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on 6 June 2012
I bought this case as it enables me to hold the iPad securely while standing using only one hand meaning I can use the other hand to operate the iPad (having nearly dropped my iPad a couple of times this seemed like a sensible idea).

Makes the iPad usable while standing
Real leather handle (which smells amazing) and is adjustable
Plastic back and front covers feel robust and protective
All iPad ports and speaker are still accessible.
Works with the Apple Smartcover

The clip on screen cover offers great protection to the screen while travelling but you need to find somewhere to put it before being able to use the iPad. Something more integral to the case would be better; I ended up using it with my existing smartcover as that still stays attached.
Similarly the stand is very useful for watching movies/standing the iPad on the desk but as it fits on as an extra you need to make sure its with you.

Overall the case is great if you need to be able to use the iPad with one hand. The additional cover and stand are a bit clunky but they're available if you need them.
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on 25 October 2012
On arrival, I opened up the amazon package and was very impressed (again) with the high quality packaging provided by New Trent. As I've said previously, the apple accessories market is saturated with hundreds of different companies, all offering different qualities of product. If New Trent continue to put effort into the branding and packaging of their products, its a great way to differentiate from the crowd.

The box was content was pretty much as I expected. An inner sleeve protects the case from scratches, and a simple 1-page guide helped a lot. I somehow missed the included hard shell cover on the amazon product description, so this was a welcome bonus.

Having emptied the box contents, I set to work putting the kit together. This actually turned out to be a really simple 2 minute job. Just take the leather strap, loop through the back of the case and push the plastic 'stays' through the leather strap eyelets.

I actually received the grabbit at work, and didn't have an iPad with me. Despite the fact the instructions state the iPad keeps the strap in place, I found that it was kept in place regardless. I guess with any case, or holder you need to trust the item, so you're not expecting you're expensive iPad to hit the deck and die! The whole product feels like quality though, and I'd have no problem recommending it on that front.

The rear section of the case (where the leather strap attaches) offers good back coverage, but I felt the edges were a little bit exposed. This problem is lessened somewhat by the included hardshell screen cover, which covers pretty much all the exposed edges. The issue is therefore pretty much limited to those who want the leather strap back case, but don't want to be constantly adding to removing the screen cover. An ideal solution would be improved edge cover on the rear plate. I look after my gadgets, so the edge cover is not much of an issue for me, but I know others like as much of the device as possible to be under wraps.

Cut outs for the camera and speaker aside, the rear panel of the case is filled with a large circular cut out and rotation mechanism. This works well, and is both easy to turn and adjust, but stiff enough to remain at a set position. Theres also some setpoint at approx 90 degree gaps. In short, you can set whatever position you're comfortable with, and its really easy to adjust.

With an iPad in place, the leather strap really does help. I love my iPad, but its a bit heavy after prolonged use, especially sat in front of the TV. I found this a great balance aid, meaning I can hold comfortably in one hand, without dropping the thing! The strap itself is soft and comfortable, and with it being leather, looks expensive and well made. I'd have liked a choice of colours - either in the box, or at least different purchase options. I don't mind the red/brown personally, but options are always welcome.

In terms of adjustment, its available but limited. I didn't think I had particularly big hands, but I needed the leather strap fixed in large position. There's 2 positions at each end of the strap, giving a total of 3 different size options. I found medium too tight, but large absolutely perfect.

New Trent have also thrown in a Moviewall Clip. This has 2 functions and attaches through the hole in the back pane, under the leather strap. Firstly its a prop-stand holding the iPad close to vertically, and I found this very useful with my bluetooth keyboard. It can also be screwed to a wall and almost become a wall mounted dock! This I imagine would be great for watching a film.

After a few days use, I've found that as you might expect, the leather has loosened somewhat, and I'm now very grateful for the adjustment options, and the ability to tighten it!

This is a very good product, and although New Trent could have just chucked in a basic case with a strap, its clear they've thought about it, and thrown in additional features such as the clip stand, that other manufacturers would have charged for.

