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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 23 June 2014
Bought from Amazon directly. Upon opening the package I was immediately suspicious as to the authenticity. Poor quality of finish, the edges of the rubber and plastic were sharp and had bits of material left over from the moulding process stuck to them. The screen protector looked like it had been (badly) stuck on with double sided tape. I emailed Griffin directly and sent them photos for the packaging and they confirmed that it was a fake. Apparently Griffin do not print a bar code directly onto the packaging.

If you buy one of these cases please take a very good look at it and its packaging when you get it and make sure it is genuine (contact Griffin directly if you are not sure, they are very helpful). I have an IPhone 4 survivor case and it is a quality product, this however is not.

I contacted Amazon and they are refunding my money and collecting the case, fine but now I am in the situation of going on holiday without a case for my IPad. Thanks a lot Amazon! You have proved yourself to be no better than the other dodgy dealers on your site. I expected better. How many other people have you ripped off? Not realising that you are selling a counterfeit product is not good enough in my opinion.

Update: on holiday in Ireland I bought a genuine survivor case from tesco and the differences are clear and as griffin described. Buy a genuine case from tesco direct instead for only a few pounds more (£35). Five star for the genuine case, zero star for amazon.
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on 14 October 2013
Our son is Autistic & as such, has no concept of how fragile these types of items are & how to handle them properly. Something like this would be toast in a day, so to protect our investment, we decided that we had better wrap it up from the start.

I did a few comparison reviews & eventually it came down to this or the Otterbox - both seemed to have their pros & cons, both were in the same ballpark price wise. Both offer built-in screen protection, both have a hard plastic case & both have a rubber/silicone wrap-around "bumper". In the end, I went for the Survivor as quite a few reviews mentioned that the Otterbox made it difficult to depress the home button.

Feels quite heavy, it's not really, but the bulk fools you into thinking that it is. The instructions are safely stored inside the closed case - which is slightly irritating, as until you've read the instructions, you have no idea the best (ie. without damaging a clip) way to open it. Luckily, I'd seen a few on-line tutorials, so not that much of a problem - the instructions are next to useless anyway. I suggest you find a YouTube video - much better.

It all snaps together with a close fitting feel, the back case clips on so well that when I had to remove it (as I'd stupidly missed that the two corner covers have to be pulled through into the back case prior to it being snapped into place) I really struggled. The silicone cover stretches enough to give a snug fit, the lips & recesses push together with a satisfying feel. The screen protector finishes the case off nicely. One word of advice - give the screen & inside of the protector a clean off with a screen cleaner & cloth or you will end up with irritating bits of dust between the two.

A few reviewers have commented about it not fitting properly. I checked with Griffin who confirmed that you need the GB35108 for the 4th Gen i-pad - make sure that is what you receive

For our requirements, it's ideal. The silicone sleeve adds enough bulk to be handled by smaller fingers; the screen protector resists greasy, marmite on toast fingers & whilst being thicker than the average film protector, does not diminish the sensitivity of the screen & the buttons can still be easily used. The port covers are a good, firm fit, so much so that you need to open the speaker one, or else the sound is muted - which is not a bad thing for an Autistic child whose only comprehension of volume control is "FULL".

How well it fares in a "hostile" environment I couldn't say, but it certainly feels as if it will protect against the rigour of normal day to day life. I'm not sure how well it would cope with having a glass of juice tipped over it (certainly not now I've had to "modify" it), probably if it went on the front you'd get away with it, don't know about the back. But definitely a lot better than not having anything. In all fairness to Griffin, they do not claim that the case is "water resistant", only that "The Integral Display shield deflects wind and rain" - which I would agree with.

I certainly feel a lot happier with it on - I'll update how well it lasts over the next few months.

29.10.13 - UPDATE

So the only problem so far is that he doesn't like the two corner covers on the rear which cover the camera & speaker. Every time I put them on, he pulls them off, & to refit means taking the whole thing to pieces. I'd rather them be there as they stop toast crumbs etc. finding their way into the speaker grill. They won't stay there without the little rubber toggle which pushes through into the back cover so it's a catch 22 situation. I finally decided to cut off the toggle, then used a piece of 3mm, tube elastic. Knot it, BRIEFLY pass it over a naked flame to seal the end, feed through the back plate. It's just the right size to sit below the level of the back of the iPad, but will not pull through the hole. You'll need to make a small hole in the rubber cover (I used a thick needle) & then repeat the process so that you have enough elastic to allow the cover to rotate. Knot it, cut it & carefully flash it across a naked flame. Just have to see how it goes.

05.12.13 - Update

So far - so good - it's resisted all that Zak has thrown at. Marmite encrusted toast crumbs are wiped off on a daily basis with a baby wipe. The silicone means that Zak gets a good grip on it. Sarahs' main concern was that the screen protector would impede the sensitivity of the screen - this does not seem to be the case at all. Another reviewer has commented about the "oil slick" on his screen being an indication of it being fake. Mine does the same & I have no concerns about it being fake - it's probably just that its not a fixed screen protector that attaches directly to glass, but sits above it. You don't notice it after a while. The fix on the corner covers seems to have worked as well - he's lost all interest in pulling them off - however, this will have reduced its ability to cope with spills.

30.03.14 - Update

Zak dropped the ipad last night. He was sat on a barstool at the breakfast bar, attempting to juggle apple, juice & ipad - what could possibly go wrong !!! It bounced on the floor - picked it up expecting the worse - fine, it was still switched on. Switched it on & off a few times - no problems at all. Wouldn't have cared for its condition without the cover.

So far, I'm very happy with our choice of case & would certainly buy another.
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on 15 December 2013
Please be aware that counterfeit products are being offered for sale as originals. I ordered the survivor case from Amazon themselves (not a third party supplier) and I received a fake product.

