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on 24 February 2014
IF you can work out how do use this product then you are either lucky or a PHD in computing. Life is just too short for such complicated crap from China. I sent mine back
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on 31 May 2017
Always runs quite slowly if you have it on full shut down setting. Takes at least 2-3 minutes to boot up.
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on 28 February 2015
great buy goes well with my t/v in the bedroom which is a 24 inch digi-home free view and DVD Combo have had no trouble with them
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 23 September 2012
Style: HD|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
This is the first Digihome product I have owned and I have only acquired it recently so long-term reliability is not something I can fairly assess yet. However, I can give it a `first impressions' review and make a few comparisons.

Digihome seem to have almost zero web presence but is sold through a variety of reputable electronics retailers marketing the low to middle end of the product spectrum.

It was simply packaged and scores and immediate plus with the inclusion of a basic HDMI cable within the packaging. While users may wish to upgrade cables, it is nice to be able to get up and running with a product out of the box. That said, there was no coaxial cable included so connecting from a terrestrial television aerial will require one. The amazon box-content description is wrong on this count as it lists rf (coax) and scart cables contrary to what is printed on the packaging itself. I'll notify them of this...

Aware that this is not a high profile brand, I was also delighted to be able to see through the upper casing to the 500Gb Hard Drive which (in the unit I received at least!) is a very reputable Western Digital AV drive. The rest of the casing and remote can only be described as basic and a bit uninspiring.

Wired up and plugged in within a few minutes, the PVR initiated its auto-tuning sequence. It was a bit slower than other tuners I've used but also seemed to find a few extra freeview channels that my Samsung TV and Panasonic PVR did not pick up in a recent retune.

The interface is tidy whilst, again, being quite basic. Although you can't see the currently-selected channel whilst using the guide, at least you can hear it which makes referring to the guide during adverts easier. Selecting channels and setting up recordings is quick and intuitive. If you try to record more than two channels simultaneously it displays all programs on screen in a timeline which makes it very easy to resolve the conflicts. It's actually a more refined user interface than several I've used from brand leaders including Panasonic.

I connected internet via an Ethernet cable just to test (our home adsl performance isn't really up to use for streaming video so I don't plan to use this functionality much for now). The choice of internet content `out of the box' is pretty hopeless and the only redeeming feature is BBC iPlayer which worked as well as my bandwidth would allow. As far as I am aware there is no means to connect wirelessly which could be a significant drawback if you want to use it over a home network. I also had at least one `crash' whilst navigating iPlayer resulting in the unit displaying `init' before returning me to freeview content. That doesn't bode to well for future use.

The freeview HD picture is every bit as good as that produced by better known brands but the sound quality doesn't match this being both softer and `soggier' than what I am used to in my existing equipment. This may be related to the budget HDMI cable supplied but for now I am assuming that less attention has been given to this element than the picture quality.

Other minor quibbles include that the unit noisier than average when switched ON and the front drop-panel for USB connection is flimsy which along with the small buttons on the front panel give the build a poor quality feel. These issues wouldn't bother me if the rrp was set well below the competition but in this case and based on my positive experiences of the Panasonic DMR-PWT500EB 320GB HDD TV Recorder with 3D Blu-ray Player and Twin Freeview HD Tuners there's a Panasonic DMR-HW120EBK 500GB HDD Recorder with Twin Freeview +HD Tuners (New for 2012) going for a very similar price that I'd take over this without hesitation.

Overall this is a competent `no frills' PVR that produces a good picture and is built around a good quality and sizeable harddrive. Unfortunately, at or around the rrp, I'd say you could do a lot better.
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VINE VOICEon 1 October 2012
Style: SD|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
When it comes to great ideas PVR's come a close second to sliced bread.
Having owned a Humax PVR for years we recently purchased another one as a present for our son's birthday and very recently set it up for him, it's handy to compare this Digihome unit with the Humax.

A bit disappointing to find there were no cables within the box, I noticed other reviewers have at least had an HDMI cable so I have had to wait to set it up until I could eventually buy a scart and rf cable, setting up was easy and a nice option is the regional setting as we live in an area of Cheshire that also has a strong Welsh television signal.

The program guide is good and although it's early days yet the unit appears to be performing as promised, it's a petite black box that is competitively priced.

