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4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 15 July 2013
I'm submitting this roughly one year in with this cooler. I'd seen many a good review online, which had me more-or-less sold to it, apart from one which bore bad thermal results due to the heatsink plate apparently being concave.

I decided to go with the majority of reviews and buy it nevertheless. I also went for this rather than the Pro (with the two fans) as I wanted to be able to fit high-profile Corsair Vengeance RAM with it in my P8Z77 Pro.

I can confirm that mounting with the fan pointing to the back of the case allows 4 x high-profile modules without issue. In fact the RAM slots are completely unimpeded. Facing front, you can fit 2 high-profile modules and potentially 2 low-profile. I have not tested this however.

Mounting the cooler can be a little tricky, but OK if you ensure you follow the diagrams closely.

As far as cooling/quietness goes, it's really, really great. I'm running a 3570K @ 4.6Ghz and the idle temp is 34C. Under full load the CPU rarely hits 50C. This is achieved also with NO other case fans (silence is a priority for me, and my existing case fans are noisy as heck). For the most part, the fan is completely inaudible, and can stay quite happily cooling the CPU efficiently at 25% (400RPM). Even at 60% the fan is barely heard, and can only really be heard above other components when stressing the CPU running 2 x Orthos Prime instances with Affinity set to CPU0+1 and 2+3 respectively. This is when each core is over 80C and the fan is ramped up to 100%.

In normal gaming operation this would clearly never happen, and as such the fan is completely silent.

The only thing I would say is, at 166mm this thing is a beast - it actually does not fit my case, which is my fault entirely as I didn't measure up beforehand! This has forced me to buy another case, which I'm happy to do, as this performs so well.
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on 22 March 2013
I swapped out my ageing Corsair H50 watercooling kit, and decided to go back to air-based cooling due to a number of issues with Corsair's current run of watercoolers (H80 and H80i both appear to be appallingly bad in terms of quality control).
This cooler is more than capable of cooling the 135W TDP CPU that I'm using it with (AMD Phenom II 965 BE) and keeps it at a frosty 25C idle (5C above ambient), maxing at 50C on full-load.The oversize fan does a great job of moving air without adding too much noise to the system, which is a priority for me as I record a lot of voiceover work on this PC.
I've teamed it up with the Dark Power Pro 10 PSU from the same company, and my system is quieter now than it has ever been. The noisiest elements are now the two Hitachi HDDs (and a faint buzzing noise coming from one of my monitors which was previously drowned out by the noise of the PC).
The only reason I've dropped a star is that installation is made trickier by the design of the fan clamps. They're extremely difficult to re-attach once the cooler is in place and I ended up bleeding in several places during the attempt (the fins have some sharp edges to them). PC upgrades usually demand some kind of blood sacrifice, though, I can't remember the last time I didn't cut myself while working on a refit/upgrade, so maybe I should be a little more careful.
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on 18 July 2013
I'm Writing this review during the English heatwave of 2013. The temperature of my living room right now is about 31 degrees, my PC case temp is 35 degrees and my motherboard temp is 38 degrees and right now I'm running a video converter which runs the CPU at full load and its only reading 55 degrees!! unbelievable!. My previous Heatsink crashed my PC through overheating and I didn't even try the standard heatsink which came with my CPU (AMD 8350) which has a 125w TDP so its not the most energy efficient CPU out there but the heatsink is simply amazing! Fitting the heatsink isn't without its troubles I ended up with a few cuts and got a bit of a sweat on I even got slightly emotional with all the trial and error but was victorious in the end which is so worth it!. I am lucky to have a case which gives you access to the rear of the motherboard without having to remove it as the heatsink comes with its own rear bracket. You need at minimum midi tower I have a Zalman Z9 Plus (which isn't the smallest case in the world) and when putting the side cover back on the heatsink is pushing against the cover so not even a nanometer left for room so check your sizes before ordering! Still I'd recommend this superb heatsink to anyone who is willing to persevere with something that's not completely easy to fit but gives excellent results in the end.
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on 19 August 2013
Good cooler for overclockers. Comes with all the brackets for the cpus listed, thermal paste and detailed install info. A large bit of kit so make sure your case can accomodate it. RAM with large heatsinks could be a problem, but regular RAM heatsinks OK. Very quiet and highly recommended.
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on 15 September 2014
I have purchased this CPU cooler to replace my stock AMD FX cooler, with the purpose of making my gaming system a quiet one.

I have researched going into water cooling, but wasn't able to make the move, being afraid of water inside my hard worked gaming rig. I have decided to go with Be Quiet, since it seemed they combined performance and quietness very nice.

I have been using it for about 7 months now, with absolutely no problems. The systems temperature has gone down by at least 7 degrees and it's so quiet compared to before, that it seems unreal.

It seems easy enough to install it yourself, with instructions provided by the manufacturer, but as an IT Technician, this was child's play for me.

