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4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 2 July 2012
I got the album today and listened to it multiple times. Being a Nile fan for 10 years this album is another heavy addition on their impeccable discography. The album has a cleaner/clearer feeling to it (mix?) with more identifiable vocals and riffs. Ah the riffs....The riffs are just beyond brutality. With a clearer sound one can identify and feast upon the dissonant guitars and their unstoppable change of pace. Songs like 'Supreme Humanism of Megalomania' are another great example of compressed denseness - great lead guitar.

Once again I really enjoyed and appreciated the CD booklet and the nice attention to detail. The side text is humorous and witty without sounding pompous (Ethno-musicological cannibalism for example!!). Little details like this plus a very nice interior art work make it worth buying a physical copy/CD rather than just getting the itunes/mp3 version (at least for me!!).

If there is one thing I miss in this album is the atmospheric qualities of albums like 'Black Seeds...', that can bring diversity to the onslaught fast pace rampage of the tracks. But as a different album it succeeds massively. Different and refreshed, maybe this album is a new step for Nile to push what already is an ultra talented band into a new malign sonic mythos!!
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on 29 May 2015
Nile are obviously moving more towards a "Necrophagist" type of sound which caught me a little off guard at first but after a few spins in the CD player I absolutely love this album! The production is a lot clearer and the vocals are more Thrash/Death Metal than the previous Bass Rumble Demonic Death Metal which means that every word is now crystal clear. I was surprised to hear some clean vocals on track 2 "The Friends...." but it really suits the sound of the track so more power to them! The guitar leads are a lot more melodic and clearer and the rhythm guitars are still crushing but seem to be tuned higher, maybe to C instead of B. The album has atmosphere to spare and is awe inspiring in its complexity and diversity. This is great Death Metal and I do love it but I guess that I am too used to Earlier albums and still find them more thrilling and pounding than this album. Musically Nile are one of the Heaviest and fastest Death Metal bands out there and yet this album seems lighter by Nile standards but no less enjoyable!!! You can buy this album with total confidence!!!
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on 14 July 2012
When a band like Nile release a new album, one can't help but be excited for all the joys said album is bound to bring. At The Gate Of Sethu is Nile's seventh album and still Nile reign on high as princes, nay Kings of Technical Death Metal mastery. The drumming is blisteringly fast, the guitars are super quick and the vocals are fantastic. With that, I'll get into the review.

The vocals on ATGOS feel and indeed sound completely different to anything Nile have previously released. The deep growls are more inaudible than before, what was once super scary growls have become more low rumbles. Usually this would be a bad thing, but the atmospheric quality this brings is nothing short of brilliance, and luckily, you can still hear the lyrics. Other vocals on this album took me by surprise, probably best portrayed in the single 'The Fiends Who Come To Steal The Magick Of The Deceased.' On this single, we first hear the low growls I spoke of, then we hear another surge of vocals that I can only describe as Thrash meets Death Metal. Very raspy, and very rough, and not something Nile have done for a good few years, but a new breath of fresh air is always welcome when listening to Metal. We also get some clean vocals in this single, admittedly it's only four words long, but it's a powerful and sweetly haunting passage that really rings through. I can only wish that this clear vocal was carried on into other songs on the album.

Next up is the musicianship. Nile are top musicians, and the song-writing complements the technical complexity to extreme limits. The final result of how it sounds is unbelievable. The drumming is quick and precise... as are the guitars. Typical Nile.

Once again, Karl Sanders also treats us fans to liner notes alongside the lyrics in the booklet, showing us his inspiration musically and lyrically for each and every song. Which as always gives a lovely depth and intrigue to the album, and is most appreciated. One thing I will state very clearly, is the artwork! It's some of the best Nile have shown us, it's all very dark and haunting. The digipak packaging also comes with an embossed cover with a murky silver tint to it all. Strangely beautiful.

My only negative to this album are the bonus tracks, two instrumental versions of a couple songs from the album are all you get unfortunately. But I think I can look past that.

For me, a brilliant release that takes a valued place in my CD collection. Not Nile's best album, but it comes bloody close.

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on 6 July 2012
another epic album off the boys from Nile and everything these guys touch turns to gold in my view, great riffs, dual vocals, brutal & melodic in their own way and a great booklet which includes liner notes about each song in detail. a nice touch that.

Death Metal at it's best & then some!
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on 26 November 2012
I have not heard this band, but got in to them through the Nuclear Blast website. Its a very brutal and dark album with excellent lyrics based on the Egyptian Book of the dead. there are also great notes in the cd on each track, giving an insight in to the lyrics.
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on 5 July 2012
From Nile actually, but never-the-less At the gates of Sethu once again reigns high on the usual death metal qualities from the middle eastern inspired veterans- to come up with this expectedly fast and brutal album. Not much has changed in the basic blueprint of this new affair in comparison to previous works some may be glad to hear, however a more refined production and more riff carnage has evidently been focused on with more detail in the Nile camp; with what has previously been a frequent weakness from the band. This has now been raised to a level that actually very much compliments the music; which itself is consistently mind-blowing to say the least. One further development I have noticed from the band since the -Ithyphalic album is that the vocals are steadily becoming less gutteral with each album but are rather taking on a more unique and personal feel.

That said- this album is ultimately a great successor to "Those whom the gods detest" and really the best I and the fans could have hoped for. This is also likely to rival "Black seeds" for their best work so far, (I would suggest.!) Nile then, are just so radically different and interesting to listen to compared to so many other bands on the death metal circuit, they really don't need anymore of an introduction. Indeed their always intriguing artwork, liner notes and egyptian mythology concepts in their work always runs very deep through the spirit and style of what they do. Absolutely a superb album!... When getting round to purchasing this album however, I would highly recommend the Digipak version as opposed to the standard version as two extra additional instrumentals make the set and are both a very worthwhile listen..
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on 17 August 2012
At The Gates Of Sethu Another instant and genuine classic from Nile. Where Nile score over their contemporaries is that they are actual know how to tap into bowel churning heaviness, and also that they now how to seem to re-create an atmosphere of undead aeons past. This cd as the previous 5 releases they accomplish this genre defining standard yet again.. and even go further this time in the the atmospheric recreations- the fresh development of the vocal approach seems to me to add a new level of authenticity to the era they dwell in, and i can truly feel the lash of the whip from this cd. Also on this cd they have gone to some lengths to bring out the bass bottom end- which has led to some ridiculous ( imo ) criticisms of the mix by a few people. Be assured that on my car stereo or ipod in particular, the clarity and precision of the riffs is face melting. Almost overwhelmingly brilliant in fact, and just how i like it of course. Highlights of the cd- pretty much everything- and this cd sure runs second only too Those Whom The Gods Detest- imo the by far and away standout album of all time . A VERY worthy successor!
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on 6 July 2012
A very good album overall. I felt it drifted more to technical death metal to start off and coming back to the Nile trademark songs towards the end (Tribunal of the dead, supreme humanism of megalomania and the chaining of the iniquitous). Full marks to George Kollias, a grand master!.
A definite one for the Nile fans!
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on 8 December 2014
A great addition to Nile's discography.
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on 26 September 2012
Never heard better Nile album.This is the best ever of brutal death metal. With new guitar sound their music is more clear and you can hear every single note. Excellent.
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