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on 8 December 2012
Bought this to replace a S**y one which unfortunately didn't work properly. Decided to splash out and get the 1 TB model as it came with built-in wi-fi - the difference between this and 500GB model which doesn't have this is about the same as a wi-fi access point or dongle but it's a whole heap less hassle.
Simple to set up, worth referring to the manual is it isn't totally intuitive. Once set up it does exactly what you expect. Records 2 channels simultaneously, quality on HD is excellent. Simple to set to record programmes. Even interfaces with a Sony TV on the handset.
The wi-fi connected first time to my network. However the web interface is a bit clunky but OK for BBC catch up service. Annoyingly the web can't be accessed while you're recording a programme. With hindsight the 500 GB model is probably the better option unless you need the hard drive space or are a heavy user of catch-up.
Finally, this doesn't come with an HDMI lead so don't forget to order one at the same time.
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on 9 December 2012
We purchased this HDD recorder to replace Sky + HD as Sky was getting too expensive. It was easy to set up and will do all the things that Sky + did. Once you get used to the remote control, you are up and running. The recording facility is very easy to use and the delete facility is good ( you can't delete something by mistake) as I frequently did with Sky + . The built in Wireless Lan is good, I have a Bt Hub 2 which is located upstairs and a good distance from my TV downstairs, although it takes an age to connect, once connected you can watch BBC I Player and U Tube without loosing the signal and other items too.
Very happy with this purchase and as my TV is Panaosic Hd it all works well together, just need a Blueray to complete the set.
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on 2 July 2013
Only problem I the DLNA client is very fussy about the format of the files on the server such as a PC. Can play some AVI but not MP4 or DIVX unless they are on a USB drive or stick. Recorder TV plays on other dives via the built in DLNA server except the HD which only seems to play on my PS3 with no audio.

In all other respects its a fantastic recorder.
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on 25 April 2013
Another excellent Panasonic hard drive, easy to set up & freeview HD tuner means recording High def pictures is easy. Series function easy to use, slight problem might be it will not allow a recording & bbc i player viewing at the same time.
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on 21 July 2012
I bought this pvr recently to replace my last one made by philips which has been plaqued with firmware problems since launch 2 years ago. This new machine is a revelation-the operation is completely quiet and stable (so far) with not a single software glitch -or judder in the picture-at all. The improved EPG over the outgoing model utilising all the screen space available has made waiting for this new model worth it. To answer a previous posters question re skipping ads with a single button-yes its the one marked 60s at bottom right on the remote. I press it four times in quick succession at ad break and hey presto skips the lot! The picture quality is as good as the Philips-which was its only good point- which is fabulous on HD and v good on the higher bit rate SD channels even blown up to 55 inch TV screen. There are a host of features too numerous to list including series record which is very handy and very accurate-doesnt duplicate recording of same episodes like some machines and has a renew feature if required to over-write the previous episode of a series. I cant think of a single negative so far -I am completely delighted with this pvr. I am glad I plumped for the 1TB hard disc as I like to keep some films indefinitly on disc and this gives you loads of room to do this but you can transfer recorded programmes onto an external HDD via USB cable and then play them back from there if you run out of storage but I havent tried that yet from this machine.

