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on 15 January 2014
I've had this phone for a couple of months now so I feel I know it well enough to write a few words about this. Prior to this I had a HTC Desire, A Google G1, A Sony w880i, A Motorola RAZR V3 and countless other `dumb' phones. So far my experience of the phone has been very positive and I've had absolutely no issues with it whatsoever. It's worked perfectly every day and I've not had any crashes, the interface is very smooth and so far every app and game I've tried runs like a dream. This is my first Samsung Phone so I've no brand loyalty (Only the tenuous link of Android OS). In comparison my girlfriend has a Samsung Galaxy S Advanced which is not so impressive or reliable - but I digress.

The phone itself is very sleek and the blue pebble colouring and shine is very nice. Build quality is good - everything feels very solid. Not quite as solid as say the iPhone 4 - but I wouldn't want to drop either to see which is the sturdiest! Every expensive smart phone should be in a tough case with a screen protector!

Although many people comment on it's size I really like the extra screen real estate and have had no problems navigating with my thumb. The display is fantastic and so far I've not noticed any of the blue-tint many reviews have commented on. The colours are all vibrant and the high resolution yields plenty of detail. Videos and Youtube look brilliant and it's possible to read many web pages without zooming in.

Battery life is okay as far as Smartphones go - the last phone I had with amazing battery life had big buttons and a monochrome screen. Every smartphone owner I know has to charge their phones daily unless they only use it to look at the time. Despite the extra processing power and bigger screen the battery easily outlasts what my old HTC Desire and G1 ever did. And although I was sceptical at first I tried a battery app that automatically switches WiFi and data off when you're not using it and I noticed a big difference.

I'm not overly impressed with the 16Gb Storage, I was hoping I could store Apps on SD like a lot of android phones but it's still a massive step up from my HTC Desire (Galaxy S3 Free space out of the box is about 11GB, the Desire was about 70 Mb!). All of my usefull apps are quite small but the games nowadays seem to take up a couple of Gb for the big ones. Although the Apps do not save to SD it's still very handy to have a decent size MicroSD card to keep all your music files, videos and photos on. I've never been sold on using my phone as my main music player - I've been using iPods for a few years so my audio equipment all has the (old) iPod dock connector. All my iTunes music has been matched on the cloud and is DRM free AAC - I've put it straight on my S3's MicroSD and it plays perfectly with no conversion necessary. I have heard that you can get software to make your S3 sync directly with iTunes but I've not had the need to try that yet. I've noticed the sound quality isn't quite as good as my iPod either through earphones or my car stereo, but that's why I have a separate phone and audio device. The built in speaker on the phone isn't the best either, the one my work colleagues with their iPhone 4s's have over the S3. But hands down the S3 is a better overall experience when it comes to functionality and versatility.

The internet over HSPA+ is quite nippy when you've got full signal. 4G is probably a long way off from being countrywide so I'm not too bothered about that. Over WiFi the phone is as fast as the actual line speed - I've found myself using the phone for more and more tasks that I used to use my computer for such as Facebook and on-line browsing and shopping. I use Google Drive a fair bit and the apps work okay in that if you want basic word processing and spreadsheets.

There are plenty of great games available on the Google Play store and they're getting more and more like fully fledged console games. Shadowrun, N.O.V.A. 3 Reckless Racing 2 and Asphalt 7 all feature amazing graphics and I've never noticed any of them drop a frame yet. GTA 3 is pretty much how I remember the PS2 version to be - amazing to think you can play the entire game on your phone! I'm not completely sold on the phones as gaming devices yet though, the touch screen experience for these type of games is far behind the comfort of a joypad. I found myself enjoying more games that were made with mobiles with touch screens in mind such as Angry Birds and Temple Run. Needless to say the S3 has handled every big game I've tried on it with no problems whatsoever.

One more thing I should add about this phone is the durability. I accidentally dropped mine into water. I made sure I knocked it off and dried as much of it as I could straight away before putting it into an airtight container full of rice overnight. I'm not recommending that you try this with your phone but it's good to know it can at least survive a few seconds of complete submersion!
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on 19 August 2014
Before I bought this I had the LTE version which reviews online suggested was much inferior to this, the original one. After my pup was given the opportunity to get at the LTE version one and destroy it, I bought this one. Brilliant it is. Very fast and often battery lasts into,just, the third day. Screen quality is clear, bright and well coloured, it makes one wonder why anyone would pay possibly three times more for a bite out of the apple; like my daughter did after selling her own LTE one, ah well. Even a couple? of years after this phone was released it can still easily hold it`s own against far more expensive ones--and--- it takes micro sd cards, an added bonus that should be on all phones and would be were it not for pure greed of manufacturer.
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on 24 April 2014
I just bought this phone for my wife. I compared it with an S4 mini from a colleague and I think this phone is better. Speed and software are the same (granted that for the S3 you have to do a software update but it's over the air and it installs in a minute after it is downloaded). The only visible difference is the screen and I'm not talking size here. For size I would prefer the S4 mini, but the screen clarity and color depth of the S3 are far superior.

