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3.7 out of 5 stars
3.7 out of 5 stars
Colour Name: T6|Change
Price:£6.87+ Free shipping
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on 24 November 2013
If you worry about specifications and Lumens perhaps you should buy something else. If you want a torch that is amazingly bright for an amazingly low price then buy one of these and enjoy. Another reviewer compares it to the LED Lenser T7 and says its not as bright. I have one too and he is probably right but this one is 6.7 times cheaper and its almost as bight , produces a much more uniform light (without a halo) and is smaller & lighter. Some people seem to worry that it doesn't come with an instruction manual but if you can't figure out how to put a battery in a torch then you seriously need help (all batteries in torches go +ve terminal towards the led).
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on 23 May 2013
This bad boy is very bright and the battery lasts for a long time. It makes my old school maglite look like a sawn-off scaffold pole with a firefly glued to the end.
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on 20 August 2014
Ok so I had some change spare on an Amazon voucher I had acquired and decided to take the plunge to buy a cheapy CREE torch. This seemed to be the cheapest with good reviews and so I bought it.

About 2 weeks later it arrived all packaged nicely but slightly misleading also. One of the main reasons for buying was the pictured case in the product images. I assumed that I would recieve this but alas I have not - I have forwarded this issue onto the seller for questioning nonetheless and shall update my review to this.

Anyway, looking at the torch it looked considerably bigger than the previous torch I had. My previous one also stated it was a CREE lense but was considerably smaller and took a single AA battery. Now, the listing lists it takes a AA battery which is not only misleading but false information. The torch does infact take a single 18650 LI-Ion battery which are not only rare in the UK but you need to order from abroad. I did also buy the torch because of it's AA battery claim, annoyed that I then had to spend an extra £4 to get batteries. I mean it wasn't that bad, I managed to pickup 2x1860 3000mAh Ultrafire batteries with a dual charger and EU 2 Pin to UK 3 Pin converter for just over £4.50 which wasn't so bad as I didn't pay anything for the torch.

So, after that annoyance, I received the batteries today and charged them up. Once charged I put them in by unscrewing the end where the button is and flicked it on. To my surprise? THE brightest torch I have ever had. Literally, the previous CREE torch I had was a similar design and function but must have been around 200 - 300 lumens, to me that was THE brightest torch I had but this just blows it out of the water - this has got to be close to the 600 range. I'm not an expert and really don't know anything about lumen doohickys but I'm sure it's got to be close to the 1000 lumens statement.

Now, one bit that is very interesting and annoying to figure out was it's claim of different modes. Strobe, dimming and a slow paced flash. Nowhere was this mentioned and no instructions were given to me. It turns out to use these modes you have to slightly push the button in and retract, this will change the mode. To return to full brightness simply cycle through. Additionally, the neck extends to 'zoom' in the lense and create a more focused beam which is nice, a bit stiff though so you make have to use extra pressure. One thing I haven't tested though is the run time, being a bright torch and a 3000mAh battery it may only last an hour but I can't really say for sure 100%.

Overall, it's a nice product. Has many different functions and modes which my previous torch did not have. It's VERY VERY bright too so if you're like me, don't know anything about torches and want something bright and portable then my suggestion is to buy this one.

I have given this 4 stars because I still think it's a cracking piece of kit but the misleading listing details just didn't make that right. To be told it takes AA batteries then needing to order special li-ion batteries is a bit annoying if you ask me. Unless they are AA batteries and just a different type, who knows?
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on 17 March 2013
There are a couple or more flash lights that are of this style. This one takes the ubiquitous 18650 rechargable battery which with a charger is under a tenner. This makes this little light sub £20 all in which for the performance is quite excellent. I have a similar one which is powered by a single AA which although half the output is also excellent but with fewer features (great bug out lamp as you are running common primary cells)

As for the lumen output - dont worry. All claims are exaggerated in this regard. Just be happy that this kind of power from a device many times the size of this one would have been impressive only a short time ago. I spent £30 ten years ago on a hand held lamp by Dr Optik because it gave a beautiful even light from its aspherical lens. It was a badly made unreliable thing. This one is cheaper, better made and gives a room-filling white light through an aspherical lens; hell I can take photos with it.

