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4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 5 October 2015
The magimix product is ok but there are a few snags which doesn't really add up to the price. Firstly let me tell you what was their unique selling point was to me when I first decided to purchase this product:

1/ It was supposed to be easy to clean.
2 It had clear glass panels so you could see the bread cooking.
2/ It is supposed to cook the bread evenly.
3/ It would look pretty glam on your kitchen counter as a shiny steel accessory.

Down points
1/ The clear glass is nice and it helps but it isn't detachable so not easy to clean. In fact you can't easily use a cloth between the glass??
2/ It doesn't cook the bread evenly and not only that it takes forever it's around 2-3 mins I would say compared a cheap high-speed Tefal.
3/ Pretty glam - not-so-glam now, stainless is really hard to keep clean and shiny, so it easily looks like an eye sore if you do not keep it looking nice. I have had to use special stainless polish so it was just another hassle. (I wouldn't berate the product for this) but I was looking for something easy to clean and this didn't really fit the bill now as I can't remove the glass panels. There are no guidance notes either so had to trawl through lots of tips on the net and contact specialist to ensure it remains pristine.

4/ For a 2 slot toaster it takes up a lot of space compared other brands on the market.

In hindsight I would probably not pay £156.00 for this product again unless they made the glass removable so it is easier to clean. For the toasting purposes this doesn't evenly toast so I didn't get value for the extortionate price? I wouldn't pay a £100 for this product so unless they improved the speed and even toasting, removable panels then this might be worth looking at. I would say this is an average product because it's performance is average compared to the other brands out there.

Sorry Magimix - I don't really like berating products but this was a bit of a let down and I just didn't get the feel good factor, it is one of the most expensive toasters on the market and it just doesn't do what was it was designed to do properly for the price?
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on 25 May 2015
1 of the best toaster I ever used... the front and back as shown on pic can be opened for easy cleaning.. Now with this toaster, I can toast garlic bread with herb and not worry about having difficulty to clean the toaster heating elements... I would give it 5 stars if it comes with a bun rack.
review image review image review image
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on 20 December 2014
I have owned this toaster for quite a while now. It does an excellent job of toasting all sorts of bread including from frozen. Once you have found your preferred browning setting the frozen button will simply deliver your normal toast. The wide and long slot allows all sorts of things to be heated. The windows not only allows you to keep an eye on unfamiliar items to ensure you have the best setting, it reminds you to clean the crumb tray. The whole toaster is easy to clean and when a pecan fell onto one of the elements I could lift it out easily. Pyrolysis automatically removed all the sticky residue as it was supposed to. A real quality product, well engineered throughout.
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on 27 December 2016
I bought this on sale and had high expectations given the price. It's a really beautiful toaster. Modern and clean, but when it powers on, it lights up and you can see the toast as clear as day.

The toaster fits only two slices unfortunately which is a shame but seems to be a consequence of these clear toasters. Perfect for me having a small family, but not great for bigger families I should imagine.

Now, let's get one thing straight. This is a toaster. It toasts. Nothing more. However it does so very well. I found though that anything over the lower settings will burn the bread very quickly so I've got it set at 2 which is perfect for me. It cooks quickly and looks amazing in use, and you can monitor the toasting process all the way due to the clear glass front and back. Ideal! Toast comes out nice and light and airy. Great for breakfast and the closest I've had to using an actual grill which is a total faff.

I've had the toaster for about 4 months now and it's been used more or less daily. I've cleaned it once in that time and to be honest it didn't really need that, but it's very easy. Both the front and back glass pieces open to give access to clean internally and the long crumb tray catches everything. It took about a minute to do and looks spotless again.

Overall, it's an expensive luxury item. I think it's well worth it. It looks amazing and is now a permanent feature in the kitchen rather than being hidden away like our old toaster. Toast does taste nicer as well. No complaints and I love this toaster.
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on 16 March 2016
I had the toaster for 5 days before I sent it back.
The the price I expect it to do something as simple as toast evenly but no - burnt at the top and barely brown in the middle.
The other issue I had was that 50% of the time the engagement handle wouldn't stay down as if it wasn't plugged in. I turned it off and on and changed plug socket but nothing then randomly it would work. Magimix said they'd never heard of such problems of course despite other reviews.
See through is an expensive gimmick in my opinion that isn't worth the trade off in having a heating element at just the top and bottom. At least you can watch it doing a bad job!
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on 4 March 2014
Why is it that no matter how much money I spend on a toaster (this one, Dualit, Rowlett ...) I cannot get evenly toasted bread.

This one obviously is gimmicky because you can see the bread toasting. In reality, you cannot see much because the orange glow from the heating elements means you cannot actually see the bread change colour accurately. What you do get, though, is dark areas at the top of each toast due to the heat being more intense at the top of the machine.

Back to the drawing board!
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on 4 August 2015
I bought this toaster 18 months ago & have used it almost every morning since.
I've used lots of different types of bread, including my home made bread, & it toasts them perfectly. I'm delighted with it. I'm also very impressed with the aftercare service I received when one of the elements stopped working recently. As it was still under the 3 year guarantee I contacted Magimix.
As advised I sent it back & it was returned repaired within a few days. Collection & return delivery was free. Very efficient service. Superb.
Would happily recommend.
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on 7 November 2015
Well, it broke after only 18 months. The lever will no longer stay down, something several other reviewers have pointed out.

It's a great looking toaster, but it doesn't toast the bread very evenly and the novelty of the glass sides is just that: a novelty. In practice, you don't stand there staring at the bread, so you're just as likely to burn your toast as with a regular machine.

It's also very difficult to keep clean as many of the crumbs fall into a ledge next to the glass sides, rather than into the crumb tray below This is bad design - those ledges should be sloped! The glass doors do fold down, but this only allows you to wipe the insides clean - you still have to turn the toaster upside-down to get the crumbs out.
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on 25 October 2016
This has to be one of the best toasters around and now the price has come down it is a more affordable option. I have had one before but after 3 years the pop up failed! So I hope this one fairs better - for the price it really should last a minimum of 5 years. The glass allows you to see the brownness of your toast so get a result exactly to your liking each time. The slot can take large slices and also Baggett's. It does single side toasting for bagels etc. It will toast from frozen. There is of course a timer.
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on 16 May 2014
i have never paid so much for a toaster in my life to be honest.
but having said that i am so glad i saved for this toaster & went without things for it as its brilliant!.
it toasts crumpets to perfection,they taste very fresh.
it also looks lovely & is very modern
the glass inside is very easy to clean too as each side opens up at the touch of a button for you to clean it out.
the only downside i can think of to this toaster is that it's a bit big & heavy as i have ms
so my brother reaches it for me etc
but on a good note of it being so big is that you can fit three normal sized crumpets in it at once.
a big & stylish kitchen statement piece,which is very good too!.
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