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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 16 April 2013
I could not put this book down. The books this author writes are well written easy to understand and hard to believe their not fiction stories. Your adventure begins once you pick any of his books up. This book is amazing what happens in Liverpool and the authors Gangster World. I would never agree to the extreme lengths of violence that gangsters of crime go too, and yet I seem to know where the author is coming from in his title Vigilantes book. I have also bought and absolutely enjoyed reading the authors other books, before you read this, buy Vigilantes, the author introduces you to his world, after reading this book you will find yourself understanding why the vicious beatings where necessary to prove a point. I could hear my heart racing whilst reading and getting involved in this book and felt myself turning a blind eye. I recommend this book as five stars.
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on 10 January 2013
This without doubt is one of the most thrilling and well written crime books I have ever read. Downloaded it at 11 at night read it to the end at 4 in the morning, impossible to put down. Once met him where we both live in West Derby, Liverpool with me a classic car enthusiast, asking him questions about his red Mercedes 107 SL sports car, which I think used to belong to Graham Souness the Liverpool FC footballer. He made it quite obvious he did not like me asking questions, so sensibly I made a quick exit. :-). I went to all the night clubs mentioned in the book and eventually I met my wife in the Victoriana when it was called the Downbeat in 1967. The book certainly made me reminisce and gave me a real feel of those amazing times of 60s Merseybeat. Really looking forward to his next book. Keep up the good work Charlie and I promise I won't ask you questions about your cars :-)
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on 30 October 2012
After reading Charlie's first book "Killer" I was hooked and had to read the next one. Killer is a great, well-written autobiography about the life of crime resulting in the acquittal for murder and I couldn't see how the next book could improve. Well it did. And the story told is true.

In Killer Charlie tells us how he helped a fellow prisoner out while in prison while in The Hyenas this same prisoner was setting him up and on release kidnapped, tortured and was ready to kill him.

The Hyenas tells how Charlie was kidnapped and the viciousness of the torture that he received from the "low life scum" that carried out this terrible crime. He was threatened with a knife and gun, bitten and beaten and boiling hot water thrown over him. This torture lasted 2 days before being released instead of murdered and he was only released because one of the kidnappers was seen taking Charlie away otherwise he would have been shot there and then. Followed by the trial where the 2 out of the 4 that were actually caught thought they would actually get away it and yet for all that excessive violence the maximum sentance handed down was 12 years!

A true story of a truly shocking, violent and senseless crime. No matter what you may think, heard or have read about Charlie Seiga this was totally undeserved and all for money. He was lucky to escape with his life.

Very well written and while telling this gruesome story Charlie shows the differences between the "old time villains" who had respect, manners and honour (which Charlie still holds dear) to the vile low life of today who would rob a pensioner using extreme violence for their last £1.

Along with the crimes he has committed, it also shows his good side in helping old neighbours who were terrified of being robbed by giving them his phone number in case they were frightened and fitting locks to their doors.

Overall, another very powerful book by Charlie Seiga. A gripping read from start to finish. Yes, he has admitted to crimes and whatever you may think about the moral issues of villains and gangsters profiting from their crimes by writing books this one is worth every penny, very well written and is a true account of his life and the vile things done to him because of crime.

If you want a proper true crime book then I recommend reading Charlie's books, they are extremely well written, absorbing and entertaining. If you only buy one book this year make it one by Charlie Seiga, you will not disappointed. I could not put it down.

Rating: 5/5
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on 20 September 2004
this is the shocking story behind charlie seigas fate at the hands of the hyenas.The story takes you on an unmissable roller coaster of a ride from events which happened only a brief time ago.I couldn't put the book down and read from start to finish non stop,the chapters which describe the kidnapping and the following torture was like something out of a hollywood movie,only this was for real!Having read charlies last book "Killer",couldnt wait for this book to be released,but was well worth it.Would definately recommend to buy this book,UNMISSABLE!
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on 5 March 2013
Didnt know anything about Charlie Seiga bought this book off of the back of the 'Look Inside' feature on Amazon. Was a good read, interesting to see how the vicim of a crime responds when he himself isnt whiter than white.

Ended up reading this book in two or three sittings found it hard to put down untill it was complete.

Again good read would recomened to the true crime fan.
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on 1 August 2013
Charlie you have done it again this is the 3rd book i have read and i am going to look for more now. I grew up in huyton in wimborne road so can relate to Lot's being said and it made it more exciting because i knew some of the people in the book nice one charlie . You was and always were a gentleman. love and best wishes from cathy skelhorn. Xxx
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on 26 August 2012
This book does not sugar coat the facts of what the world of these "hyenas" entails, just reading the way Mr Seiga describing phrases, and the things they get up to I have seen firsthand with my own eyes,which is never nice,but sadly now it has come more and more of an everyday occurrance,i didn,t think anything would shock me about this as its about a man i knew of from my childhood, but i was wrong , his description of how he was hurt so badly when kidnapped was so vivid i could see the blood and feel the pain he went through as i read the words they really do put you there in that moment,i really related to the places he describes,and imagined where they where as i was reading through the pages, it is very hard hitting and if you are from the younger generation, well i suggest you read it, as it will open your eyes to the people around you and, what they are really about, it could also teach you where you may be going wrong in life, but most importantly it may teach you, no matter who you are and what your "occupation" may be that the saying"honor among thieves" is almost certainly dead and if you get involved with anyone like the scumbags he talks about, you are setting yourself up for a fall.
It was an excellent book and i have read it in just over a week because its very addictive. well done Mr Seiga i loved it,maybe if you were to go into the education stream, with your strong messages, I am sure they could make any young child think twice,Iam 32 and its made me look at things differently and especially coming from the most wonderful city in the world,(in my opinion) made me even more interested in how to spot these animals x xThe Hyenas
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on 21 August 2012
Thoroughly enjoyable and a real page turner for me. Shockingly realistic and graphic in detail, got my emotions in overdrive. Better give yourself some free time because once you start reading , you can't put it down !
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on 24 March 2013
this book must surely be made into a film it takes you through a mans battle at the hands of low life scum who suject him to pain and torture,only for his mental strengh and fight see him come through this battle,there can not be a better book out there with such a gripping story and detailed photos of one mans ordeal.Now i know why this book is a top seller.
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on 5 January 2013
I purchased Mr Seigas book "Killer" from Amazon believing it to be another one of those self glorifying, promotional loads of tripe that most of these modern day "gangsters" trot out. How wrong I was. It made me purchase The Hyenas straight away. It has taken me 5 hours, but I have now finished it. It is 5 hours of my life I totally enjoyed. Mr Seiga writes with a compelling and absorbing honesty. His ability to make you feel sorry for him one moment, then despise him the next is enthralling. You get a real sense of morality from him that stands out against other books of this genre. He is able to realise his flaws, make no apologies for them made this a totally absorbing, captivating read. Personally, Mr Seigas story appeals to the dark side that we all possess. It makes you wonder what it was like living the life as they say, the thrills an the danger. He has done it all and that is why his books are a success.Thank you for keeping me so entertained Mr Seiga.

Martin C
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