18/12/2012 After intensive use over the last 6 months I am still delighted with this machine-not a single fault or error or crash has occurred (which is as it should be).
Try out the 'options' button during playback of a recording. It brings up a series of settings for the amount of processing to improve the picture quality/sharpness of a recording and does make a visible difference on the lower bitrate freeview channels. I use the 'advanced chroma processing' setting and the midpoint of the other two below it in the menu. The inbuilt wireless receiver has come in handy for the viewing of BBC iplayer -easy to set up as well if one has home wireless network- and the picture quality is almost as good as off air HD but with a hint of judder on fast camera pans. A full internet browser would have been icing on the cake but unfortunately not.
I have used the edit (partial delete) facility in the options button menu on remote to remove adverts from recordings to archive which is fairly logical to use but do one on a spare recording first to get the hang of it or you can wipe off a keeper by mistake! It does save a lot of space in recordings (20 mins per hour).
The grouping function (same menu) to bundle up non series linked recordings like films into folders (or unbundle) is very handy to avoid having to scroll down through pages of recordings after a while. There is a series of useful header tabs in the recordings library as an alternative way to access your desired recording which displays just the selected type of programme and I find the 'not watched' one most handy on a day to day basis. N.B. Series linked recordings appear directly in their respective grouped folder and not at the bottom of the recordings list where most new recordings are found. If you haven't had a pvr before initially you may not realise this and think a recording has been missed (me).
Finally I use the 'chapter mark' button on the remote a lot during playback to create a reference point where something good happens (e.g. a particular dance on Strictly) so then you can jump straight to that point using the forward/reverse chapter buttons on remote control.
Conclusion- I love this bit of kit. It does exactly what it should with fantastic picture quality and is a properly finished polished product.
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on 2 August 2012
Having had the Panasonic DMR-HW120EBK 500GB HDD Recorder for just about a week now, as a replacement for a BT Vision recorder, these are some thoughts about this unit.
The first time setup is easy and completed in less than 10 minutes, HD channels are crystal clear. Start-up from stand-by is quick and the EP guide is a clear full screen implementation. Setting up a recording from the guide is easy with the unit prompting you if HD version of the program is available, also asks if you want to record the series.
Internet is available via Ethernet cable, note only the 1TB has built-in wire-less, we are using the BT Vision Comtrend powerline adapters successfully.
So far can't fault this unit.
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on 19 April 2015
Picture and HD fine. menus okay, but seen better. Biggest annoyance is after a few months ago message would regularly appear on screen about new channels being found. This wouldt Keep appearing every few minutes regardless of the option we selected in response. Broke down 2 years after purchase purchase... Almost relief as now can justify replacing it...
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on 13 August 2012
Just bought the second one of these to play into my 6 year old Panasonic HD ready TV and everything I said in the review of the first below of the Panasonic DMR-HW220EBK I received just before the Olympics is reinforced. It works really well with the older Panasonic HD ready TV and gives it a lease of new life with great quality AV from HD programmes and great BBC iPlayer replays form the internet in high quality HD.

Ordered this Panasonic DMR-HW220EBK 1TB HDD Recorder with Twin Freeview +HD Tuners a couple of weeks ago. Set it up with my TV switched on and hey-presto. The start up installation was perfect and easy to follow without resorting to the handbook. The device has a very comprehensive set of facilities - can use it with an internet connection, USB stick, record two HD channels at once and the audio video quality is excellent. I am amazed with the quality of the video and audio achieved with the BBC iPlayer and how good it replayed fast moving sports from the Olympics via the internet connection - far better than watching this kind of replay on a PC/Internet connection. Remote control is also well laid out and reasonably easy to use, given the wide range and scope of the facilities that this Panasonic device is equipped with. It also integrates its' functionality really well with he Panasonic Viera TX-L37E5B Smart TV I bought.
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on 15 February 2015
Great value for money unless you have your mother in law living with you and when she leaves 8 months later you find the box is full of utter cack, which you then spend the best part of 5 hrs deleting 1 by 1 should be a delete all button, there should also be a delete mother in law button! The box is easy to use my mother in law found it incredibly easy to use hence the prolific 200hrs of made for TV movie garbage that filled the box.....the other slight downside is it will only record 2 programmes at once and you have to watch one, normally this would be fine, but when you want to watch the football and you can't because downton and Columbo is recording resulting in a mad scramble to delete one of the clashes much to the annoyance of mother in law. All in all good value for money and very easy to use do not buy if your retired mother in law lives with you.
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on 19 October 2013
I'd really like to have given 4.5 stars as this product is not actually perfect. 4 stars would be too harsh though so I went for 5!
Having realised that virtually everything I watched at home was on terrestrial tv but wanting to keep the flexibility to watch when I wanted I decided to give Freeview PVR a whirl. And I'm glad I did.

I did a bit of research before settling for this Panasonic unit and apart from one or two little faults/foibles I'm very satisfied with my purchase. Having had Panasonic TV and DVD before, getting used to another Panasonic product was extremely intuitive.

You can record two channels while watching something you have pre-recorded.
Tuning is simple
Picture and sound quality is very good
Good connectivity (HDMI and Ethernet among others)
Built in NetFlix, BBC iPlayer and VieraCast (For those not familiar with VieraCast, it's an internet streamed system that sort of runs "apps". For some reason these apps vary with each Panasonic model but include things like YouTube, , Eurosport player, Euronews, the Waether Channel, Daily motion, Facebook, Twitter, TuneIn Radio, tn.vz and many more).
Looks good.

A couple of times over the last year I have had to reset the PVR as it had stopped responding to the remote. No idea why. I could probably get it fixed but haven't bothered.
You cannot watch NetFlix while recording from the Freeview. Probably my biggest annoyance with the system as it takes away flexibility and forces you to plan rather than allowing full spontaneity.

Cost effectiveness of my change? Including the cost of the PVR along with NetFlix and Eurosport subscriptions, I think I'm better off by around £800 in the first year and will continue to be so by almost £80 per month!
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