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on 30 November 2012
I bought this for my husband as a cheaper alternative to the ipad 2 and the ipad mini
I have the Ipad 2.
I bought it for him from amazon france as this is where we live. It was cheaper in France than in the UK.
My husband is not really into the internet etc, or so I thought until we bought the samsung galaxy tab 2 7.
I bought him this so he could use it as a reader with the added bonus of the internet.

Here is what we think.
First of all it was supposed to be a christmas present, it has never seen the wrapping paper.
It is permanently glued to his hand, when he is not working.
Secondly he is using it to surf the net, send emails and down loads apps. He loves it.
It looks great.
Its Very light
Just the right size for him.

I bought him a case and stylus as he does not have the smallest of fingers and the stylus is a great addition.
So my husband review, is this,
He says why on earth did he not get one before. He is a man of very few words.
So when he speaks they mean a lot.
Hopefully he will come back to me one day. Only joking.

Ps my 11 year old son has now requested one for Christmas instead of games for his xbox.

Now my review
Which is based on my opinion of the samsung Galaxy tab 2 versus my Ipad 2.

To say the least I was seriously sceptical.
I love my Ipad 2.
I use it for work and for personal use.

When the Samsung Galaxy arrived, I was certain, it would not by any stretch of imagination stand up to the IPad 2.

How wrong was I. VERY WRONG

This seriously pains me to admit this, but as I believe honesty is always the best policy.

I have to admit.
This tablet has left me feeling that I have been robbed by Apple.
What a great table it is.
It can do everything my Ipad can do and more.

It is so easy to use and so much more user friendly than my Ipad.
I think I have to admit I have fell in love with this little gem.

I cannot find anything negative to say about it.

The only thing I would say and it is only personal preference.
When and it is a when not if, I buy one for myself I will get a 10inch model.
As i am used to a 10 inch with my Ipad.

My ipad will be winging its way to my eldest son. Who I am sure will appreciate it.

So overall I am shocked to be saying this, but Apple you need to take a good look at your Ipad and the competition.

I am converted to the samsung galaxy tab.

Here I come.
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on 26 September 2013
An excellent tablet in every respect but one - the battery. If you are intending to use this as a replacement for a kindle, then be aware that reading a book will give you a couple of hours use. Watching a video - about the same. Even setting the screen to the dimmest possible level does not significantly improve things.
So if (like me) you were hoping to use it throughout a long-haul flight (as I do my kindle) you can forget it.
What a pity that while technology leaps ahead, batteries lag so very far behind.
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on 17 December 2012
This tablet was purchased at Tesco as a replacement for my partner's Amazon Kindle Fire HD, bought through Amazon. The Kindle HD was ok but had very restrictive software inextricably tied to Amazon-only content. So we passed it on as a gift for someone who did not mind this restriction and looked for an Android based tablet that was not restricted in any way.

The Galaxy Tab 2 7 inch was purchased for £158 but assuming Samsung honours its cash back offer, the final price including a free 8 gig SD card totals £128, an absolute bargain considering the very reasonable specs of this tablet. I also have the Samsung Galaxy note 10.1, and the Tab 7 inch, though having a slower processor than the Note, is nevertheless perfectly sound for web browing, emails, document writing, reading books and other tablet functions. If you remove the over-sized widgets which are not really necessary, any hint of sluggishness disappears and the tab is smooth and responsive. Some user reviews observe a slight hesitance in finger swiping but I did not see this problem.

Like the Samsung Galaxy Note, the Tab 2 has been subject to many luke warm website reviews together with low scores, and part of the reason for these might be based on the original price. But at the current price, this tablet represents stunningly good value and knocks the Kindle Fire HD for six. It also competes well with the Nexus 7 which is currently sold at prices far in excess of the Tab. Many reviews also refer to the Tab as having "flimsy" construction, but this is simply not true. The white version looks very smart, is light and a pleasure to hold, being a lot lighter than the Kindle HD and with a pleasing shape. The stereo speakers are good, and while not extremely loud, are a lot clearer and louder than many website reviews lead you to believe.

Despite reviews stating the contrary, the Tab can run flash and there is a large choice of alternative browsers, email clients and you have the whole of google's app store to browse, unlike the Kindle Fire which bars access to google, even if you sideload apps, unless you root (jailbreak) the Amazon device.

Readers might assume from this that I am some kind of Samsung "fan". I am no fan of any single manufacturer or operating system and my sole objective was to purchase a tablet for my partner which functions well and is good value. In all respects the Galaxy Tab meets that need and at the extraordinary price of £128 (with cashback offer) makes this 7 inch tablet easily the best in its class. While not as slick or fast as the Nexus 7 I think it is more attractive, more pleasant to hold, has expandable memory and is solidly built.