The case coverage could be better, and snapping the front hard shell case on and off is a bit annoying at times, but the benefits outweigh the annoyance by far.

As an idea, its simple, maybe even obvious, but I don't know of another manufacturer doing it. It's genuinely really useful and makes it much easier to hold the iPad one handed (no iPad mini required here!).
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on 6 February 2014
This product is well made and fits perfectly. I hoped it might let me use my IPad for stock taking. Unfortunately I have found that holding your wrist at this angle is uncomfortable and tiring. The folding Apple cover keeps your wrist at a more natural angle but the pad is quite heavy after a time. I still can't beat using a simple notepad and pen.
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on 5 October 2012
New Trent 'Grabbit' Great bit of kit to hold and use your ipad - it would have been better if the face cover could be interchangeable with the New Trent keyboard.

However - works fine and would buy it just for the ease of use - as to the stand, well its a bit of plastic that sticks into the back to hold the ipad upright, does the job, but nowt fancy.

At present it is on offer with a free a no bubble screen protector - it works very well, and easy to fit

overall I would buy it again if I needed one.
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on 18 July 2013
I was very eager to try out this innovative product for the iPad and unpacked the box and looked for instructions on how to fit the device - there wasn't any - but I suppose fitting three items together doesn't really need them and by looking at the case & the iPad it is blatantly obvious which way round the pieces fit together. The strap was fitted to the back case & once I had adjusted it to my hand - there are 4 possible positions for the strap - I fitted the iPad to the case. Very simple to do so - place the iPad over the case & push into place until it clips securely in place.

Using the Grabbit - the fact that the iPad could be rotated to any position was a big plus but I found the angle of my wrist when using the Grabbit holding the iPad on my lap quite uncomfortable, if I held the iPad up to my face then the Grabbit was comfortable to use but strange for me as I normally use my iPad on my lap. I did find the Grabbit useful when showing other people my iPad as it meant I wasn't holding any area of the screen & again could rotate the iPad with ease.

I especially liked the top cover attachment - this amply protected the iPad but was easy to fit and to remove. Also the clip to hold the iPad upright was easily fitted but had to be used on a hard surface - I tried to use my iPad in bed last night using the clip but the iPad would not stand up - on a table the iPad was OK.

Would I continue using the Grabbit - Not for me - the position I hold the iPad means that my wrist is bent over at an uncomfortable angle - I think that for anyone considering using this product must take into account how they hold & use their iPad - if you hold your iPad in front of your face and use it there then the Grabbit is fine, it will allow you to hold your iPad securely and easily but if, like me, you use your iPad on your lap then the Grabbit is uncomfortable to use for any length of time.

So in conclusion

For - easy to use, securely holds the iPad, allows easy rotation, great for showing someone else the iPad.
Against - uncomfortable to the wrist if using the iPad on your lap, the Movie Clip had to be used on a hard surface to hold the iPad upright.
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on 26 April 2014
Brought for a trade show as we have iPads on the stand. This made holding the iPad so much easier you just slip it on your hand and the iPad is safe. Both from being dropped and from someone walking off with it. Then back clips round the iPad tightly and feels very secure. On top of this you can turn the iPad round to suit what ever you are showing.

We liked it so much we ordered more while on the stand for future show. If you want to use a iPad standing up this is a must have bit of kit.

On top of this you can use the iPad clip on case and it comes with a stand whicmwas usefuke in the evening when on face time back home.
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on 9 October 2012
I am lost for words! The GRABBIT Case is absolutely amazing! Starting from the delivery of the item... It was packaged well, came in a Sturdy box which all the information and photos you need on the front of it. The setup of the item takes seconds... secure the leather strap to the pins/holders on the underside of the case, slot the IPad into it then you're ready to go! The IPad 2 fits in perfectly, its snug and extremely secure when inside the case. Looking at the back of the case, it looks great. Its solid plastic, perfectly formed in order to keep the relevant ports / speakers clear. The Leather Strap / Circular Grabbit on the back of the case works perfectly, it twists around without any problem, there isn't a limit to the twisting, you can twist and twist and it won't ever stop. I do like the circular hole in the back of the Grabbit as it shows the Apple Logo extremely clear! Oh and the leather Strap is good quality soft brown leather which is great, I wouldn't want a hard piece of leather on the back of the case. The Grabbit (Place where you slide your hand into) has 2 different size setting, people with large hands will be fine with this product.