This unit is worth considering obviously depending on the price difference if you were reluctant to pay extra for a better known make, my one concern and something other reviewers have picked up on is the lack of a Digihome internet presence and I could find no mention of an option to register the unit.
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on 30 September 2012
After failure of our last PVR (after only 18months) I was a bit worried about the Digihome offer on Amazon. Didn't know the make, and at £99 for a twin tuner freeview 500GB recorder thought something that cheap may be 'iffy'. - In the event we are absolutely delighted with the new toy ! It does exactly what it 'says on the box', it's intuitive (much more than our previous Topfield), and the EP Guide is very easy to use, and reliable.
Although it is only a 'standard' definition recorder, the picture-through-box quality is excellent. - Better than my Panasonic TV without the digibox on.
Have since bought a 19" widescreen 'bedroom' TV by Digihome from Amazon, and that seems to be great at the price.
Time will tell, but very happy with the PVR if it stays so reliable.
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on 3 February 2013
I have had a Digihome T810 that has been reliable for 4 years until recently when the disk is starting to become unreliable, but I like the simplicity of the design, so I wanted to keep with the Digihome brand.

I have a specific report about the SD box I received, and then a general concern regarding the product.

It arrived in perfect external condition. It found all the channels on first setup. However, we noticed that it was very slow to respond to remote control buttons, taking up to 2 minutes to action a request.

This slowness made me look on the internet to see what kind of resolution there might be - and I have the following observations:

I'm very sure that the specific set top box that I received had a specific fault unto itself, as it froze (hung for more than 5 minutes) and required a power reset six times in the first evening if use. It also gave up showing programs twice, as if the signal had dramatically dropped away, and a power off and on restored the picture

Moving the specific problems with the box I received for a moment, I believe that this box as sold may have a more fundamental concern. It's been delivered with firmware which has known bugs which were of sufficient severity for the manufacturer to release a new update, which is not on this box.

I searched the internet for 'digihome box slow response' thanks to the experience I was having, and discovered that the firmware that the box was shipped with has well documented errors. The site 'VestelPVR' 'Futaura' informs that this box is a Vestel T835, and the version of the software 4.6 has "Target Region Descriptor, Recommendations and Trailer Booking support + some major new bugs". It appears that if I had a PC with a serial port, the correct serial to scart cable and some techie time I could load a newer version of the firmware to the machine and make it work properly. I left it on overnight for two nights to see if it would collect a newer version of the software with an 'OTR' update, but it did not. Further searching reveals a lot of owners of T835's lived through a firmware upgrade nightmare during 2012, which has been resolved with the latest version of the software which regresses to 3.4 base code with some enhancements and is called 5.3.

If your eyes have glazed over at this point - I'm with you. I had not signed up to this mess when purchasing a consumer product. All I'm reporting is that this box with 4.6 software is likely to respond painfully slowly to remote control commands, and really these should be upgraded by the supplier to 5.3 before sending to unsuspecting customers.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon 27 September 2012
Style: HD|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
A fairly interesting box which seems to be based on Vestel software.

Out of the box the setup procedure was easy and the unit includes a HDMI cable (No UHF Male / Female cable provided to daisy chain in aerial feed to your TV).

Where I live you can pick-up Freeview from two transmitters and regions (Whitehawk and Half Freeview from Newhaven).

After the scan it was smart enough to let me pick my Freeview region (South or SouthEast) to assign the correct BBC1.

Picture and sound seem okay and after pressing the "Wide Key" once on the remote it now with no user intervention shows 4:3 material in the correct aspect (with black bars at the side).

Program guide is also fairly good showing eight channels at a time and two hours of program data.

If you want extra program info you can press "i" and then it reduces the grid to six channels (it seems to save this setting so you can have the guide with or without info and the same feature applies to the timer and library page.

The guide is full screen with the sound from the channel you were viewing.

To record a program, just highlight it and press the record button. For a full series, highlight it and press OK and select series record or HD but then it does not seem to offer series record.

In setup it offers auto option to record the HD version but this does not seem to work properly.

Like all modern products it features a low power standby mode and uses under 1 watt in this mode and looking through the top vent holes it seems to have a Western Digital Green hard drive.

