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on 21 January 2013
I purchased six of these LED bulbs back in June 2012.
Two in cool white, four in warm white.
These six LED bulbs were installed in a spare room I had refurbished back then.
The LED bulbs were connected in pairs, two used as the room's main light (cool white) and the other two pairs as exhibition light pointed at paintings on the walls.

Probably the most efficient GU10 LED bulbs out there with the highest lumen output per watt consumed.
Bulbs producing a truly wide beam (120°) - perfect for general lighting (I never liked the narrow beams most GU10 bulbs produce - unless there is a specific reason for a narrow beam, it's usually annoying; blinding were it hits and dark everywhere else).
Exact same size as the normal halogen bulbs - full compatibility there.
Cool, tidy looks.
Spot-on color temperature for both the cool white light produced as well as the warm white one.
Excellent value - for - money... or so it seems!

Very poor reliability.
Terrible value- for-money after all!

As I said earlier, these six bulbs were installed in a spare room. As such, this room is not frequently used. The two cool white bulbs had operated for around 100 hours (around 250 ON/OFF cycles), the other four, for less than 20.
The two cool white bulbs have both died, within a week or so between them (100 hours vs. 50000 hours claimed!).
I am sure that the 5050 SMD LEDs themselves are still fine, it's the build-in 240V AC to 12V DC converters that have died due to poor quality components.
Both died during startup. As soon as I hit the ON switch, the bulbs flickered producing a buzzing sound and then, nothing, dead!
It seems that it's the ON / OFF switching that got to them, not the total hours of use. If these bulbs were left ON all the time, I am pretty sure that they'd still work!

All in all, very disappointed with these bulbs. I usually only purchase branded goods - never unbranded ones. This was probably the first and last time that I have given an unbranded product a chance.
These bulbs are supposed to save the environment by consuming less energy and by lasting 50000 hours on average so that we, won't have to change bulbs so frequently, thus creating less garbage. At this failure rate, it's quite the opposite.
Would I buy any more of these bulbs? Definitely NOT - I don't like gambling nor wasting my money & time! It's back to PHILIPS, OSRAM & SAMSUNG for me - although these cost considerably more, they last much, much longer!

These bulbs belong on eBay, NOT amazon. I believe that amazon should reconsider having these bulbs on offer here...
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on 1 June 2012
At the time of writing these LED bulbs are £5.99. I bought 2 of them to try out in my bathroom which has a light fitting capable of holding x3 GU10 halogen bulbs. I've only ever had x2 50W bulbs in it at once though which has always provided sufficent light. My first impression after replacing the 2 halogens with these fancy LED ones was very good, the light was evenly spread and lit the whole room nicely and they were the same colour as before. However when my wife went into the bathroom (I never told her I'd made the switch) she noticed straight away that the room was slightly dimmer than usual and started giving me a bit of grief. She was right as always though and they arn't quite as bright, so I've mixed in one of the standard halogens to make it x2 LED and x1 Halogen. Everything is all good now and neither of us can notice the difference. I'm going to buy a 3rd one so I can try out having all 3 as LED and I'll update this review with my thoughts. Google tells me that a 50W halogen bulb emits 800-950 lumens of light, so that explains why these LED ones aren't going to be as bright at only 460 lumens. The energy saving however is fantastic and that's a big plus point! Going by my limited experience I would say that LED bulbs currently aren't quite bright enough on their own for general purpose lighting. If you're using lots of them under your kitchen cupboards then you'll have no problems at all, but if you're intending on using 2,3,4 of them to light your whole room then you may find that you need to mix a standard bulb in.

UPDATE 12/06/12: Unfortunately I had to return these 2 bulbs. I have no idea what happened but one minute they were working and the next they weren't. I tested them in multiple fittings and if I cupped my hands around them I could make out a faint glimmer from a few of the LEDs but otherwise they were dead, something killed them or maybe it was a quality issue I don't know. Disapointing as I was about to order a load more of them.
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on 2 December 2012
I bought three of these bulbs in mid-October 2012 and, sadly, one has blown already (end-November 2012). I want to reduce energy consumption, but these bulbs are much more expensive than conventional ones, wherever you buy them, and unless they last much, much longer I cannot justify the cost.
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on 27 August 2012
I bought these for a friend because her halogen bulbs needed replacing every 6 months or so, I said LED's will last for years. Within 6 weeks of buying 2, 1 of them has stopped working.

Update 21/04/13: The other one has now stopped working.
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on 8 January 2013
I bought 7 of these bulbs and 3 have blown within 2 months and they are not on all day. In fact they are only used for approx 4 hours a day so that would mean less than 240 hours usage. Not great at all. Disappointed.
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on 8 November 2012
Excellent bulbs. I've become fed up constantly changing halogen bulbs. I have 8 GU 10s in my kitchen and there is never a week when one is not blown.

I tried LED about 5 years ago, and they were terrible.

I ordered 4, enough for one of the lighting bars, and on fitting, i was so impressed I ordered another 4 for the other bar.

I'd say they are brighter than the bulbs they replace, the light is a little colder, but not noticably so, (my wife came home and didn't notice) the light is more diffuse and less of a spotlight than the halogens.

with eight of these in play, my kitchen will be like wembley stadium, with hindsight, 5 watts may have been sufficient... lets hope the longevity promise is for real.

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on 19 January 2013
I bought 4 of these in November 2012 for the kitchen. In December 2 of them stopped working and noticed they were hot and the yellow LEDs had come loose. In early January another stopped working. Its now 19th Jan and one of them is still working, but for how long? Sent the other 3 back for a refund, which Amazon have always been good with.

Other than them failing in a short time - I find them not as bright as 50w halogen, even though it's supposed to be the equivalent brightness, and they're still far too blue and clinical for my liking.
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on 30 July 2012
I bought 4 of these bulbs and two have stopped working after 6 weeks, slowly dimming to then not lighting up at all. Tried contacting the seller but received no acknowledgement or any communications what so ever. Stay away from this seller
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on 2 July 2012
Very good value for money (I paid £5.99 here on Amazon), but as they have wide beam angle, so not as bright above desk, kitchen tables etc. as these '(480 Lumens) NEW Interlux(tm) GU10, Natural warm white spotlight' for £12.99. I prefer the latter 480 lumen bulbs as these are brighter (even though only 3.3w) and in my opinion better colour tone, however they cost much more due to better lens etc. These surface mounted LEDs type are good for walkways and areas where light spread is beneficial.
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on 30 November 2012
Unfortunately, these bulbs are not adequate replacements for the 50w GU10 halogens that we had in our kitchen. After replacement, the whole room was too poorly lit to be serviceable and I had to take the LED bulbs out.
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