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Customer Reviews

4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 6 November 2003
Margrit Coates has given us a wonderful 2nd book after her smashing hit, Healing for Horses. Hands-on Healing for Pets is a way for animal guardians to become empowered and a part of their pets' healing processes and general well-being. This step-by-step guide explains healing, how to do it and the benefits it can bring to all types of animals. If you want to do your very best for your pet(s) -- BUY THIS BOOK!! Also, excellent for professional animal practitioners; from healers to veterinary surgeons -- a MUST HAVE for your office library!!
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on 28 November 2004
My experience with "Alternative Therapies" was very limited until my Rottweiler (Baz) was diagnosed with an incurable cancer.
I met Margrit through my Holistic Vet and we have never looked back since. On our first visit I ask Margrit if there were any books regarding healing and she explained that she had writen one!
When reading the book it reflects Margrits total dedication and unconditional love to all animals. It is an easy to read format, with sections explaining about healing.
If you live with an animal you must have this book. It helps you to grasp an understanding of healing and brings you to the realisation that we are all capable of giving healing and explains where to start.
Once I started to read this I could not put it down!
I also recommend you get the Healing CD too.
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on 10 June 2003
Margrit has shown in this easy to read book, a simple way of helping our pets, and giving them more than just love. In an age where medication seems to be the only answer to pets problems, its nice to know there is another alternative. There are some very moving case studies, which demonstrate how effective healing can be. This book is a must for every animal lover, pet "owner" and as a reference book for veterinary practices. I gave a copy to my vet who found it most interesting and useful!
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on 15 June 2003
Another master piece, I laughted , I cried, but most of all I have learnt a great deal ! Thank you Margrit for spoiling us one more time with this wonderful and loving experience.
One of your biggest fans - Marie.
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on 8 October 2007
Fantastic Book one of the best I've ever read on healing and animal communication.

This book is so easy to read and comprehend. I couldn't put it down

My vet Neil Coode spoke very highly of Margrit having worked with her on a couple of animals.
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on 24 September 2007
I bought this book when one of my dogs, Tessa, became ill with cancer, having enjoyed the authors books about horses. I read it from cover to cover, then sat down and really focussed on doing what Margrit Coates says. I actually saw changes take place before my eyes on Tessa's side where the cancer was removed . Her body seemed to glow and the hairs stood up on her back. The vet is very pleased with Tessa's recovery. and has said' whatever you are doing carry on'. Tessa loves her healing sessions, and I feel so much better now that I can do something to help her, and that works. What a real gem this book is, and very good value too, with lots of diagrams and photos. My dog has benefited enormously from the wisdom and advice in this book.
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on 8 February 2012
I have had this book in my possession for some time but never got round to reading it, well I finally made time and am very glad I did! This is a beautiful book written by a lovely lady. The book containes all the information you need to know in order to competantly and successfully carry out an energy healing on your pet. The book is also full of lovely stories from Margrit's clients and her own personnel life stories which nicely balance out the technical information in the book.

As a trainee registered animal healer, soon to be qualified! yay! :) I particularly found the section on chakra's very helpful, with some very good diagrams of the positioning of the chakra's for several different species. I was also very intrigued and excited to hear about Margrit's discovery of the Brachial or "key" chakra which I have not come across before, so will look forwards to trying that out my animal healing patients.

The book overall is a very nice read and one you can sit and read in a day, as it keeps you wanting more. The only points I personaly felt I would like to point out, as I feel Margrit has slighly "misinterpreted the law here" is the sentence were she states that according to the RCVS (Royal College Of Veterinary Surgeon's) an animal cannot receive healing from a healer unless prior consent has been granted from a vet. This is not strictly correct. What the RCVS actually means is, and as an ex-veterinary nurse I know this, is that healing may NOT be used in replacement of veterinary care, Were veterinary care IS required. So for example, if an animal has been diagnosed with an illness or is in anyway unwell it MUST have been seen by a vet first before any healing can take place, and a consultation form MUST be signed by the owner of the animal to confirm were veterinary care is needed it has been receieved. But If an animal is in complete health, it is not necessary for it to of seen a vet prior to receiving the healing, but again a consulation form MUST be signed by the owner to declare that the animal does not need veterinary care at that particular moment in time.

Margrit also states "that in the UK only a veterinary surgeon may legally prescribe homeopathic remedies, herbs, flower essences and essential oils for an animal" Again this is only partially true. Flower essences, such as the BACH flower remedies maybe used to treat animals by a registered BACH flower practioner who has been trained in their use in animals, but prior consent should be sought from the animals vet. Macerated oils used in zoopharmacognosy (animal self selection of foods) may also be recommended by a qualified zoopharmacognosy practitioner as they count as a nutritional supplement and are not classed as medicine.

Finally you do not need to be an NSFH (Nation federation Of Spiritual Healer's) healer in order to undertake animal healing, anyone who is trained in the art of healing e.g. REIKI, energy healing may undertake animal healing providing they are fully insured. But what I would say is that many REIKI practioners may not have any prior animal experience or be familiar with animal first aid, common ailments/diseases that an animal faces, understand how the law and animal healing works or understand their behaviour, which personally I think is essential when working with animals. I have found my own knowledge of animal anatomy & physiology, animal disease and behaviour invaluble in my animal healing, so when choosing an animal healer you may be better of with a registered animal healer either through the HAO (healing Animals Organisation) who train and register animal healers to a professional level, incorporating all the factors mentioned above in their training or through one of Margrit's registered animal healers.

Other books I would also recommend on animal healing are elizabeth whiter- The Animal healer and Animal Reiki by Elizabeth Fulton & kathleen Prasad.
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on 22 January 2013
I bought this book because my cat kept getting a sore throat for which he usually needs antibiotics for from the vet. I heard about Magrit Coates through one of the healers at my local spiritual healing centre. She told me she had been on one of Magrit's horse healing courses and how good healing was for animals.

I am training to become a spiritual healer myself so i thought I would buy the book to see if I could help my cat.
Well initially I put my hands on the cat and he really didn't like it - his fur would stand on end. So I decided to do hands off healing. He would stay a couple of minutes and walk off. The following day he stayed a bit longer and I started notice that he wasn't retching as much. On the 3rd day I was allowed to touch him on the 'special chakra' point Magrit teaches you. The cat is completely better and the great thing is he has become far more affectionate and he loves his healing. So we now have one very happy, healthy cat. And one very happy owner.
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on 2 August 2010
This is a beautifully written book with delightful illustrations and heart-warming case histories.
It shows you how to truly understand your pet,it's needs and become more intuitive with them.
The book demonstrates how you can use healing yourself to improve your pet's quality of life and enhance the carer/pet bond.
The examples of this made me both laugh and cry. Reading the book and then consulting with Margit empowered me to trust my own instinct and listen to what my little dog has been telling me
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on 23 March 2015
This is an absolutely wonderful book as is Margrits Animal Communication book, and also her healing DVD. Definitely essential for anyone who cares about animals, wild or pets, and including how to send healing to all animals in terrible places such as factory farms, laboratories and bad breeding kennels. It is clearly written and gives explanations and scientific data and she also includes examples of true life so that you get an idea of what to expect. I wouldn't be without the books or the DVD.
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