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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 23 July 2017
This film is awful in every single way, and I love it.

This is one of those films that you watch either by accident or because you have an annoying friend like me who keeps pestering you to give it a go (who saw it my accident).

The basic idea is that the Nazi’s left Earth at the end of WW2 and set up camp on the far side of the moon (as you do). They have been building spaceships and weapons ever since with the long-term goal of coming back to Earth and saving us from ourselves and putting us all under the thumb of the glorious Fourth Reich.

When a group of astronauts from Earth stubble upon them, the plan has to step up a gear.

Now you could for a moment assume that this is a serious sci-fi film set in the future.

You’d be wrong.

Think of it as a tiny step up from Sharknado in terms of quality. When I say tiny, I’m talking about an injured field mouse, trying to climb a tiny set of stairs in his tiny little house, level of step up.

That said, it’s ridiculousness is what makes it so enjoyable. The USA is run by a woman who doesn’t resemble Sarah Palin at all (my lawyers told me to write that), she's a gun loving crazy woman who makes Donald Trump look sane (giving you some idea just how bad she is). We have a whole host of bonkers Nazi’s who range from single minded and evil, to the typical crazy scientist.

Our two ‘heroes’ if you can call them that are one of the astronauts, James Washington, played by Christopher Kirby and one of the Nazi’s Renate Richter played by Julia Dietze. Washington is actually a model who is only on the moon as a political stunt to try and get the president re-elected. Renate is an idealist, the perfect Aryan beauty and the Nazi’s ‘expert’ on Earth.

The special effects are on a tight budget, to say the least, but you know what, they work, they’re good enough. For a film that doesn’t take itself seriously in any way shape or form, they’re exactly what you’d expect.

The music used is fun and again a little over the top. Let’s be honest everything about this film is over the top and ridiculous. It’s a stupid movie in every way that a film can be stupid.

Yet somehow, it’s funny.

I have always been a strong believer that the best way to deal with something awful, something evil, is to laugh at it. Look at the comedy made during WW2 making jokes at the expense of Hitler, yes, it’s awful by today's tastes, but if you can laugh at something it doesn’t seem so big and scary. Also, it annoys the hell out of them. I can only hope that the makers of this are brave enough to make a similar film about Isis, and let us laugh at those idiots as well.

I spent a couple of years in full-time education studying film, everything I was taught tells me that I hate this film. The acting is hammy, to say the least, the script is poor, the concept is ludicrous and the final film is every bit as crap as you’d think it is, but still after all that I really enjoyed it. There is something fun and over the top about it, it works in the same way that Danish singer Whigfield’s ‘Saturday Night’ did back in 1994 all across Europe, it was awful, yet for some reason, it was a hit.

If you can except that it’s rubbishing going in and that it doesn’t take itself seriously, this is a film I think a lot of people can get something from.

Go on give it a go, mad Nazi’s on the moon, and an idiot in charge of the USA, what’s not to love?
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on 9 January 2017
Excellent bluray edition for a very original and fun movie. Great making of documentary too.
And this version is well worth it. Its better than the original for sure as the extra 20 minutes add a lot to the general result. Great stuff.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon 28 June 2012
At times this film is uncomfortable. At times it's laugh out loud funny. It also shows just how far CGI has come and what can be done on a very small budget. The cast also know that the premise of the film is ludicrous and play it in an appropriate style that will make this as cult classic in a similar way to Dark Star [1974] [DVD], which was another low budget film that took the mickey out of the scifi films of the time.

All it's really missing is Mel Brooks; as he has the ability to make really uncomfortable concepts funny: Springtime for Hitler (The Producers) being one.

At times the script is weak, at others thought provoking, intelligent and complex. I'm not sorry I bought this, and it will find a diehard corps of fans who recognise it for what it is: i.e. a low budget spoof that hits the mark at times and has genuinely funny and thought provoking moments that will eventually be recognised as a classic of it's genre.
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on 5 July 2015
A Rollicking fun film. Stupid Yes! Ludicrous Undoubtedly but never the less very entertaining. If you found Mars Attacks fun you'll like this, if Dead Snow amused you you'll laugh out loud at this. Never mined it blatantly rewrites history brakes the basic laws of physics, is politically incorrect and pokes fun at the Germans, and the Americans, and just about everyone else and the story line is preposterous. It's just fun on so many other levels. Much in the same vain as early Woody Alan, though I didn't much care for him. Or maybe even Mel Brooks. You know how people quote Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy and Monty Python well geeks who've seen this are adding quotes from this to their repertoire now A sign of cult status.
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on 22 April 2016
I saw this other night and enjoyed it. Although as I expected its not a laugh out loud comedy but has enough laughs to entertain.
The film has social commentary - and true at that with comments about the US president being popular because of going into wars and a Sarah Palin lookalike as the President whose character is still dumb as the real woman!
Udo Keir speaks all his lines in German and the film in general is a madcap story of Nazis on the dark side ot the Moon and yep world domination time again!
Overall a lot of fun
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on 2 August 2014
Bought this at a very good price and DVD arrived very quickly. I have watched this and I have to say this is the most bonkers film I have ever seen. It is like a cross between a cheap Sci-Fi film, Benny Hill (there is lots of cleavage here) and a Mel Brooks film! The premise sounded quite appealing but the execution was bizarre. I am not sure if it was meant to be funny, but parts of it were and I feel that was unintentionally so. Watched it once and I feel that is enough for me.
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on 22 January 2016
A terrificly fun movie which manages to sock you with quite a few less than subtle satirical punches. Julia Dietze is blondishly gorgeous, but I think I prefer the wickedly seductive brunette spin-doctor. After all, a megolomaniac who can shoot straight ?
I love the fact that this production relied on the financial support of so many individuals and institutions, and that it was shot in scintillating black & white. Great stuff !
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on 9 January 2015
The film is more or less nonsense which is the 3 stars.The more interesting point is the soundtrack which is by "LAIBACH" although unless you are a fan of this particular band that will mean nothing to you.I bought the film only because of the involvement of the band and most laibach fans will have done likewise regardless of the quality of the film itself.

Be carefull if looking to buy the steelbook blu ray version - these are foreign (not UK ) releases.That fact is not stated in the main title of the listing but under format.
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on 20 June 2014
This movie is great and features big effects, yet was made on an incredibly small crowd-sourced budget by independant movie makers. The best way to describe it is a Finnish Carry On movie, set in the future about Nazis from the Moon. Great ideas, fantastic visuals (Nazis never went digital, they're still on steam and clockwork) and hilarious satirical take on today's politics.
Not the greatest movie you'll ever see, but if you like sci-fi and you like to see evil Nazis getting beaten, you'll love it.
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on 2 December 2014
I was attracted by the reviews mentioning the humour, the irony and the political satire. But, having just watched the film I feel simply that I have been bludgeoned by a mass of badly written, half baked, stereotyped glop with truly inconstant story writing. The holes in the plot put a colander to shame. I've decided to be nice and give two stars because the concept was good, and so was some of the shooting. I nearly gave it one star because I felt the central black character was stereotyped to the point of racism but I am willing to accept that this was intended as ironic comment on stereotypes rather than simple bad writing. I hope I'm right on that one.
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