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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 28 August 2012
This is how you treat a cult classic-
Arrow released Class Of Nuke'em High in a double play set containing a Blu Ray and DVD, and threw in two interchangeable covers.
The Blu Ray looks and sounds as good as a Troma film ever could, and there's some great special features, especially the 25 minute Q&A with Lloyd Kaufman.
The only letdown for me is the film itself....Where-as I still love The Toxic Avenger, revisiting Nuke'Em High for the first time since I was 13 wasn't quite as enjoyable.
The effects work is imaginative and creative, but the film feels like random scenes lumped together at times.
Still a good late night movie, and for fans of the film this Blu Ray will be a dream come true.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 22 October 2015
Another brilliant release from Arrow, who seem to be releasing loads of classic films.

Now the Blu-ray and sound quality is very nice they both get a 4/5, plus you get loads of features.

You get two discs, a nice little booklet and a revisable sleeve.
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on 20 January 2016
troma for the 21 century! i had to update my video collection with arrow video class of nuk'em high is still the film i remember seeing on showtime back in 1995 then i bought the vhs tape which i still own in perfect condition.

marijuana-spoitation at it's very troma-sickliness for those with a sense of humor and a love for cheech 'n' chong!

the interview on the dvd is very troma-rific but jennifer and robert prichard are starting to look like aging punk-rock idiots whom need to get chronovisor body transplants(only kidding, i still love ya both!) but how you to met and then married, pu-lleeeaase(you can't be serious, are you?)

watch the film and you will understand my troma-ronic review
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on 24 May 2016
Arrows is a great release of the original the dvd and blu-ray look nice good special features if your like me and like to watch them.
amazing film its such a typical B movie that its great i watch this one over and over and its one of my go to films along with society and the thing.
Its not super gory but has some pretty crazy over the top scenes and no really annoying characters and the monster looks pretty cool.
If only the sequels were as good....
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VINE VOICEon 25 December 2013
This movie opens with a shot of Manhattan Island and then never features New York for the rest of the running time. Much like this paragraph.

Nuke 'em High is a Tromaville hellhole populated by a diverse range of characters, some annoying, some funny. The Cretins (a punk gang in the vein of Griff Tannen's gang from BTTF Part II) have a deal with the neighboring nuclear power plant to deal toxic weed grown on the grounds. The sludge from the plant has already infected the school's water supply and is having a terrifying effect on the students. But the toxic weed causes horny feelings, speedy demon pregnancy, and sporadic superhuman powers (other students being completely unaffected by it is one of an infinity of logic errors).

Wholesome couple Chrissy and Warren, affected by the contamination and toxic weed, battle with the Cretins in a stupendously disjointed and senseless plot, but that's missing the point. Anyone watching a Troma film for serious art will no doubt be disappointed and confused. These movies barely hang together and were made by amateurs that make Ed Wood look like Orson Welles. The cinematography is wobbly and uncertain, the acting just about passable, the sound is barely audible, and for some reason generic 80s rock music plays in the distance during every single scene.

But it entertains. Class of Nuke 'em High may be trash of the lowest order, but it has a lot of energy, a lot of ideas (no matter how underdeveloped or misunderstood), crazy and interesting characters, is frequently intentionally funny, has mediocre-to-decent gore effects, has a gorgeous female lead in Janelle Brady (a sort of 80s Katherine Heigl, who has sadly massively deteriorated since then - missing and presumed dead in Las Vegas), and is never once boring.

If that is all the movie sets out to do then does that make it a huge success? It led to a sequel and a spin-off - so yes?

The 1.85:1 1080p is no doubt the best the movie has ever looked since 1986, but it still looks bad thanks to the poor photography, certainly passable as a Blu-ray product though. The LPCM 2.0 soundtrack fares no better as it is so poorly recorded that words struggle to be heard correctly (the letter S has particular trouble registering clearly). Extras are fun, but hardly groundbreaking.
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on 9 April 2015
A great Arrow release yet again of a cult classic movie from the 80's, Troma have put out some very unusual movies over the years they have been going and they are really a required taste, part horror, part comedy, always extremely vulgar and over the top! Class of nuke em high is certainly one of their best, a fun action packed story with a good young energetic cast of characters and so many extra's on their sets! There's always so much attention paid to detail with the characters and sets and costumes too making their movies memorable and iconic in their own way, the low budget effects look great too, the toxic monster at the end looks awesome! Lots of blood, boobs, slime all the time! If your a Troma fan this is a must of course, if your just getting into these movies this is a good place to start.

Blu-ray picture looks great in full 1080 HD (Unrated directors cut) you also get the DVD version included
Tons of special features like you expect from Troma, commentary, deleted scenes, Q&A session, plus more
Collectors booklet 10 pages
Cool reversible art with original art
Region free ABC, DVD 0, Run time 85-mins, 1986. English.
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on 12 September 2003
This has to be one of Troma's best movies.
It has a wonderfully dark sense of humour with great bad taste gags and surprisingly decent special effects.
A large power plant has had another spill of toxic chemical radiation and it is escaping into Tromaville highschool, which lies next door to the plant.
The chemical causes the students to become mutated monsters and impregnates others, causing them to give birth to monsters that grow up larger than their mothers. Worse than that, the school is populated by gangs of low life thugs known as the CRETINS. Who wants nothing but trouble.
This is Troma at it's spectaculary gross out best with better than usual acting with lots of genuinely funny moments.
It's success spawned 2 sequels which failed to be as delightful as this classic.
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on 7 September 2015
Even by todays standards this movie is still really gross and quite shocking in some scenes.
Kids from the high school are smoking weed that has been contaminated by the local nuclear power plant. The symptoms include being turned into a psychotic hooligan, human combustion, becoming an incredible hulk style vigilante and giving birth to mutant monsters.
Thankfully its all played for laughs. It borrows heavily from Class Of 1984 and other slimey classics such as The Toxic Avenger and Street Trash.
Not a family film but a very enjoyable over the top comedy.
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on 16 June 2013
class of nukem hugh is strictly for troma fans only.fortunately im one of them.this film is totally insane,ridiculous story,awful acting and amateurish directing.the actors are unknown and it shows.but saying that it only adds to the fun.its a nuclear teen zombie film with some impressive make up effects from scott coulter.the thing is with the troma films like poultrygeist and the toxic avenger films they dont need to have a decent story because its the silly entertainment from start to finish and thats what its all about.
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on 13 December 2014
This is a cracking little cult movie from the 80s. I first discovered it in a charity shop but I gave my copy back to the shop once I watched it. So I just had to have it again. If you like cult movies you will probably enjoy this.
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