I have taken this product out and about with me over the last few days! It's great for people who get the train especially... I have been people on the train holding their Ipads in all different ways, most of the time they looked uncomfortable. With the Grabbit, just slide your hand into the back of the product and you will extremely steady and won't have to move at all! When I was on the train, I actually got asked where I got the product from as a commuter was amazed by it! I of course highly recommended it to him, he said he will get the wife one too as she's constantly dropping hers! This product is great when lying in bed, you can hold it up above your head and not worry about it falling on top of you... You can use it whilst walking along the street and not worry about it falling out of your hand! I can see myself bringing the product on holiday, using it on the plane / beach!

Going onto the front of the case... Again its solid black plastic. Its fits very well onto the front of the product. I have shook the product up and down with the front case on and it has remained fully secure. The front screen looked great, especially as the logo is on the front of it. It definitely makes it look a lot better than having a plain black front.

Also in the box you get a Moviewall Clip. This can be slotted into the back of the case so it can be used for a free standing stand. For instance... Perfect if you want to use the IPad to watch Television, Movie... Once again it fits perfectly into the back of the case and can move around so you can have it at whatever orientation that you wish.

I am struggling to find any faults for this product.

For those of you that want a new, state of the art product which everyone will want once seen... This is the product for you! I am going to highly recommend it to all my friends who own IPads! It's worth every single penny! I have to say it's the best IPad case I have ever owned. Believe me I have had quite a few but this one beats them all!

What are you waiting for... Click order... You will not regret it!
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on 16 November 2012
This case is a great case. I am using it on an iPad 4 gen and it fit perfectly. It was very easy to install the strap on the case. The strap was a little uncomfortable at first but I have gotten used to it. The strap is adjustable for bigger and smaller hands. My only issue with this strap is its color. I don't like that its brown and it totally stands out on the black case. I wish they would have made the strap black so that it would blend in a little more. It also comes with a stand that you can attach to it so that the iPad can sit upright so that you can watch something on it. It's easy to snap on but it's a little difficult to take off when you don't want to use it anymore. There needs to be an easier way to use it. I thought I was going to break it. The front cover is great, it snaps on and off pretty easily and it protects the iPad.

I am a teacher and I use my iPad in the classroom all the time for assessments and taking notes. This case has been great because I don't need to use both hands to hold my iPad. I can now hold it with one hand and enter notes and scores while I am walking around, one suggestion I have is to lock the screen before you use the case because the screen will rotate with any movement you make. Overall this is a great product and I'm very happy to have this case.
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on 26 July 2012
This product is worthy of a solid 4 stars out of 5. The fifth star, unfortunately, will remain elusive - largely in part because of something that New Trent can't fix... but there are a few things small things that I think they could improve upon.

So, let me begin with the good/great:


1. It is wonderful to finally have a real grip on my iPad so that I can do work and/or play games.

2. Installing the strap is super easy, and it seems to be made out of real leather (it smells like real leather, at the very least).

3. The straps have three size settings - so it should be able to fit most people's hands. Small to average will fair well with this strap. Iwould hazard a guess that someone with super large hands (like an American basketball star) wouldn't fit the strap, but for the rest of us - it's easy to slide right on in

4. I had to work the plastic for about an hour to get the turning to be super smooth and slick - but after that, it has done well. The plastic turns and spins, and you can easily find a perfect position. Using an app in portrait mode? Spin it. Using an app in landscape mode? Spin it. It "locks" into place (doesn't really lock, just stops and is stable).

5. The case is designed to fit your smart cover (if you own one), or you can use the front cover that they provide (for travel, especially). The magnetic strip fits perfectly into the case (more on this later).

