these two issues, I have no other complaints. I would happily recommend this product.
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on 5 January 2017
I use this for streaming - my gaming PC connects its normal HD output in to the back of this card and then this card is in my streaming PC. The card chains an HDMI output which is connected to the gaming PC monitor.

I see no lag at all - but it does require the streaming PC to be switched on or the picture doesn't get sent to the monitor on the gaming PC.

I use OBS Studio to stream and it works well, just add as a Video Capture Source (the same as you would a webcam).

I have found that audio gets progressively out of sync if i've got it set to send it to the desktop audio on the streaming machine (so that I can hear it on the headset) - my solution to this was to simply hook up the line out on the gaming PC audio card to the line in on the streaming PC audio card, set it to listen to the line in device and now the audio is flawless (because the Elgato isn't doing it :) ).

Adding a streaming PC using this card made a big difference to what I stream - the games I run had a noticeable bump in frame rate because the machine wasn't also doing all the encoding for the stream.
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on 9 August 2017
Arrived within 24 hours of purchase.

Very small and compact looking capture card which makes it very convenient!

It comes with all the wires required for video capture and a 5 step guide on how to set it up.

Overall took 30 seconds to get it running, 5 minutes to install an app to the computer, and 2 minutes to get it all working from there.

BEWARE: If you wish to record voice during your clips you WILL need to research how to do it with your specific type of headset. For myself, i require an Elgato Gaming Chat Link, which is an extra £10.

Would recommend for anyone looking to record gameplay footage etc.
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on 31 December 2015
I have now been using this Elgato (The newer HD60 version for next generation consoles) for over 2 years and it has yet to disappoint me.

First the initial setup:
The HD60 is pretty simple to setup upon arrival. You simply disconnect the HDMI coming out your console from the end going into the TV, plug the TV end into the IN port on the HD60, then plug the supplied HDMI into the OUT port then the other end into the TV.
After this you plug the USB cable into the Elgato and then into your computer.
Thats all the hardware setup, from here you just need to setup the software side of things which Is relatively simple. All you need to do is go to Elgato's website and download the 'Game Capture HD' software that will allow you to get the signal up on your computer.
PS4 USERS: (If you get no signal you need to go to your PS4 settings > system then untick 'Enable HDCP'

Overall the setup is pretty straightforward and the Elgato has a light bar that will flash to tell you if something isn't setup right, nice and simple.

For those who don't want to use the Elgato software to stream/record, you can also download free programs such as xSplit or OBS. You can go to input sources and the Elgato should show up there.


The Elgato captures great quality video without any issue.
Its very easy to setup.
The Elgato software allows you to stream + record straight from the software.
If you use other streaming/recording programs the Elgato video signal can easily be picked up by these programs.
The Elgato software also has a time machine like feature, meaning if you have the software open, even if your not recording, you can go back and watch footage that the Elgato has picked up, the software effectively records everything and then if you don't actually hit record/go back and save what its recorded, it deletes it.


Can be pricey, there are other options out there, however in my opinion the Elgato is still the best screen capture device.
If your using PS4, you must disable HDCP when you use the Elgato, this means some programs won't be allowed to run, I believe that includes ones like Netflix, so if you use your PS4 as a media centre also, you may need to keep changing settings and changing what cables are plugged in as with HDCP enabled you may not get any signal through to your TV.
There's a slight delay between when you make & see an input on the TV, and when it appears on the computer, meaning you still need to use the TV to play the games without the delay,

This is a great peace of kit and a good investment for anyone looking to start up streaming or a YouTube channel, its probably one of the easiest ways your going to be able to get a good quality HD image from the console onto a computer that you can then record/stream on.
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on 15 November 2016
I actually bought this for my brother as he is a complete gamer and posts videos etc on his social media sites. He's a PC gamer.

Well I've heard no complaints and I'm consistently bombarded with his little videos of COD and FIFA (much to my annoyance and his joy!)

So yeah, he loves it. He's not the most tech savvy person - even though he's a gamer so I can only assume that setup and configuration is a piece of cake!
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on 28 March 2018
If you have a gaming pc and monitor that uses a resolution higher than 1080p and have this card in your streaming pc, when you duplicate screens it defaults to the one with the lower resolution making my Asus Rog and Titan set up 1080p instead of the 2K I'm used to. Which is annoying. I've managed to force 2K on my gaming pc monitor but only in windows, any game full screen or windowed will still only be able to output 1080p. I've yet to find a work around. So my point is, if you game in 2k or 4k get the next card up, costs more than double but when you duplicate screens you'll get your full resolution.
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on 3 April 2016
My son absolutely loves this but installation of software was not straightforward, requiring an upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 7 Service Pack 1, and .NET Framework, which was very time consuming and highly annoying.
Plus, it doesn't capture properly at high frame rates on older hardware (by that I mean a 5 year old intel core 2 duo desktop with 8 gb of ram, with a 1gb Radeon video card, so not a complete slug yet!!) It crashes his Windows 8.1 Netbook on anything over 720p.
It is laggy and skippy, at high frame rates, which is perplexing as I thought the whole point of these cards was that they did the rendering on the onboard processor without relying overly on the external hardware of the PC. How much does it rely on stealing processor cycles from the PC?? When I get time I'm going to benchmark it against a wholly software capture solution, and see how it fares. I suspect a well written piece of software installed directly on a PC would obviate the need for this piece of kit with a fast modern PC, especially if it was written for the CPU and GPU combined. Stay tuned!
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