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on 17 March 2015
I have a couple of T. Rex compilation albums and an early album which was very much elf-based and will stand only an occasional listen - though in the right mood even that can be okay. In deciding to purchase Electric Warrior, what I wanted to track down was an album that reflected T.Rex at the peak of their powers with a track order that was authentic to the mores of the time as opposed to a contemporary compiler's take on how the tracks should be ordered. With a bottomless pocket I'd have gone like a shot for the 2014 Box Set Complete Studio Albums which is very reasonably priced for the ten CDs it contains but I simply couldn't run to it. Electric Warrior is an interesting album as it appears to have a foot both in the early mystical/pre-electric stuff at the same time as establishing the driving guitar sound that is so evocative of T.Rex when their star was highest in the firmament.
There are two songs from the main album - Jeepster and Get It On - which feature on many compilations plus Hot Love in the Bonus Tracks. I was perhaps a little too young to experience Bolan at his peak as anything other than a highly attractive pop idol. When I grew up a little and started immersing myself in NME, Bolan's star was in the descendent and I recall some very unpleasant stuff being written about him much of which appeared to focus on his appearance once more. His prettiness was in a sense a curse; it somehow encouraged accusations of shallowness. At around the same time Elvis was being vilified for much the same reason. There is certainly a part of Bolan who was the dandy and who loved being the prettiest star but there was much more to the man than this. It's evident from Bolan's embracing of the embryonic punk and new wave culture which burgeoned shortly before his tragic death.
What Bolan and T.Rex really deserve is that we listen without prejudice. The years have been kind to Marc's music - it sounds fresh and undated - and there is increasingly more quality product for fans to buy into. Perhaps what elevates Bolan to pop god status may be the sheer number of elements he got right - the dandyism fitting him ideally for glam rock, the roots which suggested he had come up through blues, through pre-electric, indeed through being an early favourite of John Peel's - so there is a real credibility and seriousness - along with the trashy and ephemeral elements and an ability to make a perfect three minute pop single which is frankly so much more truly poppy, less studied and more immediately loveable than Bowie in spite of my utter devotion to DB for the past three decades or so. There is too the fact that when Marc died he was only thirty years of age. I guess Bowie has had the time to coast through many different musical landscapes, to make the transition from pop idol to serious musician but in the short time allotted to Marc he made a very creditable mark on the history of popular music and there's an argument to say he was actually more original than Bowie who constantly has drawn from other musical forms and made them his own. Worth tracking down some of the interviews Marc did as his personality is very engaging. In common with most purchasers of this album I imagine, I wish Marc had stayed around; it would have been so interesting to watch where his creativity took him.
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on 26 April 2012
Well I guess we'll have to wait for the 50th Anniversary version of this little doozy. It's a beautiful boxed set, with carefully annotated facts and info, a lovely book, and a nice poster etc. I love the design and the music sounds great. The only problem is that it's not 'complete' - two tracks which are listed on the sessions for the album are missing, 'Bolan's Blues' and a BBC radio version of 'Sailors Of The Highway'. Both are significant tracks as the first is a studio workout of a basic blues song, with T.REX sounding as if they're having a whale of a time trying out their new sound, having not long performed together. The second is a track actually considered as a follow up to Hot Love, so it really does belong in this collection.
Maybe they're saving the 'complete package' for 2022!
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on 26 January 2017
1971's 'Electric Warrior' is surely Marc Bolan's finest hour as a songwriter and guitarist with a strong running order kicked off by 'Mambo Sun', 'Cosmic Dancer' and the classic 'Jeepster'; the rest of the album is pretty strong as well with the evergreen 'Get It On', 'The Motivator' and the lovely 'Life's A Gas' all worthy of high praise. This remaster also throws in some lovely Bonus tracks including 'Hot Love' as well as a classy booklet detailing the history of the album. Recommended.
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on 30 November 2016
Take me back to the 70's T REX - ELECTRIC WARRIOR this album change me it's got 3 hits on it but you think you buy the album for the hits but the whole album is such a brilliant transformation music of the 70's scene and this one of the top albums of that time. I think when this album came out that transform a group to a super group and if you are a T REX fan this should be in your albums of an era of great music not this s..t today. I had the opportunity to see the group live SHEFFIELD CITY HALL they were brill. It was tragic to hear MARC BOLAN passing in that car crash and went to the heavens in the RIDE A WHITE SWAN long live the 70's.
