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on 18 May 2014

I am a pro software developer and this is probably the best mouse that I have used so far (if not faulty.. - see below).

It features excellent ergonomics, excellent movement precision, nice button feedback and build quality. It looks and feels professional. The heavy and solid, fully metal scrolling wheel allows you to easily and precisely scroll (thanks to its two functioning modes) in your source code or text pages.


1) The battery does n't last as long as I'd like to but problem solved with rechargeables.

2) Logitech seems to have done a *really bad choice* in the manufacturer of the micro-switches for the main mouse buttons (mine were E-Switch TS20100F070S), which suffer from the notorious double-click issue. You can search on Google about it.

Basically after a while of use the left or right mouse buttons may start double clicking even though you just single click. This is due to the bad quality of the underlying micro-switches.

I have bought of these 4 mice and the two of them proved faulty, breaking after 2-3 months of normal use. I fixed by ordering replacement micro-switches and doing some soldering work but this particular type of micro-switches that Logitech is using for this mouse are difficult to find even on e-bay! Most manufacturers such as Apple use Omron microswitches, which if Logitech was using here, would probably not suffer from that issue.

So beware, if you buy this -other than that amazing mouse-, make sure that you can return it for a replacement just in case you get a faulty model!
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on 30 December 2014
Great mouse for about a year and then it starts to go wrong in a horrible way - it randomly does a 'double-click' rather than 'single-click'. At first you think you must be doing something wrong (or perhaps have developed some trembling finger disease). In fact the problem gets worse and worse until 50% of your 'single-clicks' produce a 'double-click' from the mouse.

Logitech did replace the mouse under warranty, but that took time and in the meantime I didn't have a usable mouse for my laptop whilst travelling. I've ended-up selling the replacement mouse and going back to a much simpler (and more reliable) design of wireless mouse.
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on 11 August 2015
Honestly in my opinion, even without the issue of the double-clicking, it's not really worth spending so much on it. Any more than £35 for a wireless mouse and you're just paying for good build-quality, but given that this mouse has started double-clicking when I single-click about half the time, a known fault with many Logitech mice, I can't really say it has the build quality (the fault is caused by a hardware issue).

Now although the mouse has some kind of warranty, amazon won't honour it, and I'm now having to figure out how to return it (it's 11 months old). Apparently you have to register your mouse on logitech then file a warranty claim, which I'll now try and do, but... given that I spend about 40 quid on it, a PC mouse, I just feel it shouldn't go wrong within the year.

Still a good mouse though. Works on all surfaces and haven't had any other problems with it. Batteries last a long time too (changed once so far with about 1 hours' use a day)

Edit: I've just filled out a warranty claim, and be aware you need to enter the serial number no less than 3 times in the process. I didn't bother copying and pasting the serial number (labelled S/N on the inside of the left battery slot), so had to take the mouse apart and manually enter the code again each time, as I never expected to need to enter it more than once. So if you do a warranty claim, copy the serial number...

Edit 2: bought a replacement mouse as the mouse became unusable without a program designed to stop it double clicking, but recently misplaced the mouse and got this one out in the mean time. Now the left mouse button doesn't click at all unless pressed very hard. I'm not going to buy another Logitech mouse, this thing cost me a lot of money and I would have had better use out of a basic £5 generic mouse. Terrible quality, and now it's broken.
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on 28 October 2015
When my beloved Cherry mouse died after 5+ years of first class service I decided to buy this mouse as I read a lot of good reviews. At first it seemed OK although it was heavier than my previous mouse which took away one star; I got used to it. Now after several months of usage, I started to notice some very annoying feature; a single click on any button registered a double click. You can imagine how annoying this could be especially if you are working on a document, or writing code using a text editor.

Naturally first I did a quick search on the internet with the keywords "Logitech mouse registers double click". Now while reading this review, you also do a quick search with these keywords and you will read significant amount of complaints with the same issue. So I realized I was not alone. Some users even reported that they experienced the same problem with some other Logitech mice. A quick research revealed that Logitech does indeed accept this as a design fault such that one/some of the capacitors used in the design does not (or can not) discharge (?) completely and hence charges accumulate after a while giving rise to a random double click on a single click.

