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on 20 April 2017
OK item
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on 8 September 2014
Brilliant as very happy, thank you
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on 13 July 2012
Having been in London for the Diamond Jubilee - watching the Monday 4th June Pop Concert on The Mall with friends, and again staking a spot early to watch the Carriage Procession on Tuesday 5th June and be amongst the first to walk down The Mall with thousands of others, to see the Appearance on the Buckingham Palace balcony. I wanted to own a little memory of the day.

The BBC attracted a lot of criticism for their coverage, but sadly other networks havent released their coverage.

This BBC DVD covers the Thames River Pageant for half of the 59 mninutes playing time (though oddly it starts as a documentary feel for 10 minutes with Hugh Edwards interviewing people involved in the Pageant), that part of the DVD is nice and concise.

I did feel really disappointed with the Tuesday coverage of the St Pauls's Cathedral service and Carriage procession on the DVD. It seemed poorly edited, too quick and missed out a lot. In my opinion, the BBC would have been better adding an extra 30 minutes to the DVD. Most of thiose who buy this will have been either there on the day, or want a memento, so they missed an opportunity to show some ama coverage from those Jubilee events more fully.

Still, my own memories will always be with me - Its a nice DVD, but could have done with a little more added to it............
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on 13 July 2012
Much has been written about the debacle of the BBC's coverage of the Thames Pageant. I bought this DVD in the hope that the BBC might redeem themselves and produce a product that was worthy of the name and of the Jubilee itself, alas, this is not the case. In fact it's hard to remember any BBC production that has sunk so low.
The DVD is 59 minutes long, with no extras. It provides highlights of four events. The Thames Pageant, The St Pauls Thanksgiving Service, the Royal Procession and the balcony gathering with the flypast. In my opinion 59 minutes is not really long enough to do these events justice. At the start of the DVD you get around 15 to 20 minutes of excruciatingly painful explanation regarding the background to putting on the Thames Pageant. This could have been done in one minute. Once we get into the infamous coverage of the Thames Pageant you realise they have kept the woeful original broadcast commentary by the sports commentator Paul Dickenson, it is truly abysmal. Now they have cut out all but two of the cutaway interviews. So we are left with some nice pictures and not much else. The coverage of the St Pauls Thanksgiving Service is reduced to the Queens arrival, David Cameron's reading, one hymn, the National Anthem and the Queens departure. I missed this on the day and was hoping to see much more. There is also no mention whatsoever of why Prince Phillip, Duke of Edinburgh was not present, so when my kids come to watch this 10 years from now they will have know idea the Prince was ill. Next comes the Royal Procession which is ok. The fly past is slightly disappointing too as you really do not get full impression of the amazing size and excitement of the crowds. Then without warning the screen fades to black and then the role of shame ensues. The full list of credits is over in a matter of seconds. None of the presenters are listed, but if you freeze frame you can identify the producers who are responsible for possibly the worst ever coverage of a national event. This DVD does nothing to repair the damage done to the BBC's reputation. On the cover of the DVD the Executive Producers are listed as Clair Popplewell, Katie Shiers and Ben Weston. On the rolling credits the Production Executive is named as Paul Williams and Producers are Clare Megahey, Catherine Stirk and Zoe Timmers. Those producers involved in the production of this DVD and the Thames Pageant need to hang their heads in shame. The only thing you may be good for is producing shows for Tiny Tots TV!!
What the BBC can't takeaway, although they do their best, is the wonderful spectacle of these events and for this I give 3 stars.
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on 12 July 2012
Not entirely a wash-out, Huw Edwards is the commentator. But a lamentable edit job.
Too much of the woeful commentary of the pageant - there was scope to have edited it a bit more tightly. Where was the concert? More distressingly, where was the beautiful, specially commissioned anthem from the service? Instead we got Cwm Rhondda, beautiful hymn certainly, but the descant was so complex it disappeared up its own dome! And then the jump from the west door of St Paul's to the North door of Westminster Hall with no explanation. Also no explanation as to the absence of Prince Philip.
As a historic record 3 out of 5 is probably pushing it.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon 24 September 2016
This is the official BBC highlight dvd of the Diamond Jubilee celebration.The highlights covers the diamond Jubilee Thames Pageant, The Service of thanksgiving and The carriage procession, ending with the flypast. It is a good highlight dvd and covers all the important aspected of each of those events. The running time is about 59mins.
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on 27 August 2012
What a disappointment, the River Thames pagent is as bad as when it was first televised - not many close up shots of the boats. The Thanksgiving Service - one reading, one hymn, the National Anthem - it was a longer service than that and I would have not called those the highlights. More time on the service would have been better, it is after all to celebrate 60 years of Her Majesty. The carriage ride was the best bit - at least you could see The Queen. Very disappointed in this DVD, from such an enjoyable occasion when it was live - this leaves you wanting more.
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on 11 October 2012
The quality was excellent - as you'd expect from BBC footage - but after forking out £7.99 for what I'd hoped would be a good souvenir of the occasion, I felt a bit cheated to find it was only 59 minutes long. At least most of it was of the river pageant - I would've liked more, tho.
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on 10 July 2012
Until the BBC can get its act together and promise to produce professional informative coverage of live events like the Jubilee they should be banned.
Without doubt one of the worst covered events ever seen on television (it even surpassed the dreadful coverage of the Jubilee Concert - and that took some doing)and is further evidence that the BBC is in fact DUMBING DOWN - looking for the lowest level of intelligence. Alas they succeeded in that for the presenters and commentators wouldn't have got a second audition for the Teletubbies!
Watch with half an eye and no ear, there are some good moments but they dont involve sound - and what did happen to all that wonderful orchestral music played through the pageant?
So only buy if you understand - it is going to be dreadful - but it is the only record, so far, of our Queen's special day.
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on 16 February 2013
The BBC editing of the service was poor and the lunch in Westminster Hall skated over. Not at all impressed
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