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on 10 April 2016
I've been using this netting for a couple of years and it's brilliant, I use it on every window in my flat and it's so light you wouldn't know it was there unless you were up close. The velcro that comes with it isn't great, and I've found it peels away from the frame of the window and doesn't hold the net well, so I always layered over the top with sellotape, all round the frame. Others have suggested using dressmakers velcro: I've tried that and it was also pretty rubbish. I now use this velcro to attach it to the windowframe: Tesa Mosquito, Fly And Insect Hook And Loop Replacement Roll 5.6 M

It's brilliant. Sticks solidly to the windowframe (but will peel off easily if necessary) and holds the net securely.

This netting is brilliant. Just use a different velcro than the one supplied =)
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on 3 June 2017
Excellent! Just what I needed and does the job. With the white Velcro tape and the white net, you can hardly see there is a bugscreen in place. ( see photo)

A couple of tips for fitting:
The sticky back Velcro is okay, but I cleaned the window frame and then ran some superglue along the line where the Velcro would go. I then peeled back the tape from the Velcro, and fixed it along the line of superglue. This means it will stay in position forever.
When fitting the net don't have too much tension across from tape to tape. You don't want it like the skin of a drum, as this will put a lot of stress on the Velcro. You need it fairly relaxed so that The net is wrinkle free, but not so tight that it puts strain on the Velcro.
review image
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on 10 July 2013
The netting is great and works well but unfortunately the tape used on the velcro is not at all sticky. The netting had fallen down within 10 minutes of being put up so I had to buy some better tape in order to use this.
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on 6 May 2018
I purchased this last year to keep the bugs out and to prevent my cat going out the window at night and it does work. It’s made of a light cotton material and when it’s up it isn’t that visible and it doesn’t stop any air getting through. My cat hasn’t tried to climb it and the net wouldnt stand any force used against it, however he had a look round and couldn’t find a hole to get through so just accepted he can’t get out. Now he just sits there enjoying the air and looking through.
Velcro as others have said is a little naff. However I doubled up around the bottom and sides as best I could with the Velcro provided which worked ok. When I removed the net and Velcro in the winter it did leave sticky yellow marks on my window surround which were hard to remove and I couldn’t fully remove it in places. Net easily cut to size
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on 25 May 2014
I am always very pleased with these insect nets, I have bought others from different sellers (but they are exactly the same fabric and tape) and have never had any problems with them.

I buy them primarily to keep out the scary creepy crawlies that come in and terrorise me, and also so I can have the windows open wide and not have my kitty leaping out of them!

As other people have said, these nets are very very fine and soft, but I don't find this a problem.
Obviously they are not going to stand up to being used as a trampoline or having a cannon ball chucked at them, but if you don't do that kind of thing and you are just using them to keep the bugs out, which is what they are for, then they are perfect and do the job very well.

My previous set did get a few rips in them but this was after about A YEAR of unsticking them and then re-sticking them again to open and shut the window every day, but that's only to be expected after that length of time and usage, so I think they lasted incredibly well! And for less than £2 too; you couldn't buy net and tape together for that price in the shops, so it's no big problem if they rip after a while!

They are pretty much invisible at the window unless you are standing right by the glass, so they don't detract from the room or look ugly.

The tape, I found, stuck incredibly well to my white PU windows. In fact last year's tape is still on there so I haven't even needed to use the tape from this new set yet.
When applying the tape the best thing to do is trim it to size first and then peel a little of the backing off and press the first bit of tape down, then peel a bit more off and press that down, and do that all the way along the tape, it stops it from getting in a tangle or sticking to itself.

The one thing I will say, which I said in my previous review for these nets last year, and is important, is that if you are a pet owner and are using these screens to stop pets jumping out of high windows, don't rely on them while you're not in the room, they're excellent as long as your pet is supervised, but they are only soft, so if the pet was alone in the room and is a particularly curious animal, they could perhaps chew through the soft net or tear a hole in it if they really wanted to, so for that reason I shall only be using them when I am actually in the room to keep an eye on kitty, or if i know he is sleeping in another room, and will pull the windows to again when I leave the room for a while.

They let in a great breeze though, and keep out those dreaded craneflies so we can have the windows open at night with the lights on! :)

Would definitely recommend these.
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on 6 March 2017
saved me a lot of swoting this summer. should have got some of this years ago. easy to use once you have the hang of it. i would recommend a good clean of window frames (and drying time) before application to help it stick. i will be using this every year from now on.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 12 February 2017
It works perfectly - PLEASE put the velcro tape on the window and *wait* for 24 hours for it to adhere to the window frame properly BEFORE applying any force to it - do *not* put the mesh on for about 24 hours. If you stick it to the frame then immediately put tension on it with the mesh, it will not adhere to the window properly and will then come away from it. Just leave the velcro tape to set and it will work perfectly as it has done for me.
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on 30 July 2013
It's a good idea, only drawback for me being I have to partly undo it every day when I need to open or close a window I can't see any way round that
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on 20 June 2017
Size of holes in mest very good. Srip on windows feels sticky but comes off a bit in corners - bit of instant adhesive and job done. Now to open window undo bottom mesh then seal again. Left hours last night with a small fan blowing cool air into bedroom no problem. No sign of any moths etc so very happy. Good price and a good job well done.
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on 6 August 2016
It works but as other people have said you are best to purchase extra "hook" velcro as the supplied peels off very easily from the window frame and is incredily thin, 5mm if that. Replace with 2cm and stays put with no extra intervention
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