This problem- as it is a design fault, renders the mouse unusable after a while hence another star lost. (leaving only three stars).

I contacted Logitech with the description of the problem. After a while they decided to provide me with a brand new mouse (one-off of the same product) which I received promptly- now well done Logitech for such a good customer service! Hence one star gained back: hence four stars for the product: three stars for the faulty product and one star for such a good customer service.

As you can understand what good another mouse if this is a design fault? Now in the meantime, I somewhat found a workaround for the problem- not a permanent one though. When I start to see the problem, I simply take out the batteries and leave the mouse on my desk (or elsewhere) for some days. When the source (i.e. batteries) are removed, the charge accumulated on any capacitors, slowly discharge/fade away. After several days, put the batteries back in and the mouse starts to work as normal- for another- well several weeks / a month or two.

I think other than that; this is a good product. I can not help but compare some features with my number one mouse of all times (my beloved cherry mouse).
- The buttons located on the left hand side of the mouse are a bit stiff so you can not really soft-touch click, you need to exert some force with the thumb which may be annoying at times. (Especially if you are doing some precision work- your hand can not stay stationary). I use these buttons especially while browsing as previous/next page buttons.
- The item itself is heavier than what I think should be for this kind of product. Now a big plus is that although it can take in two batteries, the item can operate with one battery. So the second one is really to extend the number of days without a battery replacement. From time to time I use it with a single battery, still it is heavy.
- As I mentioned in the second bullet point above, this mouse can take in two batteries for some prolonged battery life, however this is a battery hungry device. I simply do not know why. My beloved Cherry mouse takes in one battery, it is also a laser mouse with superb precision, but when I put the battery in and I simply forget.
- The scroll wheel can have two modes; one with clicking mode for precision scrolling the other one continuous (like a spinning disc once you give it a strong scroll) scrolling. Now the continuous scrolling is a big PLUS for such a product. It makes browsing loooooooooong documents like a 300 odd-pages of a PDF or WORD document easy- Now well done Logitech on that front! (Perhaps this is what makes the item heavy- if you want a continuous scrolling disc you want large inertia and large inertia means more mass on the disc!)
I can not comment on "tracking on any surface" simply because I can not be bothered with such a feature; having or not having that feature is neither a plus nor a minus for me.

The receiver is ultra thin (as is my Cherry mouse) so you plug the receiver on your laptop and just forget it.
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on 11 December 2015
This is my second one as after 5 years I had worn out my pre-facelift one with the right button having failed but it took serious punishment as I had dropped it frequently (all my fault) and it went with me and the laptops often, so when it started to fail I had to replace it and so I purchased this facelifted version and it is great! notably the surface of the facelift one is glossy unlike the original which was soft touch plastic with a rubberised middle click button (the rubberised surface wore off for me in about a year) so this new version should be more durable long term.
the scroll wheel is quick switch-able between free scrolling and traditional notched scrolling which I find invaluable, and the fact it tracks on any surface which it does as long as the sensor remains in close contact with the surface which is fantastic as I don't carry a mousemat around with me when I take any of my laptops out for work. its not really suited for gaming but it is excellent for its intended purpose of browsing and productivity.
for me the only downside to this mouse is the lack of adjustable DPI although I suspect it may have something to do with the ability to track on any surface that accounts for why it lacks DPI adjustability although it could probably be achieved but it would almost certainly add to the cost.
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on 3 August 2015
The mouse looks and feels good, has great ergonomics and works on nearly any surface. So far so good.
However, after 7 months the left main button started randomly double-clicking when only clicked once. Obviously that renders the mouse unusable. To add, the mouse has not been used very heavily, i.e. no click-intensive gaming etc.that would cause the switches/contacts to wear off quicker. Unfortunately, I only realise now that this seems to be a very well-known fault this product, as many other reviews report the same issue.
I bought the mouse to replace the predecessor product (Logitech VX Nano) which had the same fault, albeit after doing a good job for about 3 years. The battery life of the MX Anywhere was also considerably shorter than that of the older VX Nano.
The Logitech customer support has not been helpful, as they simply refer you back to the vendor, who is not contactable via Amazon after 7 months.
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on 12 January 2013
Don't get me wrong, I love the concept of this mouse. I bought two of these (one for work one for home) at the same time after using the excellent logitech VX nano which is pretty and older version of the same mouse, but with the thumb buttons further forward. The best feature of this mouse is the smooth scroll where you can whizz the mouse wheel around and it carry's on with momentum for ages.