I bought it from Amazon and I could update it without any problems. Some reviewers said they received Vodafone UK phones from Amazon and they could not update it with the official update because the phone had a custom software. It was not my case. The phone was indeed unlocked and had also a sticker on the case that said it's the european version (eu plus a few other countries from europe).

I would have preferred the S3 Neo but I could not find it in time. The difference in price is small and you get an additional 1 GB of RAM.
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on 3 January 2013
I can't recommend this phone strongly enough.I wanted one as soon as i saw one & was not disappointed.. Its so much more sexier than the dull as dishwater brick like iphone,with its gorgeously large screen size,rounded edges,thin profile & its beautifully bright & vibrant screen with its Super Amoled display & Gorilla Glass 2,8MP camera on the front & even a great quality photo from the face camera,& extremely fast & responsive with its unrivaled quad core processor.What can i say,Its just a pure joy to use.I can't imagine using any other phone,i'll be honest. Other smart features that attracted me to this phone are cool features such as the screen will stay lit as long as your looking at it,gesture activated actions for answering the phone,muting it,zooming the camera etc as well as the usual methods.Also has S-Voice,which is the Samsungs equivalent of Siri,which is just as good & other features such as high speed photo taking mode,that can take 20 pictures in seconds,so you can get a good shot while you photograph something moving.You can even let it pick the best photo out of the photo blast(the one in best focus etc).I like the way there's a persistent weather report on the home screen(if you have it activated),nice touch.Needless to say i love this phone.There's too many other features to really go into here,so tried to give a general impressions of the ones that immediately come to mind.
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on 15 August 2014
The s3 is a very good phone for price paid (130).It still runs quickly and has a good camera. It is nice and light despite the size. Definitely worth buying a case to protect it. Root it and install custom version of android with less bloat ware and it is even better particularly on ram usage. Be careful though and read description carefully. You want UK spec version i9300. The lte 4g version is even better as it has double the ram. That's good if you play games and don't want to have to reboot the phone before loading them. But there are a number of versions that are inferior. The screen is superb, battery life is ok and call quality good, reception average. Had better had worse for this. Massively superior to galaxy ace range and nicer than xperia sp which I did have and it kept quitting apps and felt like brick.
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on 10 October 2014
I have one of these already and bought this one for my wife.
It's a good phone, doing all that I want and need. It has lots of quirky features which sound fun when you read about them but in reality, never use!
The annoying thing about it is a fairly slow response time. When you swipe the screen to unlock or press the Home key, there is a VERY SMALL delay. I'm not talking about seconds but micro seconds. Still, it's enough to be noticeable and is longer than my previous Galaxy Ace.
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on 23 July 2012
I am not going to post a long review about this Galaxy S3 phone because the features and build and use of it have been pretty well documented here by others and I agree with all the good things that they say about it but I do have a few criticisms which I find very annoying. However, I am sure that these can be put right by the software writers and I hope that they take note.


The volume controls are located on the side of the phone and when you press either button to increase or decrease the volume the phone bleeps for each incremental step that you make. There is no way that I can find to mute this function. You can turn off ALL sounds completely but then you wont be able to hear your phone ring.
In a quiet location this bleeping can be very intrusive and there might be times when you definitely don't want to attract attention.


For a lot of people the sound of the phone playing a short musical Samsung Galaxy S3 tune when they power it up after it has been powered down is very nice but like the volume control bleeping which can be very intrusive I find this annoying too and would prefer to have an option which would allow me turn off the start up sound permanently.


There are times when the screen sensitivity is too high and the phone thinks that you pressed on a hot spot even though the tip of your finger was not actually touching the screen but hovering over it. Some means of giving the user a manual screen sensitivity setting could be very beneficial. I am not aware if such a feature exists on this phone but if does please let me know.


This does not always work well in fact in often never works, instead you are presented with an connection error problem and nothing happens at all. I think that this might have something to do with the mobile account provider and not the phone itself, nevertheless it is annoying especially when you would like to speak words into the phone instead of typing on the keyboards.
Typing can be very frustrating at times. I found that the spacing of keys, especially in 'portrait' view are too close together and if the tip of your finger accidentally touches two keys or the phone's screen sensitivity being so high thinks that you did touch another key then you end up with wrong letters and words being entered. Some people can probably get by with no problems at all but for mortals such as myself it can be tiresome.
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on 13 December 2012
If you're looking to buy a new phone, just forget about the rest and get this one, it is by far the best one on the market right now, along with Google's new Nexus 4. This makes the iPhone (even the iPhone 5) look really dated, Apple need to get their stuff together and update iOS, when I go back to my iPad on iOS 6 it's like going back in time.

