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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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TOP 100 REVIEWERon 26 October 2012
This is an entertaining thriller by James Patterson (JP) and co-author Marshall Karp. Since the banality of 'Zoo', I wondered when JP would produce another page-turner. Here we have it. Short, snappy phrases and chapters in the old style. This novel involves the NYPD high-profile response team 'Red Squad'. Their assignment is to oversee and protect a glamour event of celebrities gathered in red carpet style in Hollywood in the Mayor's Hudson Week. The challenge is led by Detective 1st Grade Zach Jordan. His regular partner is injured. He is teamed up with Kylie MacDonald as the replacement. They were an 'item' ('baggage' in American terminology). Kylie is married to Spence Harrington, a TV producer. Zach still has more than an urge on Kylie that he needs to suppress.

From the opening pages, the scene is set for the obvious. Despite the special forces and media attention in front of thousands, a famous producer collapses and dies over breakfast. The likely suspects are identifiable but they have their own script, agenda and deviousness not to be apprehended. With other well-drawn characters, psychiatrist Cheryl Robinson, a recently divorced friend of Zach, and in-charge Captain Delia Cates, Zach and Kylie are on the case. Not straightforward as events rapidly take a turn for the worse. More murders, often gruesome and horrific, clearly well-planned, take place, throwing New York into turmoil. The elite of the Red Squad is being led a merry dance into dangerous territory.

Patterson writes with control and the events that follow are lively and not without humorous touches with Zach and Kylie bouncing off each other. The chase for the calculated killer is memorable and tense as any thriller should be with added asides between the protagonists. The outcome may be predictable but does not preclude the tremendous action, suspense and fun that takes place before. This is Patterson with co-author at their best. It leaves plenty of opportunity for a follow-up with the personnel involved. Terrific novel with a hot plot and pace this is highly recommended and something of a relief for the author's legion of fans.
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on 14 April 2013
This is a definite and most welcome return to form for James Patterson. NYPD Red has everything a great crime book should have, a fantastic and gripping plot with twists all over the place, two brilliant detectives at the fore with the mandatory complicated love lives and the perfect mix of humour and violence. NYPD Red protect the rich and famous but when famous people are getting murdered they appear out of their depth, the two lead detectives; Zach and Kylie make this a brilliant read with their back story and the way they work together. It is a typical format of a Patterson book with short chapters but that only makes me want to keep on reading until I have finished. This was definitely one of the more exciting books by Patterson and is a definite must read for anyone who enjoys reading crime books. I now hope that Patterson develops these characters further and does a series with them as they were so interesting to read about.
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on 14 December 2012
Yet another 'can't put down book' by James Patterson, proving he is the best crime/thriller writer around. Keep them coming James!
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on 30 August 2015
I have read well over four thousand books since I began listing them, so it is fair to say that I have probably several that are worse than this one, though none leap to mind just at the moment.

I know that James Patterson has been immensely prolific and commercially successful, selling millions of books around the world. Indeed, 'James Patterson' is now really a brand, and he tends to work with collaborators, producing a synopsis of a storyline which a co-writer will then flesh out into a complete novel. I am therefore unsure whether it it Patterson or Marshal Karp who is more to blame for this miserable excrescence of a novel.

The characters are barely even two dimensional and the plot shows absolutely no shame, with no police story cliché knowingly overlooked. I am glad I read this on my Kindle as it would be an outrage for decent trees to have been sacrificed for such unrelenting pap.
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on 7 February 2016
James Patterson does it again with the fourth part of this series. I've been a big fan of his books, especially when the Alex Cross series came out, since it was one of my favorites. Loved the books and then the movies for Along Came a Spider and Kiss the Girls. I had to start these NYPD Red, when they came out. This brings us to his latest novel, NYPD Red 4.

As with the others in this series, it takes place in Manhattan and NYPD Red is a special task force for cases involving the rich, famous or powerful. Detectives Zach Jordan and Kylie MacDonald are portrayed as the top investigators in the story. The story largely being that during a movie premiere, there was a murder and a high profile jewelry robbery at the same time. Off goes the team to track down this killer, before he strikes again.

It's an action packed crime thriller, which Patterson excels at keeping you yanking on the next page to finish. Everything from Celebrities, Gypsies, Murder and all the way underground, it keeps with the Patterson style all the way around. Hope it Helps:)
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on 2 December 2012
Loved it, great story !!!!!! Should be made into a series for telly would make a great cop story. If you like suspense read this
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on 26 September 2015
Not for me. I read this book to the end and I will not be buying any more books by this author. More comic book than anything else. The story is episodic lurching from one violent scene to another.The story book characters are tired re-hash of many that have gone before. I am not adverse to violence in books but this book is written solely for the violence with little attempt at characterisation or a good story line unfolding during the book. Incidentally,I rarely write book reviews but this book is so poor I had to put fingers to keyboard.
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on 15 September 2013
I have been a James Patterson fan for years, and have read most of his books including the ones he writes with others, I have usually enjoyed them. This one however is so far below his usual standard. The characters are not believable, they are two dimensional cut outs. As for the goodie goodie female lead, well she was so irritating "she was the bestest and the goodest, and the most well behavedest in the class. These made up words just about sums up my feelings of irritation with her.
If this is the first time you have looked at James Patterson, don't be put off try a different book. Leave this on the shelf.
Badly written am I sorry James Patterson put his name to it.
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on 15 July 2013
I just don't understand those who have given rave reviews.

I found this book tedious, simplistic and very dissapointing - I expected more of Patterson and now will not consider anything with his name on the cover (co-authorship is no excuse). The characters are one dimensional and the plot only worthy of a childrens book.

Somehow I did read it all, thankfully it is not a long book, and the short chapters and large text helped further. A few minutes after completing the book, I threw it away so as not to inflict it on anyone else in the future.

I do wonder sometimes whether the publishers write these reviews, Seriously other reviewers, please don't praise this tabloid style writing and encourage people to waste their money.
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on 26 November 2012
NYPD Red is crime fiction for readers who love fast-paced action and are not fond of brutal minutely described homicides.

Detective Zach Jordan is a member of New York's elite force NYPD Red. Their job is to protect New York's wealthiest: the rich, the famous, the high profile figures. The story begins on the day Zach gets a new partner. His previous one is off work injured. Zach's feelings about his new partner are mixed to say the least. No doubt that she's a great detective but she's also a maverick, a loose cannon and a rebel. But that's not the real problem here. Kylie MacDonald is Zach's ex.

Their first day on the job together and a high profile film producer appears to have collapsed during his breakfast. On closer investigation the detectives discover he has been poisoned. It's a race against time before more of the industry's illustrious figures are killed off by a mad-man.

I don't think I've ever read an adult crime novel before. I have read James Patterson's fiction for teens - the Maximum Ride series and I did once attempt to read The Dangerous Days of Daniel X. I decided to give this a go for two reasons. The first was that I needed something really easy to read and not too wordy. The second reason was that I love TV cop shows. I don't however enjoy things that are really scary. This book is the perfect middle ground. I wasn't at all scared of the criminal mind who was attempting to take down the film industry. I actually felt a bit sorry for him. But I was still cheering on the detectives and interested enough to keep reading.

I liked the humour and the connection between Zach and the two women in his life. This was definitely a quick read and I enjoyed it enough to want to read the next book in the NYPD Red series.
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