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TOP 50 REVIEWERon 4 April 2016
When I saw this product I was not too sure if to buy it due to its bad reviews, but after reading them all, the good and the bad, I chose to go for it.
And I have not regret it one bit, which I am sure you will not either.

In regards to the bad reviews I must add this;
This cleaning kit /pens has carbon as part of how its supposed to work.
But its not a very bad deposit as some reviews might make it look like.
Basically while in a circular motion the pen finds stains it will deposit carbon to absorb any grease/ dirt etc.
You carry on with the circular motion until cleaned
If any small residue of carbon is left over - brush it slightly with a lens brush or simply blow it with a blower.
That simple.

For anyone who has not used this kind of pen before I would suggest you do a test on a pair of glasses.
If you don't have glasses use a clear see through glass.

Hold the glasses by the lens to leave an obvious finger print.
Then in a circular motion use the Lenspen to clean it.
You will soon see the difference and realise how this product really works.

I must also add that even though I would personally never allow my lens to arrive to a "dirty" state.
If a lens has deep dirt stains, the pens will not remove them.
For that situation you would need to use lens cleaning solution and a lens cloth.

This set is ideal to keep your lens looking clean as new for everyday use.

I would say this pens and a blower is all you really need.

Professional Quality at a very affordable price
Set of 3 - Never miss out an area regardless of its size - Lens, viewfinder... you have no excuse not to have your camera spotless
Fraction of the price of any other professional quality pens alike
Nice little cloth pouch to keep the 3 pens in

And with that I mean none.
This is a fantastic product and if used correctly its a must for any photographer, amateur and professional alike.

I hope my review has been helpful to you, thanks for reading.
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on 17 April 2014
I bought this set while it was priced at just over £15 and as such I feel that was a very competitive price now the price has increased to almost twice that and as such I would look else where as for the product I would highly recommended the kit I have now used this edition and the previous version and I have to say the first version was good but by far and above this version is much much better the pens are thicker, easier and more comfortable to hold as with the first set I used the brush do have loose strands of hair and before using them on you glass I advice that you sweep the brush against your hand a few time to dislodge those few loose strands as for the carbon tipped heads on this version the heads are much thicker than the previous version and I think that will mean that they will last longer also on the previous version the cap was a push on pull off and to impregnate the carbon head with fresh carbon you needed to twist the cap a number of times with the new version the cap is a screw on version and while screwing on the cap you are infusing the carbon head with a fresh coating each time now this is all said I will also say that these look a lot better than the previous version so to sum it up for £15 these are very much worth owning they do their job cleaning smudges of glass and plastic screens very very well but at the price they are set at the moment no I would look else where.
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on 12 September 2013
I've used various types of lens pens, clothes and solutions since I took up photography back in 2006 on a semi-professional level.
These Lenspens are the original & best of carbon based lens cleaning pens in the business. Which comes with a cloth for cleaning your LCD Screen which has three pockets sewn in to it to hold the three pens.
The pens come in three sizes. the largest is for cleaning Filters, the middle size for cleaning your lenses and the smaller one is ideal for the viewing optic or mini lenses on your phone or ipads for instance.
This particular set is the cheapest I have found on the net and considering they are the best there is, you can go wrong. the other good point is that the pen lids are now screw on, so they stay on when in your bag, rather than popping off like they used to.
well done Lenspen for making such an improvement and dropping your price to less than half the original costs, when they came out a few years ago. Pro-Photographer, Mark Eddiford, UK..
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on 31 May 2013
I'll get right into this review.

I already own a Nikon lens pen, however when I saw that this set offered the micro version for cleaning viewfinders, I knew I had to have this as it cleans phone cameras and webcams etc just as well, something the Nikon version lacks due to its large size.

What a purchase, I find the main lenspen works just as well as the Nikon, albeit a much cheaper build. The filter pen I find amazing, as I had been using the Nikon to clean both my lenses and my filters, however after using the filter pen I can see why they made this one to accompany the main lens cleaner, I had trouble cleaning my filters but always figured filters were just awkward to clean, however after using this... WOW, gets it right instantly, whereas I'd spend a good five minutes with the Nikon pen getting those filters just right.

Finally, the micro pen. WOW again, cleaned my phone camera til it was spotless, amazing considering it was covered in dust etc that I couldn't for the life of me take off with Q-tips etc, works brilliantly.

It loses a star for the cheap feeling build, and also the brushes don't seem to be of great quality in comparison to the Nikon one, but this is to be expected with a fairly priced product like this. I would certainly buy these over the expensive Nikon brush any day, and will in the future when I am in need of more.

Brilliant little pens at a brilliant little price, I highly recommend them along side an air blower and perhaps a microfibre cloth (don't use the cloth on lenses though, lenses are too fragile what with coatings etc).
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on 13 December 2012
It lasts a decent amount of time. It cleans VERY effectively. Any reviewers commenting on a black smear, well I get no such smearing. The carbon is NORMAL, it's how it cleans. It absorbs fingerprints, etc.

The pens come with a microfibre cloth.

I HIGHLY recommend you buy an air blower to go with them if you haven't. then you will have all you need to keep the camera in shape and take clear pics.
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on 8 August 2013
I had undertaken a bit of research for the best product(s) for cleaning my lenses and having looked at a range of products opted for the Lenspen set which would allow me to maintain my lenses, filters and view finders liquid free.

The pack which offers three lenses in different sizes allow me to remove general dirt using the brush before using the carbon compound to remove finger prints, smudges, etc.

The brush retracts nicely which prevents dirt getting into it and the screw on top keeps the carbon compound securely protected. The carry pouch is a nice extra and saves me have three pens rattling around in my camera bag.
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on 10 December 2012
I've used the single filter cleaning pens for a few years now and always found it very effective and easy to use. Getting a new camera with a small viewfinder lens made me think getting one for that would be good however when I looked at it further getting the pack made far more economic sense. You get the three pens (micro/viewfinder, filter & actual lens) all of which have the brush built in too. There is also a carry bag which doubles as a cloth cleaner. They really do work very well indeed - one of those "must have" things to take with me.
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on 19 February 2013
With built in brush and a cleaning tip which refreshes each time you put the cap on. They say will last up to 700 cleans and because no liquids are involved wont dry up or go out of date. Cost effective compared with pens bought singly there is a small one for viewfinders and 2 larger ones for lens and filters. Cleaning is quick and easy especially for the likes of me who forgets to put the lens caps back on. A must for every camera bag. Another plus is the microfibres cleaning cloth doubles as a carrier for the three pens
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on 20 December 2013
Always been very careful when cleaning lenses with cloths/paper but always seem to smudge. Researched this product extensively and only found a few negative comments which were probably due to the user not really understanding how the carbon based dry cleaning system works. I cleaned all of my lenses (6 in total) and their filters in around 30 minutes. Incredibly easy to use and very effective at removing stubborn smudges. No sign of black dust/residue. The build quality seems to be reasonable. Once you get over the initial apprehension of touching the glass it's a piece of cake. So impressed I have ordered the sensor cleaner, now that will take some courage to use.
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on 24 November 2012
I am delighted with these pens.
I had smudges of last summers sun cream and this years dust on my lenses. I attempted to clean with a lint free cloth and lens cleaner but this just smeared the dirt about rather than lifting it away.
A couple of minutes with my new LensPens and all my camera lenses are bright and free of dust plus the view finders and filters too! The pens are small and light so will remain in my camera pack.
I am very relieved and very happy!
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