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3.5 out of 5 stars
3.5 out of 5 stars
Platform: PC|Change
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on 22 January 2013
First of all some people have valid criticisms of this game. My main gripes are:

* No custom setups in quick race mode - the quick setups can be poor
* No really useful tips how to get the most from custom setups (the text that tells you what difference adjustments doesn't mean much)
* Wing settings of 1-1, roll bars of 1-11, suspension of 11-11 and camber of -3.5 & -1.5 are often the quickest setups regardless of circuit
* Cars biased towards understeer (at least when using a steering wheel)
* Should be able to set custom AI difficulty - Professional AI can be too slow but Legend is far too quick for me
* AI drivers should be more aggressive defending position/overtaking
* Should be able to race a full championship as your favourite driver
* Penalty system can be poor, sometimes penalising you when you get hit by an AI car. Multiplayer penalties are horrendous, countless idiots online deliberately drive into you and you get a 10 second penalty for trying to avoid them!
* Accelerating time in a wet qualifying session (the AI drivers will set the same lap times as dry conditions while you slither around with no grip, the `fix' for this is to run qualifying in real time)
* Brake bias adjustment is too extreme - if you move bias rearwards you end up having huge oversteer under braking so best off leaving alone
* Should be able to watch other cars out on track like you could with EA Sports F1/GP series games
* It would be good if you could save a game mid-race
* Multiplayer idiots should be heavily penalised for deliberately running you off track, happens nearly every quick match and takes away the enjoyment

That might sound like a long list of issues but I do really enjoy this game. It takes a while to master driving the cars but once you do it's great fun, especially if you turn off the driving aids and do 50% races. I find that doing longer races is the key to getting the most out of the game as then tyre strategy comes into play. It opens you up to either taking more pitstops where you can drive faster without worrying so much about tyre wear, or you can go for less stops but heavily manage your tyres. I really enjoy this aspect of the game, it's very realistic to modern F1.

The career mode is quite good and probably the major feature of the game. It would be great though if Codemasters could implement a true career mode where you start in 2010 with those cars/drivers and end in 2012 (or 2013), I don't know if their licensing agreement allows for that but EA Sports managed something similar with F1 Career Challenge back in 2003. It would add a lot more depth to the game.

The Champions Mode is a nice feature when you don't want to do a full race. It sets you challenges such as catch and overtake Button in the wet, or catch and overtake Vettel setting fastest lap along the way. It's just a good bit of fun.

Multiplayer is a mixed experience - particularly on quick match races there are morons who just barge into you at every corner. I don't know why people do this as it just takes away the fun. These people thankfully aren't as common if you enter custom races.

Overall this game does have it's faults but it really is enjoyable if you're into F1, especially if you take the time to do longer races which allows for a pretty realistic experience.
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on 7 October 2012
I reviewed the XBox version of F12010 back in 2011, giving it only 2 stars as I felt the poorly implemented pit stop programming ruined the game. F12011 was an improvement, but Codemasters have cracked it with F12012!

I run the game on Ultra settings and the graphics are striking - the reflections on the bodywork of the McLaren, the glint of sunlight on the cars and wing mirrors. The attention to detail is also impressive, the marbles off the racing line and the "jiggling" of the steering wheel even when the car is travelling in a straight line all add to the realism.

This version of the game has encouraged me to switch off the Traction Control and ABS that I previously used. The reason? Even with Traction Control ON the game is very unforgiving of heavy acceleration after exiting a corner, I found myself spinning a lot more than I did in F12011. I decided that it was time to add to the challenge and switched off Traction Control and ABS - its the best thing I've done and the extra concentration and control needed enhance the realism and teach you to respect the power you have at your fingertips.

The game punishes those who cut corners and drive off track by automatically slowing the cars speed - an addition that will frustrate some, but again it encourages good, smooth driving. Getting a penalty is never fun, but the system is perfectly fair from what I have seen so far. In a nutshell, if you drive like an idiot banging into cars around you and cutting corners then you will be penalised - treat your fragile car and those around you with respect and avoid contact and you will stay out of trouble.

The AI in this version is much improved. Backmarkers now give you plenty of room and there is none of the wild weaving I used to experience when approaching a car to lap it. I have also noticed that AI now give you a cars width to pass if you have a passing opportunity in line with the new regulations - a nice touch.

The fuel situation is much better with your engineer warning you to cut back on revs if your fuel is running low. I did feel the need to check if the car actually does run out of fuel, so ignored all warnings to switch to "mix 1", and slowed to a pathetic crawl on the last lap, getting passed by half the field!