Here is a summary of the best features:

* Excellent screen which though not class leading is bright and clear
* Good stereo sound
* Has front and rear cameras of reasonable quality for a tablet
* O/s is smooth enough and the custom skins are attractive and functional
* Comes with a good quality power charger lacking in the Amazon Kindle Fire
* The price
* Total freedom to use content from Google, Amazon and other content providers
* You can tether your phone to the Tab, via wireless or bluetooth

One bad point:

* No USB or HDMI out, so you need an adapter for some functions

In conclusion, as with the Galaxy Note there is a complete disconnection between the ipad-centric website reviews and the reviews of actual users of these Samsung products. I can only guess that product snobbery is at the heart of the web reviews which concentrate in the main on superficial features. Considering the TAB 2 is, at the price I paid, a hundred pounds cheaper than the mini ipad, and cheaper than any comparable device, yet delivering a very good user experience in essence as good as the mini ipad, this little Tablet has a lot going for it. The mini ipad does have one advantage for web-browsing with its better aspect ratio in portrait mode. But the Tab is better than the Nexus in portrait mode, having a 16:10 ratio rather than the video-oriented 16:9 of the latter, and that also tips my preference in favour of the Tab. Highly recommended.
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on 14 July 2012
Only just got this tablet and overall it is a rather good one. I really do not want to spend a lot of money on brands alone and as the cheaper scale tablet I initially ordered on amazon came to me with screen broken, I decided I will not bother ordering from amazon again and go to the shop instead. Friends and colleagues had advised me it would be better to get this one rather than a cheaper £100 tablet, as these are known to break down or develop problems after a while. I got the 8 Gb version at £199 plus a 16Gb micro sd card, thinking I would have nothing to worry about transferring apps to micro sd. WRONG! For whatever the reason this must be one of the few tablets that does not let you transfer apps to the external card. What the *+#'? The moment you load the tablet all the pre installed stuff take 3Gb so you are left with 5Gb really to play with. Needless to say apps will take most of memory. It is insane not to be allowed to transfer to card and even though I am really liking this tab I am now pondering whether to return it.
On the other hand however, I downloaded all the apps I needed and there is still 4.something Gb leftover, so thank goodness I am not a heavy duty apps user. But I might be, so hope Samsung sort it out and quick before the google nexus comes out!
Using the tablet however is a dream and after playing around with it for a couple of hours (especially if you are an android virgin like me) you get the hang of it ok. You can access kindle, youtube, emails and of course angry birds! It's the simple things that work for me, so rather pleased about this. Overall, it is a good purchase but such a shame about the inability to transfer apps to card as this may be the deal breaker for this otherwise cool tab.
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on 16 November 2012
I made the mistake of buying a cheap non descript tablet recently, thinking it would be fine. Mistake. It was total rubbish, YouTube wouldn't work, email would not connect, and the download speed was slower than a slow thing...on a slow day! I was not happy!
So, as my mum used to tell me, buy cheap..buy twice. So true. So I thought I would do it properly this time, and buy a decent tablet. I took my time, read hours of reviews & watched YouTube videos. It came down to either the Nexus 7 or this, the Samsung Galaxy 2 7.0. It wasn't a difficult choice in the end, the Samsung just stood out as the obvious & perfect choice. To me, Samsung represent quality & as the Galaxy 2 came with 2 inbuilt cameras & external micro SD slot... it was a no brainer!
I ordered it through Amazon, & it arrived 3 days later. Most of the reviews seemed to be the black/silver colour combination, but I ordered the white one. In my opinion it looks best in white..lovely.
So...do I recommend the Samsung Galaxy 2 7.0? Definitely. It's smooth to operate, has stacks of functionality, & it had the ability to increase it's memory. Job done. Now I cannot put it down.
Oh yes...I was a little concerned that the 7" screen would be to small, on the contrary, I think it's just about the perfect comprise. Big enough to watch movies, play games etc.. but small enough that handling it is easy. Who says size is important!
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on 23 September 2013
I love it :) the only down side was when it came it needed to be reset to factory settings as there was not much Internal memory left so after doing this it was fine. Its so much easier than having to use my laptop all the time. The camera and music player are great and good quality. Very glad i bought it...
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on 26 August 2013
I was in the market for a tablet as i travel quite a lot and wanted something i could read ebooks, listen to music/watch movies and have internet access on the go and wasnt as bulky as a laptop, i have always been into my Apple product after owning iPhones/iMacs ect.. so i was leaning towards an iPad.

The reason why i ended up with this is because i have never owned an Android OS device and kept on hearing about the freedom of the OS and how you can do more...