The box has spelling mistakes on the front and rear with no official barcode on the rear bottom corner. I spoke with Griffin (the manufacturer) who after looking at the photos, confirmed the item as fake.

To their credit, Amazon refunded me immediately and I will be dropping the case off at the Trading Standards office in the new year so they can take it further to stop this happening to others.

All in all, a disappointing and slightly frustrating purchase. Many people would not (have not?) noticed the packaging mistakes and believe they are getting the correct levels of protection they have paid for...
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on 30 August 2012
I had dropped the iPad 3 times and been lucky with the leather case I had affording the pad enough protection for it to sustain superficial damage. Before my luck ran out I bought one of these griffin gb35108 survivor case. This one I have only found in black and is far superior to the Gb02480 which you can get in a range of colours. I have just sent the gb02480 I purchased back as it is poor in comparison.
The griffin survivor gb35108 is well made looks good and fit for purpose. If you use your iPad on the move in a range of situations it gives the user great confidence. I have used this on land water and air and feel I can rely on it.
The buttons and access portals are all well made and very easy to use. I find the pad easier to use with the case rather than without. I am confident in the construction of the case to be durable enough to protect the iPad inside. The best feature is that the case is so easy to grip and hold on to in the 3 months of use I have not dropped the pad.
I can recommend this model and did so to my wife but she ordered the other model, an easy mistake as only the code number and subtle differences you can see on the images differentiate them on amazon. I have returned it as it is not made to anywhere near the same quality and wasn't worth keeping at any price.
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on 6 October 2015
Ive had two iPad cases in one year that have broken very easily so I decided to spend a bit more and get the Griffin. I had a Griffin for an iPhone previously that lasted two years and protected the iPhone through all sorts of drops and spill ages and still looked brand new at the end of it.
For the iPad I've had an Orla Kiely case and the JTech. Surprisingly the Kiely was more robust but the cover material itself was peeling after just a month or so and the case corners broke after a small drop. The case was also nearly impossible to use for having the iPad stood upright eg when watching something or writing.

The JTech was a joke and I can't fathom it's good reviews; the case uses these stick on pads so that you can adjust the angle of the iPad. But of course these peeled off after just a day so it was then no longer possible to keep the iPad upright without just leaning it against something. To top of off, after a few weeks the iPad was dropped by my child from a height of 15-20cm onto a soft rug and the case corner broke off completely rendering the case useless! At least on the Kiely when the corners broke off the case still held the iPad in and could be used. On the JTech, once the corner was on the case didn't hold the iPad at all.

So I turned to the Griffin based on my positive experience with the iPhone case. I needed something that would fulfil just two functions;

-protect the iPad absolutely in case of being dropped
-allow us to have the iPad at a useful angle for watching/Skype without having to lean it against other objects

The Griffin is perfect for both these things. The iPad has even been thrown and hasn't the case is unscathed and off course it's been fine. It's even been accidentally stood on by an adult and nothing's happened. It's been dropped, had sand and water spilt on it and nothing. It also makes the iPad lovely and easy to hold; it's a non slip rubbery case. It feels robust and the little stand to keep the iPad at an angle is perfect.

Can't recommend this highly enough especially for anyone with young children!
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on 3 November 2012
After a few days with my new iPad3, I realised I needed a case for it which would protect it from the inevitable thrills and spills of family usage, in particular when my four year old son gets his hands on it. I already had a Griffin case for my iPhone, so knew what I was getting and wasn't disappointed. The Griffin case for the iPad fits it perfectly, with lots of well made, little rubber flaps for the port, camera, speakers etc., and no loss of resolution or responsiveness through the screen protector. It's extremely solid and gives outstanding protection. Mine has already been dropped on to hard floors on numerous occasions without showing any ill effects, either on the case or the iPad. If you want a case which means you don't need to worry about your iPad getting damaged, then this is the one for you.
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on 20 June 2016
Excellent protection for your ipad. Just make sure everything is clean and dust free before you enclose the ipad because the case is VERY difficult to get off. The screen protector does not affect the ipad's touchscreen functions at all. All the buttons still work, and access to charge port and rear camera is possible via the flip up doors in the cover. So all the usual ipad functions plus military grade protection!
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on 20 March 2014
As others have said there is 1 small flaw with this and that's the screen protector from the day we first put it on it left an annoying bubble effect on the screen which diminishes the good points and when cleaned for the first time it left a horrid smear straight across the middle of the screen which was visible no matter what we did and nothing seemed to remove this. It does protect the pad however and is very durable but somehow dirt still managed to get between the screen protector and the pad. If you can find a way to resolve the issue with the screen protector it would be brilliant.
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on 4 April 2016
An excellent armor case for the ipad, mainly to protect against my children man handling the ipad.

POSITIVES - They've thrown the ipad across the room many times and its been subjected to multiple spills too. The Griffin GB35108 Survivor case has ensured longevity of life for our ipad, cushioning it against so.e devastatingly serious knocks (once down the stairs too).

NEGATIVES - The plastic like film on the screen is a fingerprint magnet and stains appear to leave a permanant type of residue behind after wiping them away (only noticeable upon close scrutiny). Also the port covers for the headphone jack, camera and switch covers are flexible but flimsy. My children have managed to rip them off and lose them (the camera cover and the head phone cover).

OVERALL - Tough and sturdy - does the job - 4.5/5
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on 21 June 2013
I ordered this case thinking I would be getting a genuine Griffin case direct from Amazon. The actual product is very convincing and most buyers would not notice that anything was wrong, however, it is clearly a fake. The packaging looks ok but on closer inspection you can see that all the logos and branding have been scanned in (blurred) and the area around the logos doesn't quite match the background colour. Go to the Griffin website and look for their retailers to ensure you get a genuine one.
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