6. Plastic feels durable, and seems like it would hold up to small drops and children playing rough. (I gave it to my seven year old son for an hour on the smallest setting - and he loved it).

7. Comes with a plastic attachment (the Moviewall Clip ©) that can be used to hang the unit on the wall, or next to your computer. This can come in handy for hands-free movie watching and you want to mount it on the wall next to your bed, or maybe if you want to prop up the iPad on a bedside table, or on your desk so that you can use a wireless keyboard and mouse for productivity apps.


The cons, as I mentioned in my intro - come in two formats: 1) things that New Trent, they themselves, could improve; and 2) things that no matter what New Trent tries to do, because of the way the iPad is designed, and the apps are built - there is no fix that the manufacturer can make.

1. New Trent could improve: There are four points of contact to the back cover with the Grabbit strap. I am a geotechnical engineer, and my iPad is a field instrument - and I will admit that it has taken a few falls over time. My corners aren't 100% perfect (not really bad, but just not completely true and rounded). Four points of contact for the case seems OKAY, but I could see where New Trent could have added several additional
points of contact without interfering with the charging cable, the camera, the speakers, microphone, the smart cover or the home key. If the plastic came up and "hugged" the side and front of the iPad on either side of the iPad cable port home key (but not touching the speaker) - there would be two additional points of contact. Another two on either side of the camera and microphone would make it feel even more solid.

2. New Trent could fix: The directions make no mention of how to install or remove the Moviewall clip. You would almost think that it was an afterthought had the cover of the box not mentioned it. (BTW, it just snaps in, but I was dreading pulling it off for fear of breaking it... which I didn't.. but directions somewhere telling me not to fear would have been useful).

3. New Trent could improve: As is true with most of my gadgets these days... where do you put the pieces that you aren't using at that very moment - but that you intend to use soon? Without a case, or a place - where should I stash the Moviewall clip? The top of the case (which I don't use unless I'm travelling since I have a smart cover)? Why not make them attach to one another in some way. Maybe the Moviewall clip should be flat and convert into a protrusion for mounting? I don't envision keeping the box forever - so where do I put the add-ons in the meantime? Drawstring bag would be nice, and not terribly expensive - and another place NT could put their logo!

4. Apple issue (this causes mild annoyance - no fix possible by New Trent): So, as you can tell from the CON#3 listed above, I have issues with storage and needing to have all of my objects have a pre-defined place in my life. Where do I fit things in my bag? Where should I put something an object I temporarily remove if I want it back, and don't want to forget it? With my old iPad backing that fit my smart cover, I could still flip my cover and hold it against the back of the device and play my games. Again, the NT Grabbit handle is a billion times better and more comfortable than the old way of doing this. For many apps and games, I can flip the cover out of my way and work/play. Apple, however, has a ton of apps that work ONLY in portrait mode and in one direction only. For example, Hanging with Friends, Scramble, etc.. all only work in portrait mode with the image on screen only when the home key is at the bottom. For these apps, I wish that I were left handed! I am not, however, so when I hold the Grabbit in my left hand to use my right hand to play, the cover bumps against my left arm in a most annoying fashion. Eventually, it bothers me enough that I have to take it off. Today, I nearly left it at an appointment - because I forgot about it.

5. If you have iPad satchels and cases that are built to the exact specifications of an uncovered iPad, you will need to really squish the iPad in with the case and handle on.

It's a very straightforward and utilitarian device. It made my carpel tunnel issues feel better, immediately. My speed in some of my games improved dramatically since I wasn't gripping the device for dear life.

All in all, a very nice product that most anyone would enjoy. I would highly recommend it to someone who wants a better and improved way to hold their iPad for work and/or play.
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on 30 April 2014
A very beautiful case which fitted my Ipad perfectly. I would have given the case a 5 star rating if had a better stand. The stand is white and does not match the chrome finish. Also it wouldn't support the Ipad when it was placed vertically. The stand however worked perfectly when the ipad was horizontal. It it a shame that I had to return it.
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