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on 5 February 2016
This was my first proper smartphone and I intended to use it for everything. An mp3 player, an alarm clock, an organiser and of course the regular phone functions of calls, texts and instant messaging. I have had it now for over 3 years and the battery life keeps getting increasingly worse so i am now having to charge it mutiple times a day but even when I first used it back then I would still need to charge the battery twice a day.

The phone itself has a nice big screen of 4.8 inches and is great for surfing the web and watching YouTube videos. it is lightweight and comfortable to hold but crashes and lags constantly. I notice that if I press on an app that is on my homescreen it will open something else entirely, not all the time but it's still annoying.

On the plus side the music player has an inbuilt equalizer which is fun to tinker with and the device memory capacity is 16gb which means I never have to worry about running out of space and having to uninstall anything. It is really easy and straightforward to use and the bluetooth facility is also very handy for sharing pictures etc.
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on 24 April 2014
I just bought this phone for my wife. I compared it with an S4 mini from a colleague and I think this phone is better. Speed and software are the same (granted that for the S3 you have to do a software update but it's over the air and it installs in a minute after it is downloaded). The only visible difference is the screen and I'm not talking size here. For size I would prefer the S4 mini, but the screen clarity and color depth of the S3 are far superior.

I bought it from Amazon and I could update it without any problems. Some reviewers said they received Vodafone UK phones from Amazon and they could not update it with the official update because the phone had a custom software. It was not my case. The phone was indeed unlocked and had also a sticker on the case that said it's the european version (eu plus a few other countries from europe).

I would have preferred the S3 Neo but I could not find it in time. The difference in price is small and you get an additional 1 GB of RAM.
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on 12 September 2014
The S3 may now be a bit outdated with the S4 and S5 already out, but it is still a great smartphone for anyone looking for quality on the cheap.

This was the phone really propelled Samsung to the heights which they are at today as phone manufacturers and for good reason: the screen is HD clear with the AMOLED technology and very responsive, the 8 megapixel back camera allows for high quality pictures and videos along with the 1.9 megapixel front camera for video chat.

The only slight downsides are the battery life and RAM size. The battery will last you for a day (give or take), which isn't great, but is pretty standard for most smart phones; a battery saver app can help extend this or if you use it intensively then get a portable charger with it. The RAM is sufficient most of the time at 1gb, but you may need to clear the memory at times when it feels a bit sluggish; if this a big deal then the S3 LTE or S4 both have 2gb RAM that will suffice for almost anything.

All in all a great phone, especially when considering the price.
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on 10 October 2014
I have one of these already and bought this one for my wife.
It's a good phone, doing all that I want and need. It has lots of quirky features which sound fun when you read about them but in reality, never use!
The annoying thing about it is a fairly slow response time. When you swipe the screen to unlock or press the Home key, there is a VERY SMALL delay. I'm not talking about seconds but micro seconds. Still, it's enough to be noticeable and is longer than my previous Galaxy Ace.
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on 15 August 2014
The s3 is a very good phone for price paid (130).It still runs quickly and has a good camera. It is nice and light despite the size. Definitely worth buying a case to protect it. Root it and install custom version of android with less bloat ware and it is even better particularly on ram usage. Be careful though and read description carefully. You want UK spec version i9300. The lte 4g version is even better as it has double the ram. That's good if you play games and don't want to have to reboot the phone before loading them. But there are a number of versions that are inferior. The screen is superb, battery life is ok and call quality good, reception average. Had better had worse for this. Massively superior to galaxy ace range and nicer than xperia sp which I did have and it kept quitting apps and felt like brick.
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on 3 March 2013
Everything works fine and it looks very handsome.

On my previous phone, I had not got into receiving email but I had realized that my Virgin account is actually a Gmail account and so once I had plugged my existing email address and password into my new phone then new emails began appearing. All very simple. This does not interfere with my laptop which is where I still download all of my emails and am most likely to reply to them or read them. It means that last minute changes are now available in my pocket.

The screen size is significantly larger than most conventional phones which makes everything very readable but it still fits well into my front pocket and is thinner than my last one so it not a problem. You cannot reach the top of the screen without using a second hand but since most of the icons are at the bottom of the screen then this is not really a problem.

Battery life is good - I am not a heavy user and so I can go for several days without recharging. Better than I am used to.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 6 August 2012
THE SAMSUNG Galaxy S3 is a very Clever little Quad Core CPU x4 1.4Ghz genie with excellent GPU, & multitasker.
When you do not need power it auto shuts down and when you need power it rapidly awakes.!
I've had other smart phones over the past 3-4 years, (apart from my old HTC Sensation), this S-III Tops the Bill.!
All the features other reviewers have covered I have no intention to go over, sorry.

