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on 10 October 2016
John Wayne made some of the best Western films e.g. "The Searchers." He also exemplified the self assured, confident, heroic leader with ingrained values of truthfulness, fidelity and commitment to duty. The screen John Wayne was a stoic warrior who had experienced the heat of battle and did not flinch. He was a consummate actor who worked hard to perfect his craft. That was the screen image and that is what produced the icon revered by millions.

This book reveals, in often painful detail, the real life of the insecure serial adulterer, alcoholic, wife abuser, draft dodger and a bully who quickly yielded when challenged. The real life John Wayne was an emotional mess who was a neglectful parent demanding obedience to petty rules from his family. He was sometimes clinging to a degree that drained his wives.

He did have one major redeeming feature and that was his brave fight against cancer and his admirable efforts to support cancer research and encourage other suffers. I think it was T.S.Eliot who said, "The artist who creates and the man who lives are distinct." Never was this more true than with John Wayne. But it must be said that he displayed a reckless courage and indomitable will in fighting and ignoring the debilitating effects of his cancer
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on 21 October 2017
I wonder if the author had yet to make up his mind whether he was writing a biography or a character assassination. John Wayne was a flawed character which any fan already knew, but I think this author was too keen on passing on his personal opinions. I also got pretty annoyed at his need to repeat and reinforce a "fact" in case the reader was too slow to get the point. All in all an interesting read, but it could have been a lot better, and also the extremely dire proof-reading and formatting made it a struggle to make sense of a lot of sentences. I am still a fan of John Wayne and this book has made me want to revisit a lot of his old movies - read it if you are prepared to overlook some of the more damaging aspects of this "biography".
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on 6 October 2016
Some good insights into his character but that is about it. Once you've learned about his excessive drinking and smoking, having it mentioned every few pages becomes tiresome. I've recently read a couple of biographies written by Sheridan Morley. He makes for a far better attempt at bringing the person to life and it's a shame he didn't write this one.
However, this pales into comparison when you consider how appalling the formatting is for this book on Kindle. It's as though someone cut and pasted all the text without thought to how it might appear. And did it in their lunch break to get it over with so they could get down to some real work. My six year old kid could have done better.
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on 1 January 2018
As kids in the 1940s John Wayne was one of our heroes. Westerns were big and Wayne was tops as a Hollywood cowboy. The problem for Wayne was that he set himself up as an American icon. Reading this interesting account reveals Wayne's insecurities, his drunkenness and his womanising. Today he would probably have ended up in court. But all this it hasn't change my view of the 1940s cowboy we admired in films because even as schoolchildren we distinguished between Hollywood and reality.

This is not pulp writing. It is a very detailed and honest account of the mismatch between the man and the icon. It is good read in spite of the many (easily ignored) typos. There are also powerful depictions of the machinations of the Hollywood film industry.

I enjoyed the book very much. A fully recommended long read of 550 pages.
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on 15 November 2016
It's a very good biography but the standard of typing to Kindle is absolutely disgusting. Every sentence finishes in a number, whole sentences typed in one continuous word, hard to decipher. I'm making a complaint to Amazon to ensure better presentation, typing, paragraphs and proof reading on ALL THEIR KINDLE BOOKS! Please assist by making your complaint against Kindle
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on 22 March 2017
Thought the book gave a slanted look how the author saw John Wayne ,not as another person would have seen him, that was perhaps close to him,thro the years .Hollywood as like most places that you either work at or stroll around can be a cruel place to be,you either get on with it and become part of it,or never get farther than its bottom run.must fight to be a good actor ,politician,a craps dealer and so on and become top. of your game and John Wayne certainly became one of them that fought his way to the top ,rest in peace never be forgotten ,not by my generation or by the next as long as they play his films ,long live the DUKE.
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on 29 July 2013
I'm a big John Wayne movie fan, and I bought this with a keen sense of anticipation, not having read any biographies of him. I was however, a little disappointed with the pace of the story. O.K., I've heard the tales of Wayne's character in real life, being at odds with that often portrayed in his films, but I felt that a large portion of this book was a catalogue of his films. I did enjoy some of the nuggets regarding his chauvinistic treatment of his wives, which were jaw dropping, in terms of how we have moved on (well, mostly!),compared to his treatment of his wives.
It certainly explains his penchant for Latin partners, who were generally more subservient, although he certainly met his match with one or two. He wasn't too fussy about their age either.
I also enjoyed the parts about his sensitivity over not joining WW2, and how certain directors never let him forget it.

I tried hard to like this book more, but I finished it, feeling that I knew little more about the man than I already did.
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on 2 July 2014
John Marion Wayne was that screen hero most people saw and liked. There were other aspects of his personality that didn't come across on screen. He was for instance a staunch political animal and lived his life accordingly. Married three times. Almost bankrupt himself financing The Alamo, the story line being one he clearly was proud of. This ebook will provide some insight to Wayne and for that reason I will recommend it suitable for the cowboy enthusiasts out there.
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on 2 February 2017
Theres few books around that I can say I couldn't. Put down .this was one I was addicted to from the start .this I recommend get it and enjoy
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on 14 March 2018
Yet another autobiography that tells the life of a film star with no holds barred. It gives a good portrait of his life and career. Most of it very surprising I have to say.
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