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on 3 July 2012
Had mine for just under a month - Go to the pool every weekday 40 minute swim, 10 minute Jacuzzi, 20 minutes in the Sauna.

** UPDATE ** Do not take into the Sauna ** cooked mine and it's knackered now. (Good job I got two of them :))

Second one only lasted two weeks so dropping get a star.

Thing is very solid and seems to be well built.

Worth a punt at this price :)

Asked one of the girls in the office to guess the price - she started at £40.

Manual is in comedy english and it has an FM Stereo too - but couldn't get any FM Radio in the spa I was in - may work OK at the beach (open air).

Battery seems to lose the charge occasionally but I think that's because I haven't always turned it off properly - I blame the manual ;)

update - still going strong but have had to replace the headphones (actually bought another one of these and used the headphones from it).

Suggest you apply some white electrical tape over the join where the cable links to the headphone jack - the cable covering is very thin and it seems to give way here. This should relieve the breaking strains where the cable get's bent and eventually the cable cover exposes the wires.
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on 29 January 2013
Initially, I loved it. So easy to use, good battery life and room for loads of my favorite tunes. However . . . 3 months down the line and it no-longer works. It started going wrong when I struggled to turn it off, then I had problems recharging it (at first my pc stopped recognising it)then finally today, although the lights showed life, no music could be heard.So all in all, about 2 months worth of good satisfactory, loving it totally, raving about it etc etc, now in the position of buying another, dearer mp3 for my morning swim.
Gutted!!!! :(
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on 28 October 2012
I'm going to break my review down into positive and negative points. First the positive:


1. The price at the time of purchase was £5, so a total bargain.
2. It's waterproof to 10 meters.
3. It seams to be fairly robust.
4. Easy to use.
5. Comes complete with waterproof earphones, plus a few other extras.
6. 2 gig capacity plus a built-in radio tuner.


1. It only has 3 buttons, the track forward button is also the volume up button etc.
2. The earphones supplied are the type that you have to shove right inside your ear.
3. Though the mp3 playing function is easy to use the radio tuner isn't.
4. The instruction manual is less than useless.

To sum up, it's well worth the price.
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on 15 August 2012
I got this to see if I would use it before spending on a more expensive one. I am not sure I will bother with the more expensive one, this is really fine and excellent value. The earphones aren't that good but the ones you get with mp3 players never are and at £4 I can easily afford to buy a more expensive pair. It comes with an arm band that I haven't used, there are plastic ties round the device that I attach easily to the straps on my swimsuit. A man might use the arm band more. People have mentioned about older pcs, but I have used it with my 5 year old pc at work and my 7 year old laptop at home, both running XP, without any difficulty whatsoever. I get a message saying it would run faster with USB2, but it still works fast enough and is really easy to use. Overall, I am really pleased with it.
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on 29 June 2012
I bought 2 of these one for me and one for my mum and i have to say very nice well boxed. The headphones are very nice does not hurt and comes with 3 clip on's but as a man what am i going to clip it on to but it did come with a nice wrist belt to tie it to your wrist it says 2gb but when you plug it to your computer and check properties it is 3.7gb so win win
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on 6 June 2013
As mentioned before the instructions are useless.
The player does work the sound is ok but I can only get it to play the two (awful) pre recorded tracks. When I plug the player in to the computer it says the files are there but all it will play are those two tracks over and over again. They don't appear on the file list so I can't even delete them! If anyone can help I'd be grateful but otherwise this is a waste of money.
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on 17 August 2012
Training in the pool, length after length gets boring. Just like running, having music to pace yourself for long distance swinning is great.
This came really quickly, does everything it should and my mate bought one from this same seller too. Thank you, cant reccomend you enough.
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on 4 September 2012
I'm loving this MP3 player - it's making swimming so much more fun.
It's easy enough to load up some tunes. I haven't tried the radio and probably wont - I don't think there'd be good reception in our pool.
I had to mess around a little to fix them to my goggles and fold up all the wires. Having done that I decided I would just leave the player permanently attached to the goggles, so have bought a second pair of goggles for use on those occasions when I don't want to use the MP3 player.
I got the player at the super cheap price of £4. I suspect that price won't last since other sites are selling them at £20+
I liked it so much that I've bought another 2 for friends. I'll be giving them as extra little Xmas presents. At this price you really can't go wrong.
Almost forgot - the only thing I wasn't keen on was the bright red light which comes on when the player is in use. It makes me feel like terminator or robo-cop when I'm swimming up and down the pool. So I've covered up the light with a little bit of black tape. Sorted!
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on 21 September 2012
Firstly I can't comment on longetivity but base this review up to the current date as if anything changes I will update my review.

So I bought these for under £5 at the time and had to read the description several times to make sure this was actually an underwater MP3 player with 2GB space. And I am pleased to say it is. :)

The item comes with the MP3 player with straps to hold on to your goggles, some headphones, two spare ear pieces, an armband, and a USB cable and some clips to hold the headphones on the your goggles (don't think I've missed anything). Oh, it comes with a manual too, it's good for a laugh but it's pretty useless otherwise :) "turn power on and flash" - eh?

Anyway the sound for underwater is perfectly good enough, it's loud enough (I swim front crawl and could hear the music fine) and the headphones never fell out. The ear pieces did fall off though before getting in the pool so be careful with that.

The headphone length was a bit on the long side so I made my own way of attaching these to my goggles. Got rid of their ties, cable tied them to my goggles and wrapped the headphone wire around the MP3 player several times so there was just enough length to fit one in each ear. I look a bit stupid swimming, almost as if I have a flashing shotgun cartridge attached to the back of my head, but what do I care? Bargain. :) it also charges via USB, charge (according to the trusty manual) lasts 1 and a half hours.

Oh and regards to file transferring - it's easy. Just read most of the other reviews. Plugin in the USB cable, turn it on. Done. If a window doesn't appear trying going to "My computer" to view the list of drives and it should be listed there.
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on 17 October 2012
I'm very happy with this little player ... I don't go swimming but i lost my last player when i was drenched in a heavy downpour recently ... it is solid and well made. The controls are a little fiddly but simple to use once i became familiar with it. Once it is set it will not easily be changed in my pocket like some others i have had and because it is waterproof sand or dirt will not harm it so it's great for the beach or muddy conditions. the FM reception is good and the battery life will last all day on a full charge. It charges easily from a plug in charger and files are easily transferred by drag and drop ... all in all i am very happy with this product it is not at all flimsy and the sound reproduction is of good quality with the provided ear buds ... I have used some of my other earphones and this too is a good sound ... it's well worth the £4 i paid for it i have seen others advertized 15 or 20 times this cost without a radio... 2GB is plenty of space to keep me entertained ... i'm hoping it will last me a long time due to it's good construction. I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a basic but robust player.
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