The people who will get the most from this game are those who have the patience to sit down and learn the tracks, who treat it for what it is - a simulator and not an arcade racer, and who want to experience just how challenging controlling an F1 car can be. Put in the time, learn to drive well and consistently and gradually turn off those aids as you improve, and F12012 will reward you with a terrific gaming experience and a real sense of achievement.
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on 19 June 2013
i had this game on the xbox 360 and found it unrealistic,
damage not realistic,
cars wont overtake you,
huge gap between legend and pro, 8 seconds per lap difference, no good if your 5 seconds faster than pro in a lotus but 3 seconds slower than marussia on legend.

i got rid of the xbox version and got the pc one, although its the same game, the good thing about pc is the mods you can install,

the game is last years card, drivers (lewis at mclaren) (mclaren front runners) there is a mod on the pc called 2013 mod, purely legal to add on, and you get all the cars and drivers from the current season, along with the tracks, helmets and up to date teams, so mclaren are not good but mercedes amg are, no schumacher :)

there are also mods for ai difficulty so now i have a sweet spot, i run a 1.25 in a lotus and red bul do a 1.24.7, much better than before,
the damage has been updated so its realistic along with the tyre usage, and the safety car actually gets deployed, and the best part is the cars actually outbreak you and do take over you even if you try to block they cut inside and outbrake you, i have had some intense racing on the pc version with the 2013 mod installed.

the xbox version is a watered down version for me.
in all a good game once you have tinkered with the setup of the game,

pc version has everything from customised teams to customised helmets which you can add as you wish.

codemasters could have done a much better job on the original release. good job theres guys out there at places like racing department who know what there doing.
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on 10 November 2013
Update, October 2014, game will not install or run due to steam! Paid for a game & now I cannot use it... This game is good. Steam lets it all down badly. Connecting to servers, having to download game, it is all a complete nightmare. I hate having steam on my PC. The game has been bought, yet it is very difficult to install, having to create an account is ridiculous. All people want to do is play games, not go round in circles with steam... This anti-piracy thing has gone too far... The disc only lets you create an account & access steam, now I have to wait for it all to download, what if you have a slow connection? You are completely stuffed, why not have the game on the disc? What if your internet goes down? You are stuffed.... i cannot articulate the contempt I have for steam & its laborious process you have to follow. All because my PC crashed & I have to reinstall.... The game is great, steam is useless, how can anyone possibly justify this horrible addition to my or anyone's PC. People pay good money to be screwed over by whomever decides steam is needed... 3 hours of "updates", I just want to play my game!!!!
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on 22 November 2012
This is a great game, but if only codemasters had got it right....
So far as I write this they have released for the Pc 12 patches yes TWELVE updates to this game, how on earth they could release a game like this I have no idea.... in their favour they have been busy fixing it, but Ive no idea if they have yet fixed the corrupt save as I managed to get halfway through the second season and "save game corrupt" came up do you want to start again ARRGGHHHHH......

I think they call it a 'work in progress' lets hope they fix it soon... Anyway I shall continue in my second season and see how far I get....
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on 25 September 2012
This is the first F1 game I've bought since GP4, in some ways I'm impressed with the step forward, in other ways I'm disappointed.

First off, performance-wise I was surprised to find it runs at 52 FPS on my Alienware laptop at 1920x1080 with all settings maxed out so a half decent desktop shouldn't have any problems running it.

Graphics-wise it's good, not quite as spectacular as I was hoping as far as trackside detail goes, but the wet weather effects in particular are a big leap forward from older games

Gameplay is where the bugs start showing - in Malaysia I was dumped on the grid with intermediate tyres when the track was bone dry and the rest of the grid were on slicks, I restarted the race and the second time around it got it right. In Abu Dhabi the steering aid pulled my car in some odd directions on a couple of corners (ie quite abruptly to the right and clean off the track ! I found the way to stop that happening was to take the corner extremely tight with a lot of curb and not run out to the edge of the track on exit, which lost me a bit of exit speed). I haven't finished the entire season yet but the way things are going so far I'm expecting more bugs to manifest themselves as the season progresses. I find it hard to believe these issues were missed during testing !

Those bugs aside though I'm still finding it quite a fun game, the challenge level on intermediate difficulty is reasonable and in general the AI is decent on the other cars, again much improved on the older games, especially slower cars moving out of the way when you're lapping them.

(amended the review to remove the tyre issue I previously mentioned that it seems was my fault rather than the game !)
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on 20 January 2014
Super graphics and gameplay, very difficult to win even on the Easy setting. Enough to exhaust even the most die-hard racing sim fan, and requires some mental adjustment if you're used to barging other vehicles out of the way in other games.
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on 2 October 2012
I also own F1 2011 and completed over 6 seasons in the career mode. If you like F1 and understand how the cars work you will find this entertaining - if not you might find this very hard (turn off traction control and its almost impossible to keep it on the track!) It is more of a simulator than a game. You need at least an xbox controller - dont even bother trying to use just the keyboard. You can play in Quick Race mode but the real challenge is the career mode where you start in a middle order team. Graphics are great and game is amazing & very realistic. The new Young Driver Programme was annoying as i've played F1 2011 and just wanted to get started.

You need a Steam account to activate this game. Bugs are being fixed all the time and there have already been several updates. Im glad they've dropped the Games for Windows Live as that was the most annoying system ever created.
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on 19 October 2012
I love Formula 1 but I have just realised how hard it is to actually follow the rules. The graphics are quite awesome but I still haven't managed to complete a race because I get disqualified for dangerous driving- and that's on easy. I would definitely recommend it. It is pure challenge.
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on 17 November 2012
Excellent game, stunning graphics. I was a bit disappointed that there is no practice option in the menu. It seems that you have to enter a race to be able to get on the track and if you're new to the game then the only option is to get to the back of the field and practice from there.
Other than that the game is excellent with not too many options for car adjustments. I feel that the game plays best with a steering wheel, force feedback is a must, Xbox style controllers just don't have the right feel.
All in all a good buy, one for the racing enthusiasts and the occasional racer.
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