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Customer reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
Platform: Xbox 360|Change
Price:£14.90+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

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on 28 October 2013
Tekken Tag Tournament doesn't feel that different to its slightly older brother Tekken 6, the inclusion of the ability to Tag fighters in and out of a possible two player team has been added, and rich in-depth storylines have been taken away.

This makes the game feel a little hollow, but then again, who really plays Tekken exclusively for the story?
Animation and graphics are slicker than ever, and each charater actually speaks in their own language which is nice touch.

All characters from previous games (that I know of) have made their return and are available from the getgo, I'm on the fence with this decision, but the Arcade mode is so samey (and has been butchered by awful create a costume characters, turning Kazuya from a threatening scary guy to a wing toting clown) that going through it unlock characters would have sucked anyway.

All the modes are okay, nothing out of the ordinary here, time attack, survival, team battle make a return. One of the most interesting/furiating modes however is the storyish mode where you have to program the robot by fighting with it. Its a challenge to be sure for fighting game amateurs like myself (I'm sure experts whizzed through it) but I found it to be unforgivingly difficult around the third or fourth stage.

Short movies for each character follow ending the samey arcade mode and provide a little fanservice, thankfully these are usually hilarious, like Law and Paul's ending where they get chased by a bear.
Stages are very impressive this time around as well, Snoop Dog's Saint Row-ish stage sticks in mind inparticular.

The customization options are mostly just sad to look at (mostly beause they are usually just too damn baggy!) but certain outfits do stand out, but it takes so long to load the different clothes, even with the disc installed to the console, that most players could be forgiven for not visiting again.

Unfortunately the Customization system appears to be the only place to sell the money you make in the game, and as said before these customizations usually just make other characters look stupid. And you tend to earn the coolest things by fighting and not by buying. The crowning jewel of this mode however is the ability to change character portraits, revealing a mix of unlockable artwork for each character panel.

I must have spent hours on Ghost Mode trying to unlock Slim Bob and Hwoarang's different outfits and character artwork, and Ghost Mode is kinda where Tekken Tag shines, its endless (if you wish it) and gives you a choice of three different fights after each one, a special gold option (usually very difficult!) pops up sometimes offering rare treasure! Plus its also the easiest way to get your players fighter rank up!!

All in all Tekkens the same fun its always been, no great leap has been made, but if you're wanting a fighting game, (especially considering how cheap it is now) this is definitely the one to go for!
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on 8 April 2015
Great game at a great price with fast delivery
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on 14 January 2014
This game gets so boring. I wouldn't recommend Tekken to any gamer that gets bored of doing the same thing over and over again. But I know some of you like that!
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on 13 September 2013
I was a fan of Tekken 3 when I was younger and had nostalgia for it, I thought I would pick this up. The game is great fun especially with friends. The game has also implemented juggling which is not featured in the older games on the older platforms. You will have a hard time getting up when your opponent knows all the moves to keep you up in the air. It has many different game modes and customizations you will have a good amount of time to waste in. This is my kind of fighting game. Fast and edgy.
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on 21 September 2012
Thinking of the Tekken before this, Tekken 6, and you'd be forgiven to doubt this release. This is because Tekken 6 was awfully executed, bloated with rubbish you didn't want and it was jaggy as hell. Due to this I personally thought the best fighter this year would be Street Fighter x Tekken and with TTT2 coming in a far far second place. I was VERY wrong!

When TTT2 came out, (I went for the We Are Tekken edition - not disappointed at all, as I am usually with most SEs!), you understand what Harada-san was creating. This is the Tekken Greatest Hits! But this is a greatest hits with a ton of extras! There is so much content in this game, so much to learn and digest it will indeed satisfy a Tekken fan to a huge capital T.

As we know now the huge disappointment that was SFXT, it was a huge blow to the genre. Running up to the launch of this game however genuine excitement was building, there were no worrying sceptical thoughts of gimmicky features to the core game (I'm looking at SFXT's gems here), as they've left the core game mechanics of tag, last seen in the original TTT 12 years ago, untouched. What is added to this format are things that enhance the experience, from bounding moves, tag combos, stage interactions (floors fall through, walls break through), tag throws...! The beloved Ghost Mode is here from the recent canonical Tekken games - this is THE MODE that will help most people perfect their skills, it's a mode that I would've thought essential for most fighters. Fight Lab is another awesome mode - albeit tricky to get your responses around (especially if you're as rusty as me) once you understand timings, etc... you realise how valuable the mode is. There is also a much more immersive customisation mode too for those that want to add that personal touch to their fave characters.

