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on 9 April 2015
Danny's first fiction novel since he decided he was probably too old/responsible to keep having the exciting adventures that kept us gripped in his factual weird and wonderful world. The book's story continues to harbour for the adventure that Danny has always sort and described so vividly. This time it's the mystery of a strange and alluring woman that his central character fleetingly sees one day, and obsessively against the odds tries to track down as if she's nails last hope of happiness. It's an enjoyable read but no where near as exciting as what Danny has written about in his own life. Read 'Yes Man' and 'Join Me' first...I miss those...and fear Danny thinks he's too old/responsible to allow himself to have those types of adventures again.
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on 26 May 2012
This is going to be a tough review to write... not because I loved this book or because I hated it, in fact I am decidedly somewhere in the middle. If they allowed 1/2 stars then I would give this book a solid 3.5, as there are only full stars I have decided to bump it up to 4.

This is a book about real life. The good, the bad and the ugly. There is more good than bad and ugly but I did find myself struggling at certain points. I even found myself skipping small sections (gasp) when I saw it was entering into another very drawn out life experience montage. I also found that when something happened in Jason's life the story would all of a sudden switch to some other time and place and I had to reread to make sure my Kindle hadn't skipped a page or section.

I was a bit disappointed in the ending, would have loved to had more of The Girl, I mean after all this is what it was all building toward right? Although this is more of a story about friends and life in general, you know the stuff that gets in the way of your dreams...

In the end I am glad I read it and I would suggest to others, however I would suggest the sample first. If you find yourself not loving it or the style of writing then I would skip it. It won't be for you.
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on 28 October 2017
Just your average story of boy stalks girl. Second time I have read this and I’m sure I’ll read it time and time again. I just love this book, it’s laugh out loud funny, there’s moments when your heart breaks and the cracks get filled with hope. I don’t think any female can read this without wanting to be ‘the girl’. Until the next time Charlotte Street.....
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on 21 September 2013
I've read, and loved everything Danny Wallace has written. I've always got caught up in the moment of his other books. I'd advise everyone to buy Random Acts of Kindness, it'll make you a better person, but I digress.
As usual, I fell head over heels in love with this book, his first novel. The draw back with this was I couldn't put it down, read it far too quickly, and now I can't wait for his next book!
Its a truly an excellent read, which had me gripped from start to finish, going through the proverbial roller coaster of emotions, both loving and hating the main protagonist, and then loving him again.
If I've got to give a balance to my gushing, I would say that I can see a lot of Danny in the Jason Priestley character. It doesn't appear that its been a stretch for him to write. But that's just nit picking.
Generally, a fantastic story, if you've enjoyed any of Danny's work before, you'll love this. Buy it now!
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on 26 June 2012
So... I saw Danny Wallace interviewed on breakfast TV, found him very entertaining, and liked the way he was talking about this, his first novel. Picked it up for a decent price, got it delivered pretty fast and sat down to read.
Then I started to realise that the old saying about 'everything that glitters' also applies to novels too. This one's kinda shiny but it's definitely not gold.

I mean, there's really nothing wrong with this tale. Except that it's in desperate need of a good editor going through it and pruning mercilessly. It's a great premise, but then spends way too long riffing on a theme of 'wannabe guy scared of settling down'; the background to his predicament is interestingly touched on but never explored (would've made a more more 'nourishing' if slightly darker read); the 'road trip with similar social dysfunctionals' aspect is set up but never fully developed (leaving the supporting characters rather under-written); and the boy-stalks-girl riff is great but never really seals the deal.
On top of this the pacing is a bit slow, to the point where I was over halfway through and wondering if there was much more in store before I ran out of pages.

I guess if I were a teacher, my end of term report would say something like: Danny is a clever student with a lot of potential, but needs to buckle down and stop day dreaming about being a comedian. He is sometimes funny, but luckily for him there's more to him than just that, because he's not funny all the time.

I get the feeling that Danny Wallace is capable of much better writing than this, for there are some lovely set-ups; but this novel rather loses it's way, resorting to a little melodrama to pull it all to a conclusion, which is a real disappointment. Having said that, for a light summer holiday read, this a whole bunch more inventive than many stand-up comedians' first novels.
I'll certainly be checking out his second novel- but I'll probably grab a sneaky preview in Waterstone's before I commit another £7.99 to Danny Wallace's mortgage!
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on 10 March 2013
Charlotte Street is another one of those books about men in their mid-twenties to early-thirties who are trying to figure out what life is all about and where they fit in and with whom. I seem to have read a few like this. This isn't one of the better ones but it's hard to find it offensive. It's a light read and goes down ok but it's forgettable and a little meandering.

If you like Nick Hornby or John O'Farrell or Tony Parsons then maybe stick with them ;) If you've run out of their stuff then this is not bad.
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on 17 June 2012
I don't know if I'm being fair with only 4 stars as i did really enjoy this book. However, having read all of Danny Wallace's previous books and loved them all this wasn't quite to the same laugh out loud standard. It was an easy read and easily identifiable as a Danny Wallace book through his humour, maybe I was just expecting too much having waited so long for him to write a new book. Would still recommend to friends, but would recommend 'yes man' and 'join me' over this novel. I will buy his next book but fingers crossed he returns to writing about personal adventures!!
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on 15 July 2012
I have read most of Danny Wallace's previous books and really like his silly sense of humour. I wasn't sure how well this would translate to a fictional story, but it works well. The storyline isn't the most original, and it is a light, easy read. However it is very enjoyable, funny, cringey, and laugh-out-loud in places. I think it helps that I am a 30-something teacher, living in London, as there are lots of references to places and things you might not appreciate if you are not! So I would recommend the book to friends of a similar age who also live in London, but am aware that there are some people who won't appreciate it as much. This is the only reason I haven't given it 5 stars. That said, if you appreciate Danny's sense of humour I would definitely recommend this book!
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on 16 May 2013
I brought this novel on a whim after watching an interview with Danny Wallace on Sunday Brunch. It was brilliant impulse buy and within a couple of days I had finished it. The book is full of funny and touching moments and I actually found it quite an inspiring story in an odd sort of way! I would definitely recommend it and look forward to reading more from the author.
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on 8 October 2013
I used to live in London and the setting sounded oh so familiar to me, a series of locations, streets, even pubs I recognised. The writing style is very friendly and direct (at times, the author actually addresses the reader) and also uses several ways of telling the story, including a very modern internet blog. As suggested by the cover, it is about fate and chasing one's dream of finding love, but it's also about friendship, making choices and moving on when they're the wrong ones. Unfortunately, I ocassionally thought that the focus was lost and some of the sub-plots dragged on a bit longer than necessary - but hey, in a sense that's real life, isn't it?
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