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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars

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on 7 May 2012
Highly recommended. It is the perfect companion to the films.

The documentary itself lasts just under 4 hours, each film gets at least 25 minutes dedicated to it, and Freddy's Nightmares and New Line Cinema get a brief discussion as well. Asides from Johnny Depp and Patricia Arquette more or less everyone from the 8 films is interviewed. I watched the whole documentary in one sitting, at no point does it drag. It isn't just talking heads there are interesting behind the scenes photos and videos, some of which feature unused special effects and deleted scenes - including a replacement for Robert Englund if he had wanted to much of a pay rise for the second film, I'll say this, thankfully the two parties came to agreement! The interviewees don't just pander to one another and pat each other on the back, they are quick to point out flaws in their own performances and disappointment with others.

The disc also features an incredible amount of extras.

There are behind the scenes features on most of the films, ranging from a few seconds (!) to well over 90 minutes for the third and fourth films. TV specials not seen since the original air date make this up, but mostly it is footage camcorder shot and is fascinating to see how the films where put together, and how special effects were shot.

Deleted interviews from the main documentary last over and hour, and are as interesting as the main feature.

There are several featurettes focusing on Heather Langenkamp, Freddy's glove, poster art, music of Elm Street and filming locations.

I will say this on closing, I have been a Elm Street/Freddy fan for over 18 years, have seen previous documentaries and read horror magazines, but there was a wealth of information on this Blu Ray that I did not know beforehand.
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on 31 December 2013
As a huge fan of the Freddy franchise I'm pleased to say that this documentary is as comprehensive and as detailed as could possibly be imagined. Thankfully the documentary doesn't just focus on the original film and the success and legacy of it, they also comprehensively cover each film in the franchise, dedicating a good half an hour or so to each film regardless of how good or well received it was.
Almost every actor, actress, director, producer, cast and crew are interviewed here, nobody is missed out. The research done into it is incredible and it shows, as the finished article is an interesting and informative film that is exhaustive in its production.
If you have a passing interest in the franchise this is a must, even if you have an interest in film making or horror films this is just an incredibly interesting and informative documentary.
Outstanding stuff
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on 21 June 2016
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on 6 June 2010
The interviews and extras for the sequels make this release a must buy, all the actors (!) are present even those who had small roles - minus Johnny Depp and Patricia Arquette. 2 dvd the main feature is 240 min longer and it has english subtitles (!!) 1.85:1 anamorphic region 1

Disc 2:
Extended Interviews - 2 hours
Additional interviews, separated by film, that didn't make the final cut.

First Look: Heather Langenkamp's I Am Nancy - 7 mins.

For the Love of the Glove - 18 mins.
A superfan shows off his collection of prop gloves from the films; and several people who create and sell glove replicas are interviewed. Elm Street 2 star Robert Rusler also discusses the day the glove was stolen from the set.

Fred Heads: The Ultimate Freddy Fans - 13 mins.

Horror's Hallowed Grounds: Return to Elm Street - 23 mins.
A tour of the locations from Elm Street 1, featuring appearances by several cast members from the first two films.

Freddy Vs. the Angry Video Game Nerd - 5 mins.
A humorous look at the '90s Nintendo game.

Expanding the Freddy Universe: Freddy in Comic Books & Novels - 16 mins.
Authors of Elm Street comic/novel spin-offs discuss their works.

The Music of the Nightmare: Conversations with Composers & Songwriters - 13 mins.
Guess what this is...

Elm Street Poster Boy: The Art of Matthew Joseph Peak - 7 mins.
Peak discusses each of the posters he designed for Elm Streets 1-6.

A Nightmare on Elm Street in 10 Minutes - 10 mins.
A chronological, rapidfire montage of lines from the 8 films, re-spoken by original cast members.