I have had this now for 2 months and i will admit i love it and i take it everywhere, i am glad i went for this over an ipad as i have literally synced my whole Google account to it and its so handy having access to all your content on the go and all your ebooks bookmarks ect...

I highly recommend this and the only reason i gave it 4 stars instead of 5 is because Samsung add their own software on it and dont give you the option to uninstall it so your basicly stuck with unwanted bloatware, some you can disable some you cant but apart from that if your in the market for a decent reasonable priced tablet then i wouldnt hesitate to go for this.
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VINE VOICEon 14 November 2013
The Samsung Tab 2 is without doubt the best budget tab on the market, and can be picked up brand new for as little as £130. The 7" version tab has to be the best 7" tab out there and much better than its Ipad counterpart. The Android operating systems makes the device easily compatible with all modern versions of Windows making it simple to cram as much media onto it as possible.

The battery is pretty good, but don't expect long battery life if you're running lots of apps simultaneously, but it certainly matches the Ipad in that respect. A massive bonus that it does have over the Ipad is that it also has a micro sd slot. So you can up the 8gb and put another 16 or 32 gb memory card in there giving you a whopping 40gp of space.

The camera also takes perfect photographs and the videocam is also impressive if it isn't pulled around too much. The apps that are available as for most Android devices are numerous which makes the Samsung tab 2 a winner every time.
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on 31 December 2012
I spent a lot of time researching which tablet to buy and it came down to this or the Kindle Fire HD.(I didn't want to pay for the iPad mini) I'm very glad I went with this...

What do I like the most? I have a Samsung smart phone and it synced upon startup which was great, so it automatically installed all the same apps that I have installed onto my phone with one click. It has an external memory card slot (i've just added 32gb of storage for £15 - Micro SDHC). The screen size is perfect for sitting on the sofa or up in bed to mooch online, check emails etc. I've comfortably sat and watched a bit of iplayer and the screen was a nice size to watch.

Why this over the Kindle? I am an android phone user so i am already comfortable with the android operating system. The kindle fire HD runs on the amazon app store which does not have as many apps and ones that are free on the android store aren't on the amazon store - that may not bother you but I do not pay for applications. The SD card slot gives me a lot of extra storage. It has a camera, 3mp, it's not going to replace my actual camera or phone camera but it's nice to have and I have used it. Lots of customisation options - you have several front screen pages that you can add widgets to, like a weather forecast, or a mini email preview, or a clock and then your main apps page - your main menu. You can add folders, organise things, customise in many ways. The Kindle has a thumbnail menu approach giving you the logo of each app in the centre of the screen then you scroll one way or another - I've heard (but may be wrong) that you can't add folders to group apps together, and within 7 days of owning the Samsung tab 2 7.0 i've installed upwards of 40 apps, i don't fancy scrolling through those everytime i quickly want to open something. The battery is lasting well (i've charged it twice in 12 days with quite heavy use), and i love the pull down quick preview screen to adjust brightness, turn the sound off, rotate the screen as well as view notifications - saves a lot of time.
Overall, I am over the moon with this and am very glad I went with it over the Kindle. Granted it doesn't have the HD resolution that the Kindle offers - but on a 7inch screen it really doesn't make that much difference. In my opinion all the advantages of the Samsung outweigh the one advantage of the Kindle. Enjoy!
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on 2 April 2013
I didn't buy this from Amazon, but since so many of the reviews have helped my decision, I thought I'll add a review here. Dad bought it for my birthday after I looked over the choice of tablets out there. Looked at Kindle fire and was initially swayed by it but the lack of information on it being able to play the games I wanted to on it was worrying, and I already had a kindle touch which I was happy with for reading. Google Nexus was also a contender, but after having a play on it in a store, the menu looked complicated.
So, the Samsung. My mum had a 10 inch one that she bought with the cash back and after having a play on that, I've decided that was the one. So, got it officially for my birthday on Friday, have used it every day since and its certainly a good upgrade from my ipod touch. It does everything the iPod did at half the price. When I got to transferring music, I actually decided to keep iTunes on and paid £3 for an isyncr app which basically transfers music in playlists. The software Kies I did try but it was hit and miss as I'd sync music onto my tablet and it says its got some songs on it, but the tablet doesn't have them. The isyncr app was 100% so I will continue to use that for my music transfer. After all, Apple might charge a bomb for their tablets but buying music from them isn't too expensive and they're not going to quibble whether I'm still using the iPod or not.
Small cons - its rather heavy to hold, a case that can hold it up on the table or support it on a knee is a must.
when I'm typing its very easy to hit the centre home button by accident. Would rather have these buttons on the bottom of the console like my phone does.
Apart from that, it does everything it says on the tin.
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