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on 2 June 2012
The problem is that Laura Wright has a stunning voice - she's just recording the wrong type of material. 'Glorious', unlike 'The Last Rose' (her debut solo effort), has a few songs that are right for her and there's an original song, which makes it a mild improvement.

Wright is not expressive, she's a straight arrow choral singer; the vocals are technically perfect and she has a beautiful quality to her voice, but it's dead nor does it have power. At no moment does she sound authentic or connected to her material. Having her sing patriotic songs is, in my view, absolutely absurd. These songs are supposed to rouse us, be big, be infectious, be imbued with pride and passion; instead she's sending us to sleep. The majority of the material suffers in the same way as it did in her debut. Perhaps the public agrees as Russell Watson's conceptually identical album is performing vastly better than this one.

Fortunately Wright recorded two songs for this album that suited her perfectly and reminded me why I was such a big fan of her voice when she was in All Angels. 'Sanctus' (a choral adaptation of Elgar's 'Nimrod') and Karl Jenkins's 'Benedictus' are right on the money. True, 'Sanctus' was pretty much lifted from All Angels's second album 'Into Paradise' but the all new choral arrangement (no instruments) truly makes it worthwhile. I saw her do this live and thought I was in love with her again, but the rest of the set included 'The Rose' and 'Race to the End' which soured me almost instantly. She just shouldn't be singing pop songs; she only got away with them in All Angels because Daisy Chute was there to give them soul. 'Benedictus', meanwhile, reminds everyone why she won BBC's "Chorister of the Year" in 2005 - it smoothly rivals Hayley Westenra's version and Wright definitely has the edge with the inclusion of the cello.

'Stronger As One' is the original song for the album, used as the official song for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee. Whilst I am pleased that an original song has made its way on to a Decca album, it's not very good, and Laura's performance of it even less so. Even the use of ethnic vocals and percussion does little to lift it from Wright's neutral delivery. The song could have been rescued if it were in the more capable lungs of Katherine Jenkins or Becky Jane Taylor. New Decca tenor Noah Stewart acts as a saving grace for the vocal adaptation of Ravel's 'Boléro' which is the only "rousing" song on the album.

Despite the criticisms (which may seem heavy and harsh) I am pleased I bought this album. It's clear to me I can still be a fan of Wright, if only she records the right material. The fact that I find her interpretations rather empty is irrelevant when it comes to her choral material - choral and her voice are the perfect fit. The only thing that saddens me is that she was making whole albums of this type of music when she was with All Angels and they were ten times better than what Wright offers as a soloist. Yet All Angels have been dropped and Wright taken on as a solo artist. She's selling nowhere near as many albums as All Angels did (ignore the press kits that say Wright has sold a million - that was with All Angels - she's sold no more than 40,000 max on her own). There's a sense that Decca are desperate to convince *themselves* that Laura is a star. She's getting plenty of exposure but the sales are not backing this idea up. The mind boggles. As a Decca customer, I feel rather short changed.
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on 30 May 2012
I loved Laura's first album so much I knew I had to order this one as soon as I could and the title 'Glorious' is a great one for this album. This is really fitting music for 2012 and this album is full of great songs. Laura's voice is beautiful and these songs show off the best parts of her voice, she has a really clear upper register and this is best heard on the tracks 'Benedictus' and 'Sanctus'.

The arragements on this album are also very good; I think it is important to have new arrangements especially as these are songs that I have heard many times before. The way Laura sings the songs and the way they are arranged means that they are not boring and even songs like 'Danny Boy' which I thought I would not like because so many others have sung it before have become my favourite songs on the album.

I think Laura's voice is very expressive on this album, she sings with emotion and passion on many songs such as 'White Cliffs of Dover' and 'Born Free'.

'The Rose' is another standout track, I love the instruments used and the way Laura sings it. The symbolism of rose is on another song on this album and connects to England and also to her first album 'The Last Rose'. The original track 'stronger as one' which is for the Diamond Jubilee fits in so well, I love the African vocals as well as it adds another dimension to the album. All of the songs on this album really are 'glorious' and Laura has a 'glorious' voice to match, some songs are patriotic such as 'Land of Hope and Glory' but most of the songs are simply great songs. Another stunning album from Laura, I hope to hear more from her.
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on 12 June 2012
I keep hearing all about Laura Wright EVERYWHER! Is there no-one else?
So I bought her latest CD which has the same material as a lot of other CDs in this genre.
The voice is lovely and she sounds quite beautiful - sometimes!!
But, I am sorry there was no excitement or deep feeling. It was all sung in the same monotonous way
with no personality or flashes of inspiration. The top notes are thin and sometimes shrill and not good. I have heard loads of singing in the music Colleges in London. Also watched many school
and colleges Opera scenes there. Laura sounded good on "Songs of Praise.
This is not of the same standard as what I have heard. How can she be "The hottest new talent in Classical music" Where have you been hiding and listening?