I have the European model, so that's a mighty quad core processor in there, and you can really tell, it's incredibly fast, if you have come from other Android phones you'll know that they tend to lag, but it looks like Samsung and Google have finally nailed it with Jelly Bean, and it's now up to par with the iPhone / iPad. Lovely screen, I come from a Sony phone which also had a good display, so Samsung's seemed a bit too bright at the beginning, but once you get used to it you feel other phones are too dark. The same with the size, although it feels really big when you first start using it, you quickly become accustomed, and end up seeing other phones too small, apart from the Note, which IMHO is just too large. In terms of aesthetics, I have the pebble blue and it looks lovely.

Samsung has recently released Jelly Bean, which makes the phone super snappy, and just looks great. Google Now is just amazing, I love how it guesses what I want to do, in particular with public transport. I don't use the motion features Samsung has put in, but I have tried them and they seem to work well, with my favourites being smartstay and the pop up video feature.

Battery Life:
I really push this phone - I have everything synced, gps on, google now, etc, so my battery does run down quite fast, lasting around a day. Probably if you turn off all these things it could easily last a couple of days.

The headphones are not very good tbh, but most people would buy some new ones anyway, so it's not a biggie. I'm hoping Samsung will release a wireless charging dock, as it appears this phone supports wireless charging.

Kies software::
This software is pretty bad and buggy (on windows), and it took me a while to update the phone, I had issues with my computer not picking up the usb drivers correctly, hopefully Samsung should fix this soon. I hate iTunes, but this isn't much better tbh.

Overall score: 9/10
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 6 August 2012
THE SAMSUNG Galaxy S3 is a very Clever little Quad Core CPU x4 1.4Ghz genie with excellent GPU, & multitasker.
When you do not need power it auto shuts down and when you need power it rapidly awakes.!
I've had other smart phones over the past 3-4 years, (apart from my old HTC Sensation), this S-III Tops the Bill.!
All the features other reviewers have covered I have no intention to go over, sorry.

This considering the 4.8 inch screen size has to be the fastest phone in the world today, yes! (beats iPhone 5)
Sorry nothing even comes close even the iPhone 4S has been beaten in head to head online battles.
Yes!, sorry I'm not messing because I was so close of buying the iPhone 5, but then thought of the cons, which put me off, and No ADOBE Flash support for iPhone 5.
After all my digging well the iPhone 5 loosing in features and speed to the Sammy S3, so there was my answer. I didn't want no expensive contract for 24months, where they give you a FREE S3 for £40 per month with FREE Mins, Texts and Data, all carriers do it, all around the £40 per month, for 18 and 24 months contracts. add up all those FORTY quid tariffs. Instead I got my 'Micro Sim card' on Amazon with (3 Three) mobile, remember you need a special Micro Sim card. FOR PAYG.

ALL IN ALL I GIVE THIS PHONE 10/10 Because of brute power, features, & thousands off apps. more than the iPhone store now.
It has the iPhone 5 retina Display, that Samsung cleverly makes for Apple, now Apple wants to take Sammy to court. lol:D

It has the highest pixel count in the world like the 4S iPhone. It has an Apple Seri 'look a like' some say better. I do too.!
I think the phone brings a lot more to the table, it plays games better because it has a much better GPU.
Buy you will not be disappointed the colors are beautiful, it weighs 133g and its very, very smart, with a decent Super AMOLED screen.

Thanks for reading...

Take care. David.

PS. it will save you money on screen savers, as the S3 has the NEW v.2 Gorilla Glass, Toughened Screen, Scratch proof & Scratch resistant.
to a certain extent you will never find anything, to cover you 100%. still not far away tho, v2. Just remember to buy a 'Hama' anti-static cloth here on Amazon UK the only place I have seen them, and they polish your screen paw marks
away, leaving it like new, and very shinny you can even see your face :D

BIG SCREEN HiDef, was excellent for watching/viewing & streaming "NETFLIX" & "Lovefilm" during a recent Hospital Stay.! with its High-speed 21mbps bandwidth.
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on 16 January 2014
This review is probably a little late, as I've had the phone for a year and a half now, but this phone has been a great sidekick. Its taken a bunch of medium-height drops, but hasn't even flinched, even when I was expecting it to at least reboot. The software is impecable, you will love the smart alarm feature, gently wakes you up out of your sleep to some really nice sounds. 2 GREAT, GREAT points about this phone, which I can't stress enough, is that is has an internal / local Calendar and Contact storage, none of this cloud crap. Takes great pictures, has an actual menu button (something lacking from more recent phones). A little caveat is that the screen takes a second longer than it should to turn on / wake up, but, small price. Great phone, will probably have this for another year at least.
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