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on 1 May 2012
As of 04/29/2012, this is the current top-end "premium" tier Intel chip - about 5-10% faster than the i7-2700K which it replaces. The current top-end "extreme" tier is and will remain the six core i7-3960X until the second half of 2013, when the Ivy Bridge-E is released.

It overclocks nearly as high as Sandy Bridge and heats up more with voltage. This means 4.4 to 4.7 GHz will be around the limit on air. Note that if you do not plan to overclock and/or intend to run virtual machines, the plain 3770 is the cheaper and better choice as it has Intel SIPP, vPro, VT-d and TXT enabled (the K has these disabled).

At its official retail price, three hundred and thirty two dollars, it is currently one of the best values for a high performance chip in the market. The next steps up are 2-3 times this price. At time of writing (the morning of release), it is marked up 5% above retail and has the wrong list price.

The GPU performance compared to the 2700K is about 50% faster, which is equivalent to a $40-60 video card. This is enough to play most games at mediocre quality with a mediocre framerate or run Quick Sync very fast (Intel's custom medium-quality h264 encoder; about 300 frames per second on 1080p video).

If you do not have much use for the GPU, most i5 and i7 owners will have a hard time justifying the Ivy Bridge upgrade. All other slower chips will see a substantial improvement. Another good value is the Ivy i5 3570K which is something like 0-15% slower and 30% cheaper.

The new motherboard lineup consists of the Z77, Z75, H77, Q77, Q75 and B75 chipsets. The major improvements over the Sandy Bridge generation is native USB 3.0 support, PCIe 3.0 (with Ivy chips only) and SSD-HDD hybrid caching. Z/H/X all have CPU overclocking. The 77s have the SSD caching. Most owners of this chip will probably get a Z77 which is feature rich and nearly the same price (about ninety dollars for the cheapest board currently).

[Sources: AnandTech, TomsHardware, overclock.net; see comments for some minor extra detail]
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on 27 March 2013
Please let me start by point out I do some intense gaming and intense video editing as well as he light load stuff like word documents ect for college,

As a computer student, I knew what I was going to need to give me the 'horse power' in all round applications. And the I7 3770K is great for this. Whilst only having 4 physical cores, it can be hyper-threaded into 8 cores. I had previously read that this wasnt as good as an 8 physical cored processor -as your probably have guessed, but I went ahead with my purchase.

Instillation was relatively simple, but I was still neverous at placing the brackets back over - I didint want to damage a pin on a £250 CPU. But everything installed great! Please note, this does require 2x 6 pin power for the PSU.

After instillation I done what any other self confessed geek would do; I jumped straight into my benchmark software. Firstly, I tried the Intel Burn Test -which isn't actually made by intel. This little piece of software seen all 8 threads jump up to 100% load and reached around 68 Degrees Celsius. On a after market Corsair H60 Cooler.

I then used 3D Mark 11 and Vantage, unfortunately I do not have these results to share but the end result wasn't stunning but it was highly respectable.

But I guess it more of a work load based thing. So I opened up my Sony Vegas Pro 12 (64 Bit) and started doing some video editing. The results were brillant! I edit in 1920x1080p full HD and the CPU was utilizing all threads for the work @ around 50-60%. I then rendered the video and the cores reached the expect 60-80% work load and raised to 50 Degrees Celsius. My 10 minute video was done in 7 minutes! I was astonished! I was previously using an AM3 AMD Phenom x4 955 BE and that took up to and hour for a similar piece!

But for the gamers out there, I highly recommend this! It will be coming down in price and games will start to use those all importent threads within the next couple of years. Especially since the next gen consoles have up to 8 cores! You're really wanting a system that will run games brillantly. As I said, video editing wise this is dandy but in-games it's actually great! I play things like Shogun 2 and the recent Total War installments and the thing runs them great - I dont have any stats sorry,but It copes with any issues in 4v4 land battles at 50-60 FPS. Please note, I use a dedicated video card (GTX 570 2.5 GB).

Overall,I love this CPU! It idles at around 30 Degrees for me and is clocked perfectly-I haven't tried O.C yet. But Im confident in doing so in the future. If you do alot like the things above, Get this! You'll not regret it!

My Specs:
Mo/Bo: ASUS Maximus V Gene
RAM: 8 GB : 1333 Mhz
CPU: I7 3770K @ 3.5 Ghz
PSU: X-Case 900 Watt
Case: X-Case S1
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on 21 July 2012
The Intel i7 3770K is a fantastic processor, I wanted to build a workstation PC for 3D graphics, but I couldn't afford a proper Intel Xeon CPU, so I opted for this instead. I was a little apprehensive about using an i7 instead of a Xeon for professional level work, but so far I have been pleasantly surprised. Admittedly it isn't as fast as a Xeon, it was never going to be, but its not as far off as I had first thought.

I haven't tried overclocking this yet, but it idles at 1600mhz for most tasks, it only every changes when I start animating or modelling in 3D applications. The Intel Turbo Boost feature confuses me slightly, the CPU never seems to run at its described 3.5ghz, always shooting up to its 'Turbo Boost' levels of 3.9ghz, which I thought would have been reserved for only the most intense of operations.