Unfortunately it seems like the construction quality is not that good. Both of the mice I have show the same problems which are

- battery life runs out after a few weeks (VX Nano lasted for months)
- the scroll wheel is 'unbalanced' meaning that it can roll round of its own accord causing your page to start scrolling, or more annoyingly if you scroll down a few lines, it then scrolls back up as the wheel rolls back round to its heaviest point.
- there is a capacitor whine whenever you move the mouse which is pretty annoying.

I'd put down to bad luck if I only had one of them, but buying two and both having the same problems has left me disappointed. 2 stars
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on 13 December 2013
I have owned this for well over 4-years now and just noticed I have yet to leave a review and it deserves better! The mouse has performed flawlessly in this time with key points as follows:

Installation is a breeze. I have a work laptop with a horrible trackpad so was keen to get a decent mouse and this has fitted the bill perfectly. A very small USB dongle is provided which you plug in to a port and basically leave it there. The USB receiver is so small that it does not get in the way when you use the laptop mobile, on a train etc., and the same for when you place in a laptop bag.

The mouse itself has a few extra buttons which are genuinely useful. The best one for me is the centre wheel which makes Excel a delight! You can scroll up and down large spreadsheets with ease (flick the wheel in either direction and you can let go and watch the spreadsheet scroll) but, best of all, it offers horizontal movement using the wheel - just give a slight push left or right and you can navigate across the page too.

The other buttons are useful too - back/forward for web pages etc., and another centre button that is within easy reach. As long as you install the included software then you can customise these with ease.

Battery life (2 x AA's) is fantastic. It seems to go on for weeks. I use decent quality rechargeable batteries (Annsman) and these (when used elsewhere) seem to give limited life for devices such as this but no so for the Logitech. You also get a decent warning when they need a recharge.

Actual use is superb - I tried another make recently and it felt like bargain basement compared to the quality of the Logitech.

Price can vary so make to keep an eye for special offers - I paid under £25 and thought about getting another lately as a backup but it has been so reliable who needs one!

Highly recommended - the perfect laptop mouse.
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on 2 December 2014
This mouse has a defect timebomb. It is to do with the button microswitches which are not correctly debounced. All switch contacts bounce on make or break and they age - they bounce more with time - that's why decent designers debounce them in hardware or firmware otherwise you register multiple clicks for every button press. Whatever Logitech has done, if anything, it's not enough. This mouse is fabulous when new - for me it's perfect in so many ways - but it becomes useless in a very short time. That time depends on manufacturing tolerances and usage - I used mine at home, non-intensively, two or three hours a day. I've had two and they've both become unusable after about two years. Five years I could accept but two years is just too short for something that costs this much. Logitech have known about this issue for some time and I just wonder if it's a cynical ploy to sell more. Even if it isn't, I'm not going to buy one of these again.
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on 22 January 2013
I bought this mouse in October as I'd always bought logitech mice for work and at home, currently we have about 20 of them on various PCs. I bought this wireless model to go with one of our laptops. Initially it was very good, tracks very well on all surfaces but now the scroll wheel has broken so at random moments it will scroll up or down the page or zoom in on CAD drawings etc. Very annoying and making it nearly unusable. I have ordered one of the cheaper logitech models as a replacement as they have never let us down.

I tried to return to amazon but as its outside the 30 day return window they are not interested.

No bashing logitech as have used them for years and this is the first time they have let me down but save your money and go for one of the cheaper wireless models this one is not worth the extra cash.
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