This considering the 4.8 inch screen size has to be the fastest phone in the world today, yes! (beats iPhone 5)
Sorry nothing even comes close even the iPhone 4S has been beaten in head to head online battles.
Yes!, sorry I'm not messing because I was so close of buying the iPhone 5, but then thought of the cons, which put me off, and No ADOBE Flash support for iPhone 5.
After all my digging well the iPhone 5 loosing in features and speed to the Sammy S3, so there was my answer. I didn't want no expensive contract for 24months, where they give you a FREE S3 for £40 per month with FREE Mins, Texts and Data, all carriers do it, all around the £40 per month, for 18 and 24 months contracts. add up all those FORTY quid tariffs. Instead I got my 'Micro Sim card' on Amazon with (3 Three) mobile, remember you need a special Micro Sim card. FOR PAYG.

ALL IN ALL I GIVE THIS PHONE 10/10 Because of brute power, features, & thousands off apps. more than the iPhone store now.
It has the iPhone 5 retina Display, that Samsung cleverly makes for Apple, now Apple wants to take Sammy to court. lol:D

It has the highest pixel count in the world like the 4S iPhone. It has an Apple Seri 'look a like' some say better. I do too.!
I think the phone brings a lot more to the table, it plays games better because it has a much better GPU.
Buy you will not be disappointed the colors are beautiful, it weighs 133g and its very, very smart, with a decent Super AMOLED screen.

Thanks for reading...

Take care. David.

PS. it will save you money on screen savers, as the S3 has the NEW v.2 Gorilla Glass, Toughened Screen, Scratch proof & Scratch resistant.
to a certain extent you will never find anything, to cover you 100%. still not far away tho, v2. Just remember to buy a 'Hama' anti-static cloth here on Amazon UK the only place I have seen them, and they polish your screen paw marks
away, leaving it like new, and very shinny you can even see your face :D

BIG SCREEN HiDef, was excellent for watching/viewing & streaming "NETFLIX" & "Lovefilm" during a recent Hospital Stay.! with its High-speed 21mbps bandwidth.
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on 16 November 2014
I know I'm only adding to the long list of 5 stars but my phone replaced a Galaxy S2 which had given me 3 years reliable service but had finally started to play up in that the battery life had deteriorated, although I purchased another genuine battery this made little difference as I believe the operating system was taking the power.
Could have bought a much more modern Galaxy but these didn't seem much better, if at all, and could have been over double the price. I paid under £180 for my S3.
Big and positive upgrade on the S2. Was concerned about comments I had read with regard to battery life but have not found this a problem getting 2 days battery life at the weekend and very rarely drops below 40% before charging each night on weekdays. (Having said that definitely less battery life compared with the S2 when new).
I have just placed an order for a 2nd S3 for my wife whose S2 seems to be playing up as did mind , strange both should have a similar fault (built in possibly?).
If my S3 gives me 3 years reliable service I won't complain.
I downloaded and used Samsung's smart switch app on both my S2 and S3 to transfer content and that worked perfectly as well.
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on 1 July 2012
The phone works well but im no expert there are many expert reviews on line.From a practical point of view i think the phone is too slim making the phone uncomfortable to hold and you never feel you have a good grip on the phone so i would recommend ordering a case of some sort to give the phone a bit more bulk.For the first couple of days it seemed wherever i put my fingers i was either turning the phone to standby or changing the volume setting or accidently running my fingers across the back button which was annoying but now im starting to automatically put my fingers in the right places.It is possible to peel off the back of the phone with just your fingers and once you have done it once you realize the back wont break.Holding down the home key for a couple of seconds even when in an app will bring up the Task Manager allowing you to close unused apps plus other manager features as well.If you intend using the phone on line for a couple of hours during the day or watching a film on line expect the battery to drain quickly you could easily drain the battery in four hours.Samsung have spent time developing power saving modes for the phone but i dont understand why they cant add a second battery to the phone allowing one to be used for on line functions and the other battery for calls.You could buy a [powergen juice pack 8400 mah]which can charge the battery a few times if your out and about.
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on 16 January 2014
This review is probably a little late, as I've had the phone for a year and a half now, but this phone has been a great sidekick. Its taken a bunch of medium-height drops, but hasn't even flinched, even when I was expecting it to at least reboot. The software is impecable, you will love the smart alarm feature, gently wakes you up out of your sleep to some really nice sounds. 2 GREAT, GREAT points about this phone, which I can't stress enough, is that is has an internal / local Calendar and Contact storage, none of this cloud crap. Takes great pictures, has an actual menu button (something lacking from more recent phones). A little caveat is that the screen takes a second longer than it should to turn on / wake up, but, small price. Great phone, will probably have this for another year at least.
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