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VINE VOICEon 21 August 2015
From Mambo Sun to Rip off, this is a real classic album of all tme. Bolan at his best from start to finish some nice bluesy intro song to some nice Chuck Berry style Rock and Roll and even some gentle acoustic ballads like Lifes A Gas and Cosmic Dancer. I bought the first few singles with my pocket money when I was young and then this I still remember it was 1973 when I eventually bought it with my first weeks wage it was worth waiting the 2 years for. I never stopped buying T.Rex's albums and singles from that day on to this day today I still buy everything T.Rex. I had the first vinyle album the cassette then the first few CD versions and now this on nice thick vinyl. The Slider next when I have the funds.
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on 11 January 2014
Wonderful album. Bought the original LP as soon as it was released all those years ago. Love what Marc did in Cosmic Dancer about one and a half minutes before the end when he came in with the lead guitar because we are actually hearing it backwards. I was informed that he recorded the lead then reversed the tape for the final mix. Having recently heard the song backwards and thus hearing the lead guitar the way Marc actually played it before he reversed it I get the feeling that this may not be altogether correct. He plays a short riff starting at the beginning of every second 4th beat. (Remember, I'm listening to Cosmic Dancer backwards starting from the end of the song. Imagine the count being 4321 as opposed to 1234). I can only imagine that he must have reversed the master tape and recorded the lead guitar whilst listening to the master tape being played backwards so he could begin each riff at the exact point (starting the riff at the start of every second fourth beat). I just wonder if anyone knows the true facts surrounding this, other than the people who were in the recording studio at the time. I really would like to know.
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on 7 January 2016
I had the original album on vinyl many years ago and it always stuck in my mind as it was possibly the thickest LP I ever owned - even put some of my old picture disc albums to shame.
So I though it was about time I got it on CD...this album is T. Rex at their best...Jeepster, Get It On & Life's A Gas are possibly the tracks that everyone has heard but some beautiful numbers like the opening track Mambo Sun followed by Cosmic Dancer proves the genius that was Marc Bolan.
My favourite track though has got to be Rip Off - a perfect example of street poetry with Rock put together in a fusion that could be used as the first perfect example of Rap & Rock combined on the same track.
The CD also has 4 bonus tracks taken from the singles at the time & a brilliant booklet spanning the history of the band through the time of the making of the record.
Electric Warrior was one of the ground breaking albums of the 70's and a must for Bolan fans.
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on 12 April 2014
1971....Led Zep IV.....Sticky Fingers..... Who' s Next....Aqualung...What's Going On.....L.A. Woman......Imagine.....Tapestry.... and Electric Warrior. A great year for albums and Bolan's major foray into rock remains on a level comparable to anything else released. Okay, Lean Woman Blues may tend towards pastiche but everything else is top notch and played with effortless fluency and efficiency. Musically and lyrically poetic....needle sharp production....an iconic cover.....nothing he'd done before and nothing he produced after would have sat comfortably on this album. It's a moment in time like Love's 'Forever Changes' or Spirit's 'Dr. Sardonicus'. It's a band on a roll...confident and inspired and brilliantly captured on tape by Tony Visconti. They don't come much better.
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on 2 July 2012
This contains Marc's best album and a sumptuous amount of bonus tracks and a DVD beautifully package for a good price.
First the album is a classic which every rock fan should have and sounds glorious in this remastered edition.
The bonus tracks singles contains "Raw Ramp","Woodland Rock",and the superb lost gem "The King of the Mountain Cometh",only available on Bolan's Boogie but not in this quality.
Demos and out-takes some have been released before both officially and unofficially but this is the best I've heard and very interesting to hear Marc's early versions especially " Rip Off" one of my favourite Bolan tracks.
The DVD contains some nice surprises "Life A Gas" my all time favourite Marc song from the German Beat club is fabulous I could live without "Hot Love" but that is only a minor blimp.
You get a lovely hardback booklet which contains some great photo's of the period and reproduction's of old music paper interviews and articles.
Postcards and the poster of the band round at Marc's flat as per the original vinyl release, it would have been nice to have a full size George Underwood's
line drawing of Marc and Micky Finn all though included they are rather small.
All in all this is the best reissue of a album to come out for many years and thoroughly recommended and does justice to a classic album
Well done Universal and the price is right as well.
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on 18 May 2017
Thought I was ordering a box set with Book etc. from the associated reviews, but the RSD version in gold vinyl is pretty cool. It goes with the indulgent excess of the heavy riffs.
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