Pretty voice, nice work, but very AVERAGE! I have heard better singing in all girl choirs up to age 18!
Would make a fantastic chorister. The Opera Babes CD is better though!
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on 28 May 2012
Glorious is an album to inspire a nation. From last years Royal Wedding, to the Queens Diamond Jubilee and London Olympics this year, there has never been a better time to British and this album is a unique celebration of that. I say unique because any album which contains Jerusalem and Land of Hope & Glory is enough to make me proud, but Glorious comes with the added beauty of Laura Wright's voice.

I am privileged to have known and supported Laura from the beginning of her career and have watched her grow into the artist and person she is today. Her debut album `The Last Rose' reached No.1 last year, she has sung the National Anthem at the FA Cup Final and was chosen to perform the fantastic Queens Diamond Jubilee anthem `Stronger As One' (track 7 on this album). Those are just some of her achievements in an already glittering career. Glorious is another fine achievement in a year which is just getting better and better for Laura.

Laura's voice on this album is as beautiful and rich as ever. Benedictus, one of the (many) highlights, is haunting, powerful & enchanting with a stunning finish which left me with hairs standing up on the back of my neck. The softer, purer & beautiful `The Rose' gives the album a nice mix. This album will have you flag waving and before you know it you will be slow motion running along to `Race To The End(Chariots Of Fire' just in time for the Olympics. I highly recommend this album to anyone and we can celebrate the GLORY of being British together with Laura. We are Stronger As One.
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on 4 April 2013
Having seen Laura live last year when she joined Alfie Boe for his concert tour as both support act and performing duets with him, I put Glorious on my want list. Recently I had the opportunity to purchase it and as I thought the complete CD is divine. Laura has a voice that is quite unique and has become the voice of the England Rugby Team this year. Her pronounciation is so clear and each song has its own interpretation, she tells the story of each of her songs in only a way I have found she can. On Glorious she sings with so much feeling her songs' topics become so believable. Glorious takes the listener on so many journeys with her that it definately a CD to raise your spirits whilst also listening to a such a brilliant voice. Her choice of songs are not, as with some young singers, all deviations of the same theme. She takes big numbers and provides stunning performances 100%.
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on 21 January 2017
There is no doubt that Laura Wright is a very fine soprano and capable of outstanding performances, but as with many singers some material suits better others. On her former CD 'The Last Rose' a collection of folk songs, every rendition was a delight to the ear. Here we have a more diverse range of songs and although all are well performed, I find Laura excels at the quieter works. Nevertheless, there's plenty to enjoy here.
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on 29 May 2012
There are few voices in the world that give me the 'tingle' factor! But Laura's is definately one of them. Listening on full volume while driving my car is the best time to listen to it!

The album is simply beautiful, with stunning arrangements, and subtle harmonies.
Laura's voice is strong, and has a quality and depth of someone of older years. At 21yrs, i do think she has a brilliant career ahead of her. I am glad she is continuing her degree at the Royal College, this will teach her so many things and how to protect a young voice.

The track list is varied, obviously very patriotic!

To pick a favourite piece is hard as i love them all, but if i was pushed, it would be Nimrod. Having said that, Stronger as One, Jerusalem, and Land of Hope and Glory, all make me smile, and feel proud to be British.

You should feel very proud of this Laura, your voice has the purest sound, beautiful clarity with close vibrato, which brings joy to so many.
Just lovely.. well done Laura!
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on 22 August 2017
Beautiful voice, very pleased with service I received.
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on 15 November 2016
She has a lovely voice,very good singer,if you like this type of music then I would recommend this album.
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on 29 May 2012
I already own Laura's first CD The Last Rose and love and continually play it so it wasn't difficult for me to buy her next album Glorious.

Well, I was bowled over when I played it - who would have thought that Laura's voice would be even better, more mature, resonant and assured.
In Benedictus her voice soars and the subtle harmony in Elgar's Nimrod is superb. There is a depth of tone here that makes me think there is even more to come from Laura in the future and at only 21 years old, it is clear to me that she will go on to even greater heights.
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