All in all - an excellent game. Perhaps the best fighter this year. Buy it!
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If you really got into console gaming back when I did, everyone had the Tekken games, they were fast button pushing action, with impressive moves and of course great to play with your mates when you'd have a few bevvies. So when I heard about the new one coming out for the Xbox 360 I just couldn't wait to get my hands on it, after all, all those memories that I'd get to enjoy again as I smacked seven shades of the brown stuff out of anyone with the tenacity to even think that they could challenge the Beat `Em Up King on the console (in my defence I think that was ego coming back.)

What occurred within was pretty much what you'd expect with 50 playable characters some newly updated graphics and of course some other nice touches such as the clothing getting roughed up and mucky. There's also the chance as you earn points though victory to upgrade characters with new moves, some interesting additions which all in keeps you playing.

Add to this the nice touch of a free online gaming mode where you can challenge other players with stat keepers to let you know how you're doing (characters you play most, records of Wins, Loses and Draws) it can be fun, but for me the real draw of the game is more playing it at home with your friends where you can each challenge each other to massive multiplayer combats. That's where the fun of Tekken is and to be honest if you're going to be playing this more as a single player it may not be the game for you as there's no real plot and you'll quickly rediscover the illness that grappled the world years ago, Tekken hand (in short after all the mashing your wrist and fingers will ache and if overdone could remind you of a Repetitive Strain Injury.)

All in Lady Eleanor and I have had fun taking on each other for petty chore duties (such as who's going to make the next coffee) and its been great to revisit the beat them up again with some new backgrounds. However if you've moved on to the more sophisticated style of game where there's multiple solutions and don't fancy random button pushing in the vain hope of pulling off something impressive and will be playing on your own there really isn't much for you.
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on 16 November 2012
I'm a Tekken fan so this review might not be for you. Last Tekken I played was 5, so let me say this game has the beloved HUGE roster, tag fighting, free DLC (incl. snoop's stage and bikini bundle) and a customize mode that lets you personalize each character in a unique way. There are a few major differences also, like now Tekken is more about juggling and less about strong attacks or grapples; a launcher punch might lead to a combo that does more damage than an unblockable attack (not with me, I suck XD). The graphics are amazing and the loading generally short, if your a Tekken fan you'll want to buy this. There is one major problem for me thought, if you want to use ALL possible button combinations you'll have to press 2 buttons at once which doesn't work 100% of time, also the standard controller sadly has problems with forward/backward crouching and any swing motion, this is very irritating, but maybe that's just my problem.
Overall it's still an EXCELENT!! game and with practice you'll be doing +80 damage from a single weak launcher punch.
PS- Tekken tunes is used my copying musics from music CD to 360 hard drive and special tag throws are regular throws in which you tag in the beginning.
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on 27 October 2014
I've been a fan of the Tekken series since Tekken 3, and I can say this is the best game yet.
Every character feels unique, doubly so since you can customize each and every one.
The stages are all wonderfully active and eye-catching, with music that fits perfectly into the background.
The enemy AI scales with how much you've used each particular character, which makes for a great way to get better and better without even realizing it, and without having to play online. And in case that wasn't enough, the practice mode is fully equipped for any kind of player, be it someone who plays casually, and just wants to brawl against an inanimate player; or one who's more competitive, and wants to hone their tactics in specific situations.
If you're looking for a fun fighting game, look no further, because this is fantastic.
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on 15 February 2014
Bought as a Christmas pressie for my friends wee boy. We now never see him, not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing lol. The game is great fun though, I've even played a few battle games with him, even though I button bash! Defo a great buy!
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on 18 October 2013
So this is my first tekken. I played it 3-4 days, had enought of it. You're forced to use the HORRIBLE d-pad from x360 so unless you have a fightstick or a control pad for fighting games you're going to have a bad time with this one. Mine is allready full of dust, I simply can't play any game with the d-pad.

good things about this game, it has a lot of things to do wich is something that i see few times these days.

Some magazines said this is the best fighting game on this gen... well for me not even close. I preffer playing soul calibur, MK, SSF4, KoFXIII any day of the week.
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