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  • Customer reviews

Customer reviews

4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars

on 27 October 2014
Appears to be a very well made product. I use it as a lock for out the back of my house, which is quite private and I'm sure it would be enough to deter would be thieves/burglars, as it would make their life very difficult, unless they were well prepared. The lock is very heavy, which is good and bad. Good that it's sturdy. Bad that it will either add significant weight to the top bar of your bike (raising the centre of gravity) or mean that you have to ride with a pack-back everywhere. I don't typically leave my bike in public for any length of time and for this reason I wish I had got a combination lock version. The keys barrels are more sturdy, so re good if you leave your bike outside during works hours, but if like me you can store your bike inside at work and just want to stop at a shop on the way home and not have your bike stolen. Long term I think I will use this as a lock for home and get a smaller combination lock for quick shop stops
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I purchased this item for my son to use on the bike we purchased for him to celebrate his 13th birthday, which with its allow wheels, alloy frame and disk brakes I felt warranted the purchase of a capable lock to protect an expensive purchase.

On arrival, the item felt very heavy, but reassuringly heavy and robust. It comes with two keys, with the option to use a key safe facility to obtain a replacement: oh dear, restricted to the US and Canada only, so no good for us. So onto installation. Personally I found it a bit fiddly to install, but we did fix it onto the frame in the one place it amost fitted; thankfully whilst the locking bar didn't fit perfectly into the bike frame, the mounting mechanism can be adjusted to allow you to insert the locking bar in at an adjustable angle which does not interfere with my son's pedalling motion.

So how does it perform? Fine the locking bar works as it should with the added benefit of the flex being inserted through the frame and wheel(s); providing that you take the front wheel off and place is parallel to the rear wheel. It would deter all but the most determined thief from stealing it.

So why only 4 stars rather than 5? I suppose I waivered a bit, but whilst it is reassuringly heavy and I am sure strong, it feels a bit too heavy, even without the flex and I suppose the lack of the key safe element made me go for 4 rather than 5 stars for this product. Would I purchase another one for our other bikes if needed? Yes I think that I would, certainly it more that provides the security that I feel essential to secure an expensive bicycle and it would be hard to better at the price.
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on 14 November 2016
I read recently that 25% of cyclists in Nottingham have had a bike stolen, so I decided to upgrade my very poor flex lock with this. I'm sure with the correct tools my bike could be stolen quite quickly, however, it would be an awful lot louder and harder than if I was still using the flex I previously had. The lock gets a bit stuck sometimes, but I usually find I just have the key upside down. Generally happy, bike not stolen let. Let's hope it stays that way.
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on 29 July 2016
Been using this for a while now. Its a good strong lock with three main niggles. The cable isn't covered by the warranty (why do that?!). The ends of the cable haven't been well cut or covered, i've jabbed myself in the finger a few times with the metal wires, very painful. Lastly, the whole straight part of the D comes off, I expected it to be hinged on the non-locking side, instead it's a slightly curved metal prong that entirely comes out of the hole. The doesn't exactly make it a bad lock, just makes it a bit more fiddly to use unless both hands are totally free.
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on 2 October 2017
Bought this to add additional security to an expensive mountain bike. A little concerned, as the cable is basically not covered by the insurance/guarantee, which would suggest that it is vulnerable... Great for securing the bike and the clip-off wheels for short periods, there is the possibiltiy someone can cut through the cable for the clip off wheel.. Hence the 4 stars
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on 24 May 2014
excellent lock and shackle cable the key has a slide cover it's well built just a bugger to attach to your frame, I would advise watching internet videos on how to... it took me two attempts but it eventually went on it's little fiddly but great once intact, I would advise also putiing the shackle bolt through your front spokes and main frame so it prevents your wheel being nicked and then shackle the cable through your rear wheel there is plenty of length so it could also pass through an item that you wish to attach the bike to, it's a weighty item and falls under the silver insurance band on most insurers great buy excellent price would highly recommend
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on 27 January 2014
I won't go on about this actual lock because most people know it's good value but what really confuses me is all the complaints about the bracket being difficult to install on a bike..I don't get why so many people had the same problem..I usually mess up things like installing bike accessories, making mistakes with simple instructions etc so I was worried i was going to mess this up so when I looked at this without looking at the instructions I could see there's only a strap, a piece of plastic and one allen key so i put the strap on the bike the way it was curled naturally, there's clearly a space for the strap to go through..then there's a screw on the plastic piece and a place a screw can go though on the metal part on the strap so it made sense to screw it there so all I had to think about was making sure there was enough room to put the lock on when it was installed..This took all of 2 minutes...and then about 20 minutes wondering why people had problems and wondering if I missed something..it turned out it was fine after a long cycle on and off road the things was still on solid.
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on 20 May 2017
The bracket for attaching to your bike is awesome. It does no damage to the frame and has stayed tight since i bought it months ago. If you are not very clever and cant read then you may struggle without instructions. Dont be a man, read and its easy to fit. The lock is easy to open and close with the key. The cable is very springy and is a pain to wrap up and attach to anything.
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on 16 June 2017
it would be great if the manufacturer could make the locking mechanism easy to use - caveat emptor - getting the key and the lock to work together is a never ending struggle - the manufacturer seems to acknowledge this because the accompanying blurb advises to always insert the key in the advised manner but even then one will end up having to re-insert the key several time before the locking mechanism and the key engage and the lock opens - good luck
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on 31 August 2017
Great general bike lock. Comes with a 'D' lock and about 4ft of sturdy cable in a protective, clear, plastic coating. Also comes with a holder that can be mounted onto your bime frame and 2 keys.

This product is made of good quality materials with a smart looking finish. The key locking mechanism is smooth and secure.

For a general bike lock, this serves me perfectly. I recommend this product.
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