Teaser Trailer - 1 min.
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on 7 August 2012
When I first heard about this coming out I quetioned whether it was worth buying, on the basis that I already had a "making of" documentary from the Elm Street box set I bought a few years back. All I can say is, having had to take two nights to get through this one (the main documentary is 4 hours long), I'm glad that I took the plunge. Fantastically detailed (but not in an overly-dry way) this documentary really does tell the story behind the making of each of the films (and includes a brief overview of the pretty awful TV series). Personally, I think the best thing about this, as compared to your standard "making of" is that it benefits from hindsight. The contributors all feel free to note what they think did or didn't work and are pretty unflinchingly honest in this regard. I'd also add that, although I'd only expect fans of the Elm Street series to buy this, it is also an interesting insight into the world of the independent production house (in this case, New Line). Any downsides? Not really. Although it is a shame that some of the more famous stars (most notably, Johnny Depp and Patricia Arquette) weren't part of the interviews, but I don't think it lacks for anything in their absence.
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on 11 November 2012
Never Sleep Again itself is excellent, I have no complaints on that front, but I do have issues with the German Blu-Ray from Ascot Elite:

The documentary itself is very obviously not from an HD source, it's a (bad) upconvert of the US 2 Disc Special Edition. It exhibits the same artifacts the DVD counterpart does, plus even more from added noise reduction applied. Ascot did the same nonsense with the Psycho Legacy Blu-Ray, which was also an upconversion. It's also missing some extras from the US set - a few featurettes and the commentary. There is no reason this should've been a Blu-Ray.

If you want the Documentary, then I recommend the DVD, either the US release or the 4DigitalMedia release you can find on here, over this abomination.
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on 13 May 2013
This is not just the greatest, and most comprehensive documentary about the Elm Street legacy that you will ever see, it's also one of the most interesting documentaries about film making in general and the rise of New Line cinema through it's Freddy franchise. Featuring a wealth of detail from writing, pre-production, production, directing, and with some insightful, funny, and nostalgic contirbutions from a huge number of stars, writers, and directors (including maestro Wes Craven) this is a thoughtfully made, and fascinating documentary that fans will utterly love, and fans of film making in general will find incredibly compelling. Covers everything from the first film, through to Freddy vs Jason, it's frank and honest, and superbly put together with excerpots from the original script, behind the scenes footage, alternate takes, and so many old faces reliving their Freddy expreiences that by the end of the three and a half hour ride, you'll be wanting to watch the whole lot again. If you are a fan, you simply HAVE to own this.
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on 30 October 2012
No Freddy fan should be without this very indepth documentary. This double disc is full of fascinating facts on all the movies including Freddy VS.Jason and the short lived TV spin off Freddy's Nightmares. They have managed to dig up most of the stars of the movies, some look good, some look rough, just check out Tuesday Night from Elm Street 4 she really has let her self go, the girl from Feddy Vs Jason who now seem to have a Botox addiction and the best said about the damaged goods girl from Freddy's Dead the better. It's also very funny and the section on Elm Street 2 is very surprising. It even manages to highlight the faults with the later movies and all the script writers input on what they wanted to do with the projects, but what ever is your favourite films in the series the intention was always to please fans and now after all seven films, one spin-off and a remake you can now relive every film in retrospect.
This is one of the best Horror documentaries out there and a must buy for horror fans...
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on 18 June 2010
WOW what can i say, full of amazing insights from production, writers, directors, actors, all with greatg fondness of the series. some great deleted scenes (Jonny depp rising back out of the matress mafter the blood fountain....)

Spanning all the movies and tv shows from nightmare 1-7 & freddy vs jason


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on 6 July 2010
As the remake of a Nightmare on Elm street spawn to cinemas, and with the option of buying the docummentary, I decided to wait for a dvd release to watch the remake and spend my money on the documentary that related more the the franchise that i love.
I never stood 8 hours straight in front of the television so I thought that I would see the documentary in a couple of days, but as much as I wanted to stop I couldn't and at the end I stood 8 hours in front of the tv discovering why it's so an important series of movies.
The makers of the doc are probably fans, because if it was me, I would do it differently. The dificulty of bringing almost everyone from the 8 movies [including FvJ] it must have been crasy. The detail of the coments, all the curiosities about the conception of the gloves, makeup, lak of money, time limits, etc... Makes this documentary a unique piece for fans arround the globe.

Robert Englund is Freddy Krueger, no matter how much money Michael Bay has, Robert will allways be Freddy Krueger! The passion that he talks about the caracter is just out of this world....

At the end is just a MUST HAVE for fans of the ANOES movies, the only pitty that I have is that it was no long enough... even with 8 hours long.

As a Portuguese fan of the Nightmare on Elm Street series I had to buy it, because in Portugal this kind of cult material never comes to stores. I just hope that Freddy's Nightmares also have a complete 2 season dvd collection pack soon.

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