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Customer Reviews

4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 10 August 2012
I can but agree with the previous reviewers that this is a LONG overdue but very welcome re-issue of this great album.
Anyone listening to The Ruts at the time or in retrospect could see the definite progression from "The Crack" to "Rude Boys/Love In Vain" to "West One". This was a great band with the potential to "go places". Whilst many people mourn the tragic early deaths of "Rock Stars", in truth, many of them have already "had their day" in terms of musical influence and originality. But in the case of Malcolm Owen, it is easy to see that there was potentially so much more to come for The Ruts had Malcolm been able to overcome his well publicised "problems". Enough said on that matter.
This album proves that point. Painful, introspective, hopeful, bitter, joyous......... and a million other misunderstood emotions come out in this fine collection of songs.
A bit of Rock, a touch of Punk, Jah Dub, Rockabilly..... yes, a little bit of everything and a whole lot of wonderful.... Great stuff.
And even more than ever, "We are in the hands of Dangerous Minds......"
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on 27 September 2012
It's been a long wait for this one to be re-issued, and one of the few albums that I missed at the time that I have been looking for on CD. The Ruts were a brilliant band, and I was lucky to see them live one time back in the day - superb gig! So I was wondering what this would be like. It's a really good album with new influences on the old sound. Obviously without Malcolm's vocals it sounds a bit different, and with several singers it takes a bit of getting used to. I'm giving it 4 stars cos it doesn't quite compete with the original band, but as a next step it is well worth a listen. Would love to have seen how they would go about this in a live scenario. Long live The Ruts.
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on 6 August 2012
So, after umpteen years of waiting & wondering why this brilliant album had never been re-issued onto CD, it's finally here... And was it worth the wait? Oh, yes!!!
For those of you who're fans of the RUTS catalogue but have never ventured beyond, this is basically what the official 2nd RUTS album might've sounded like had poor old Malcolm not met his unfortunate fate... You can hear them stepping in this direction on the RUTS classic "West One (Shine On Me)", and the songs on here are just fantastic post-punk, angst-ridden gems one-and-all.
The vocals are shared amongst the 3 remaining Rutsters, and their musicianship rides high throughout, but now also featuring the added bonus of gratuitous sax courtesy of Mr Barnacle.
Personal faves for me include "Mirror Smashed", "Despondancy", "Different View" and the obligatory reggae rub-a-dub of "Fools", but really every song is wonderful. The period-7" has both A + B sides included as bonus cuts, so you really can't go wrong with this re-issue.
The following year they dubbed-out 100% with the (then) sublime "Rhythm Collision Vol. One", but here you can still recall the origins of this criminally over-looked outfit. And once you hear the lyrics to "Parasites", you begin to realise that maybe Virgin Records had an axe to grind by leaving this album hidden in the vaults for all these years since its original release in 1981...
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on 19 January 2015
I just wanted to add my voice to the existing reviews. This is definitely one of the most criminally under-rated albums ever. I suppose when you're known as a "punk" band you really can't start adding synths to your music and remain credible in the eyes of a fickle, narrow-minded public. But this record deserves much more than to be treated like that because it is, in every way, the logical next step for Ruts after The Crack and the brilliant singles that followed it.

I remember when I got hold of the single, Different View, which came out a few weeks before the album (if my memory is correct). It absolutely blew me away and with the blistering Formula Eyes on the B side, remains one of my two favourite singles of all time. (The other is The Spizzles' Dangers of Living b/w Scared, also criminally under-rated.) It really built my expectations for the album and, unusually when expectations are so high, Animal Now delivered in spades.

The first side of the LP is perfect! The album version of Different View is even better than the single and the way Side 1 builds towards it is magnificent. Side 2 is a bit more of a mixed bag. I'm not a fan of reggae but I always liked the way Ruts did a reggae song instead of a ballad so I can live with Fools, even though it is never going to be a favourite. Walk or Run is another matter, feeling like a fish out of water with it's 50's rock'n'roll vibe. Still, I'll never knock a band for trying different things and it's not a terrible song. And all is forgiven when the full intensity of Parasites kicks in, it is a gem of a closer that makes you want to turn the LP over and listen to it all again (or press play with this CD version). The two sides of the single are included as bonus tracks which is a great inclusion.

I love this album, it easily makes my personal all-time top ten. Even without Malcolm Owen's distinctive voice, Paul Fox's brilliant and somewhat unique guitar makes it instantly recognisable as the same guys who brought you Babylon's Burning and West One (Shine on Me). If you don't like synths, you need to get over it because this album is every bit as good as The Crack and deserves to be in everyone's collection.
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on 28 September 2014
There just aren't enough Ruts albums in the world. Malcom Owen's passing could have spelt the end of the band, but luckily messrs Fox, Jennings and Seggs carried on. This album has a slightly different feel to the earlier material. I played ir recently to someone who thought it was Magazine or Department S. After 'Animal Now', Ruts DC sound became more Dub orientated .
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on 26 November 2014
Firstly I agree with the other reviews - I've been listening to a cd copied from my vinyl for years!! Yeah, my older ears appreciate the 'newer' sound quality.... And, if you all don't mind I'd like to share my 'ruts experience', especially as a tribute to the BEST band I've ever seen : first time at Stonedhenge 1980........They came on just after midnite on sunday morning and played till just before dawn... dressed in Clint Eastwood raincoats, they strutted and they strutted, playing the most amazing sound - I was with my Swedish partner, we got through 4 bottles of homemade potato wine, we flew........
later on, in the afternoon, we were sat on one of the mounds, next to the stones, 'feeling the Henge', and a guy sitting behind us, started playing his guitar, then singing - Kicki and I, and the guy, seemed in a kinda bubble 'cause nobody around us moved....He stopped, after quite a while, so I turned round, curious.... it was Malcom Owen.......He smiled at me when I muttered "thankyou"....
Kicki and I cried again, when we heard of his loss, but the beautiful memory remains and I STILL love their music......
And in august, there they were again, at Beautiful Days festival - In a Rut in Devon....One Love dk-ing, formerly dj-ing
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on 21 September 2013
I bought this off the back of the Rhythm Collision CDs - closer in sound to the original Ruts but then that's no bad thing! The two (later) Rhythm Collision CDs are dancier (Vol 1) and, what I believe some may call, more smoking/meditational (Vol 2). I'd go as far to say buy Vol 2 first, Vol 1 second and then revisit the entre Ruts back catalogue to see where it all comes from. Magic!
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on 29 June 2012
Been waiting ages for this, my vinyl copy had just about been played to death so getting this on cd was a no-brainer.
sounds fab makes a change from some cds today which have been ripped from an old crackling vinyl record.
nice booklet inside and lyrics to the songs.
only downside is that there,s only 2 bonus tracks but thats just my grumble...
if you love good music you,ll have bought this already
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on 21 August 2015
Sounds a bit odd after all the Ruts material, but still some good tracks and musicianship.
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on 12 January 2013
this debut album by the ruts dc has long been a firm favorite of mine and its great to see it finally getting a release on cd if you missed this on vinyl first time around by it now you wont regret it
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