Ultimately, you can't go far wrong with this CPU, unless you work for Pixar and need the most powerful machine known to man, this will be more than good enough for anybody's needs, especially if you don't want to fork out for the i7 extreme or Xeon CPU's.
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on 26 June 2013
There is no need for Haswell the boards are more expensive and as a gamer you will pay more and get a 2% benefit. This CPU is just as good and will be future proofed for next-gen games with hyperthreading. You WILL need 8 threads in the future to run next-gen games at good settings. The 8 threads on this CPU will prevent being CPU limited in games. You must get this over a 3570K or a 4670K.
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on 23 October 2012
I would not recommend this chip or general moderate over clocking, unless you are a hardened overclocker.. This chip runs really hot due to Intel being completely inept in their new approach of using thermal paste between the die and IHS. you have to replace the thermal paste by taking the IHS off the cpu board then applying either Liquid Ultra or Pro to achieve good heat transfer. If you are not looking to over clock then it runs at 3.9ghz straight out of the box. which is nice.

after complete re-modding this chip you can get it to run at 4.8ghz @ 1.36v (ish) depending on the chip you get. some are a lot worse and some a great on the voltages. The peak temps are around 61C which is great, but i am using XSPC raystorm water cooling..

The other issue is to hit 5ghz you have to have the vCore running @ 1.52 (ish) volts.. so basically it tops out @ around 4.8ghz for day to day use as the required voltage draw is too high ..

tempos are fine just the voltage is a bummer..

My opinion in a nut shell..

My next build will be AMD .. after buying into the hype of intel at a huge cost in comparison.. feel let down by the quality of the product so far..

Can't comment on AMD as of yet.. although its a hell of a lot cheaper..

hope this review helps some out there.
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on 22 February 2013
Bought this after deciding to build myself a new monster PC with as much top hardware as i could.

Firstly, it comes in a nice little box with a stock cooler heatsint and fan and an instruction manual. Very simple. Come build day after dropping it in, I decided not to use the stock cooler because I'd heard these babies can run hot under load and that stock cooler doesn't look upto much, so I decided to buy a Corsair H60i water cooler to run the cooling side of things while I'm powergaming or whatever.

Finally got to my new windows and the performance of this thing (at stock speeds even) is still staggering, I've been on the PC all night doing things and it hasen't broken a sweat once. Very impressed. Having the 'K' version is also an added bonus that if in the future it does start getting tierd for whatever reason (can't see it), then you can open the taps for more horses. Sweet.

Temps: Right now it's chilling at 27C with the Corsir H60i...It's maximum I've seen so far was 38C although I haven't been really pushing it yet so can't give any top-end temps. But yeah it runs sweet.

Very happy with the purchace.
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on 7 November 2012
This processor is amazing. I am very happy with the new specs and built in graphics handling. Coupled with my ASUS sabertooth Z77 this combination is amazing. The downside is the bundled cooler/fan. I cannot stress how important it is to swap it out ASAP with an alternative. With a CM Hyper 212 evo instead I am getting over 10° cooler chip on idle more even please do this immediately. The fan caused errors on initial boot and sometimes simply stalled causing great stress and worry about leaving the machine on alone. Since swapping out the cooler I have had no troubles whatsoever. Which makes me think INTELO are daft to sell a magnificent chip bundled with an inferior almost useless cooler. I cant even use it as a paperweight.. !!
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on 26 July 2013
Had this for over a year now and its still destroying anything i throw at it, its an easy OC to 4.6Ghz and runs stable and cool on air, people may wince at temps over 60degrees when benchmarking which is higher than sandy go to but you have to remember that the TJ Max on this chip is over 115 degrees which gives plenty of headroom even if your up to 80 in benchmarking. Remember that bencharking will provide the hottest temps you will ever see as it runs your chip at 100%, even the most demmanding aplications will only hit this for a few secconds here and there as they are limited by other factors.

If your not going to overclock don't buy the K version and dont waste money on a Z77/Z68 mobo when a H67/61 will give you all the features bar overclocking and save you a fair few quid.
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Bought this CPU fro a PC build, and it has been going strong and very efficiently.
The Ivy Bridge technology does get quite hot though, so do bare that in mind, in relation to CPU core temperatures.
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on 28 January 2016
This is now very outdated, which is to be expected of course with these kind of things.

However, I am more than satisfied, this is part of a build I put together about in about 2012 with an ASUS sabertooth motherboard and 8gb ram and the whole system still runs like lightning, I don't see myself needing to upgrade any time in the near future either but I dont see games etc.. becoming much more hardware hungry. I play lots of MMORPG and other online multiplayer games and do some occasional basic video editing (Have asus nvidia gtx 670 GPU).

Seriously though, combine this with the biggest ssd you can afford. I struggle for space on my 240gb ssd because once you go ssd hdd are just a pain in the butt slow.

Cant complain about this product for my fairly general requirements.
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