The draw back of very low power standby is the boot time which to a picture on your screen is about 50 seconds.

As you would expect, you can pause live TV if you are interrupted.

Recording Playback
This except for one recording (out of about 20) has worked faultless (the one problem is with a ITV3 recording of "The Royal" which froze at one point but it would let me skip to beyond the problem.

I should point out the recording library is a bit primitive and just lists all recordings in a list with various sort options (just like on an old one I had about five years ago). With a 500GB hard drive I can imagine this will get quite difficult to navigate, find your recording.

You can resume playback of a recording from where you last stopped and recording delete is nice and fast.

During playback the following speeds are available. x2,x4,x8,x16,x32.

Also available but not mentioned in the poor manual is that Up Arrow +30sec skip, Down Arrow -30sec skip, Right Arrow 2min skip, Left Arrow -2min skip. These are great for skipping adverts :)

Subtitles also seem to work well on SD and HD channels with just one press of the subtitle button to toggle on and off.

Assuming you have the unit connected to your broadband / cable you can also access the BBC iPlayer and a couple of other items "4 in a row", "AutoZine" and "Night". I have not tried these yet but when I do I shall update my review.

BBC iPlayer works well and offers HD if your link is fast enough. It did however when it started to play one item make the box reboot and as it was recording at the time all it saved was the part of the program after the reboot.

I shall now list the problems I have had.
It has failed to record at least three programs this week with no indication why (Progs on BBC1, ITV3 & CHN4HD)
It once recorded the same program on BBC1 and BBC1HD at the same time and thus only made a 3 minute recording of a program on BBC3
Set a Series link to record the Simpsons on CHN4 but it always records it from CHN4 HD (minor issue)
Wanted to Series link "Heartbeat, The Royal and The Saint" from the early showings each day but it always changes it to the showing later in the day (minor).
During iPlayer the "Bookme" message can be displayed (minor)

The manual does not seem to have a single way of contacting the manufacturer for any support which indeed puts me off.

I will update my review again after another few weeks including trying to copy recordings to USB which it says you can do.

EDIT1: 30/09/2012
1. No Dolby Digital 5.1 via HDMI, All I get is PCM 48 Stereo for any setting combination on the box. I shall see if I can find a spare optical cable and test the legacy optical output.

2. Once the complete front display went blank without even the power LED. Box still worked and after a mains power cycle the display worked again as normal.

3. If the unit has to make a second recording and changes channel to do this the front display still shows the name of the channel it was on.

EDIT2: 02/10/2012
The only way to get Dolby Digital Sound on the HD channels does seem to be with the optical cable hooked up with the player set to AC3 on and Bitstream.
Over HDMI all you get is PCM 48 stereo.
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on 21 August 2013
Runs hot when in use
put into standby still runs hot
put into sleep mode unit runs cool this saves electric but output to tv is shut off
this means in sleep mode no arial output to tv

Also when you record programs it likes to record it twice this means if you have set a record for a different channel
it will fail to record it due to recording same program twice using both tuners

I would not recommed any one to buy Digihome products has they have no email or tel help line
Amazon was very helpfull sent unit back
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VINE VOICEon 21 February 2013
Style: HD|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
This Digihome PVR is based on the Vestel PVR T7300 which was launched in January 2012, as are both the Bush B320HDPVR and Finlux PVR-1050T500. The T7300 has now been replaced with the Vestel T7650, which supposed to be much improved. These are budget PVR's, although the Digihome was priced way too high on release and has fallen considerably since.

I've been using this PVR for a couple of months and I can't say I'm overly impressed with it. The initial setup was simple and it picked up all the available freeview SD & HD channels fine in my area. The user interface is typical of a budget AV product - Basic styling and doesn't offer the best user experience. If you're accustomed to the Sky guide, you'll be disappointed. BBC iPlayer is a nice addition and works fine.

Unfortunately, recording programs can be hit-or-miss, as it doesn't always seem to record programs or it randomly records two versions of the same program at once. This is extremely annoying and there doesn't seem to be any new OTA updates to possibly fix this issue.

As a cheap PVR it's OK, but I'll be checking out PVR's from Panasonic or Humax etc., in future, which seem more reliable and better supported.
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