Yes the chip projects its own square image when zoomed fully - so what? You've a square beam not a round beam at distance. Get over it. Half press the tail switch and you get sequentially - full, half and something less (great for reading), SOS at full brightness, and defence strobe. Leave the light turned off for more than 30secs and it resets itself to 'full power' at the next turn on. Neat.

Uses: I guess the SOS strobe could be useful for walkers as it can be seen for miles. The defence strobe mode is certainly visually stunning and would deter an attacker/dog, but without an emergency switch to turn it on (you have to cycle through all the modes) its not exactly well thought out.

There are a range of mounts for this style of light available to cyclists and shooters and I would use it for both; it IS that bright.

Run-time I cannot attest to yet. I'm guessing at this brightness with a decent capacity 18650 (yes they vary enormously in capacity and quality which affects output as well as duration)you should be looking at an hour-ish.

If you are impressed by brands then go for something more expensive, but if you are impressed by value for money (as opposed to price) then this little beauty is worth a look. Bear in mind that even your branded stuff is made in PRC!

Happy hunting
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on 21 January 2013
his little torch is quite bright if you are only used to old fashioned bulbs.
Cree LEDs are fantastic.
However it overclaims its light output..if you buy a proper led cree that outputs to 1000 lumens you would be paying £60 -£100 pounds from a reputable torch specialist.

Im guessing this is outputting perhaps 2-300 lumens which is useful................but not 1000.
Amazon should not let sellers get away with false claims and should take action to make sure that sales claims are correct.
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on 12 October 2012
I was looking for a small but very bright torch to keep in the car.
This torch seemed to fit the bill, being quite short and compact, and with a claimed 1000 lumens I thought it would be ideal.

However on testing it with a new 18650 (recently charged) 18650 battery (Weiss - decent quality) the torch produces much less light than my 200 lumens LEDE Lenser P7.
Also, when in "spot" mode, you can see the shape of the LED chip, i.e the bright spot is square with lines all over it. This is not very good, although you can de-focus it a bit so this isn't quite so apparent.

All in all the torch seems quite robust but the light output is overstated by at least a factor of 10x!!!
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on 5 August 2014
The torch is well made and seems OK but it DOES NOT TAKE AA BATTERIES.

This is in the description 'Battery Configuration:1 x AA battery (not included)'

I emailed the supplier and they have informed me that it takes 18650 batteries. These are rechargeable batteries and with the charger will cost you over £25!!!


It is well made though so maybe I can knock nails in with it or prop a door open or something.
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on 3 June 2013
Although it states Flashlight Torch 18650, the 18650 batteries supplied with charger and spare batteries I bought do not fit the torch. After an email to battery supplier, they tell me the torch I purchased takes an AA battery, and not the 1850 battery, which to any buyer reading the product write-up will also be misled.

I have since contacted the Torch supplier to ask for a model that will take the 18650 batteries I have bought, and their reply was, a torch is no longer available due to technical problems. Great, now I have 4 x 18650 batteries that are of no use to me. No point in rating this, as I have nothing to rate it for
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on 3 January 2013
Brilliantly bright torch, small and lightweight! Perfect for those dark nights! Easy to change from the wide beam to the focussed intense beam.
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on 17 April 2016
1, As Described it will only take the Very powerful , 1x 18650 li-ion battery, Which is not included, With this Torch
The size Dimensions of this Cree XML-T6 Flashlight are 11.5 x 2.2 x 2.2 cm. and 2 cm longer when front is pulled out,
2, And now for the best part. I was amazed at the Brightness of this small Torch ,Will fit in a small pocket or bag.
They describe it as having 910 Lumen , I am not sure what this means All I know it is Very Bright light for the size.
3, To fit the battery just Twist the bottom near the clip to expose the battery bay. There is a small O ring to keep it watertight ?
Press the press button on the bottom to operate the torch to switch it on.
4, Lightly press the press switch to change between 1 of 3 modes FULL, DIM, FLASHING
Pull the lens out at the front to Widen or Narrow the beam of light. 30m or more in distance. Great.
There is a SOS strobe, could be useful for walkers as it can be seen for miles Simple operation.
I have used this small Flashlight for a long time and stills works like new.
I would Recommend this Great little torch and very bright too, well worth the money
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