The only reason I haven't gone for the top dog (Dark Rock pro 3) was the lack of space in my Midi Case. I would advice to take some measurement before ordering this beast, or you might be surprised that it won't fit your system.

All in all, I would recommend Be Quiet products to all PC enthusiasts that are looking for performance and silence combined. The Dark Rock 2 seem to be the perfect fit for Midi Cases, but check your system before ordering.
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on 22 August 2013
Case:- Fractal DD R4 - Z87 pro mb - Intel 4770k Haswell CPU - 16GB Kingston HyperX Beast 2400mhz
Arrived yesterday in super quick time and having read/viewed quite a few articles on CPU air coolers I was looking forward to installing this bad-boy.

Out of the Box
The Germans really know how to pack their merchandise and the unit is securely packed in latex foam and considering the fragile nature of an air cooler, this is just as well. Checked that everything was present and correct took a good look at the cooler unit, very nice
As many others have mentioned in reviews - the size is quite overwhelming and looks really good from all angles. The mirrored CPU block has plastic protection on so handling is a lot easier.

Size check test
Stripped out my old titan 3 pipe cooler and wow the difference in size compared to the DDR2 is kind of worrying and now was the time to wonder if this thing will actually fit. I had of course checked the dimensions against my case so I knew this would not be an issue. The RAM in my case maybe! I have looked at many air-coolers including the Noctua, V8 and other beast coolers. All the reviewers have pointed out how close the RAM and cooling unit are, plus in my case I have High profile modules as well as the Kingston HyperX air cooler seated on the memory rack. With the RAM cooler removed I lowered the DR2 into place with the 135mm fan pointing forward towards the front of the case. Wow it fitted perfectly with no memory bump. BUT it meant that I would be unable to fit my Mem cooler which I really like and does a cracking job of keeping mem and motherboard cool (plus it has blue LED's ) Therefore .

I decided to fit the CPU fan facing towards the back of the case - change my rear 140mm exhaust fan to a smaller 120mm BeQuiet intake fan, thus creating a push through for the CPU cooler - Fitting two 140mm Fractal silent fans to the top of my case as exhaust. I know this is not the normal way to go and if your reading this then I guess you are frowning by now!! But the logic seemed sound.

Fitting the unit (plasters at the ready)
I am lucky enough to have a case with a motherboard cutout so all I had to do was remove memory - graphics card giving a nice open work area.
The instructions with this are REALLY awful and I had read other reviews on how utterly frustrating fitting this thing can be
The problem for me was selecting the correct fittings out of the selection of three almost identical Intel fittings. It is easy to disregard the AMD's but the others are no so easy to eliminate without a fair bit of trial and error and cursing.
It would be a lot easier to fit this if the fan were not pre-fitted to the cooler. Now this is where the plasters come in. Trying to remove the fan clips is an absolute nightmare as the fins on the cooler are sharper than a samurais sword - SO - to get the grip to pull the clips off you need to grip the unit and blood is very likely to ensue. I decided to fit the unit with the fan on, lol

Fitted the correct fittings, applied Noctua NT-H1 thermal compound (it does come with it's own grease but!! NT-H1 is better). Struggled to screw from the rear of the case whilst holding from the front steady and eventually Wahaaaay got it on. Only to find that because I had fitted the fan facing to the back the PWM cable would not reach the CPU FAN header. AAAAAAGH.
The fan would have to come off so that I could re-seat the fan to allow the cable to attach. I did not want to remove the unit so with a pair of pliers yanked the metal clips until eventually they pinged off and I was able to twist my fan round and attach PWM. Believe me the fan clips go on much easier than they come off.

Pay somebody else to fit this, lol - Seriously though the DR2 is a gorgeous looking piece of kit and has outstanding reviews with regard to quiet hassle free running
Linus of TechTips has used this fan for his air-cooled build (yes he had a plaster appear on his thumb just after fitting the cooler) Overclocking is fine without CPU choke up to 4.4 maybe 4.6.... It is Soooo quiet - much quieter than most closed loop water cooling options currently on the market...
Running Prime95 CPU stress-tester @ 3500mhz - load temp never exceeded 55 degrees..
at idle 26 degrees - everyday running 27-29 degrees. Worth the sweat and tears of fitting... If you decide to get one of these GOOD LUCK and enjoy - well worth it
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on 1 April 2014
This cooler is exactly as described. When compared to other coolers for the noise they make this piece of kit stands out. I mean it is basically silent , I have not seen the temps go over fifty degrees on a i7 2600k overclocked to 4.5ghtz playing BF4, also I have not seen it go past 500 rpm. This cooler is awesome , had no problems installing.( If you are a noob it could be tricky)

- Silent
- Looks sexy
- Excellent fan

- Huge cooler (Double check case size and ram clearance)
- A bit pricey
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on 10 July 2014
It works absolutely fantastically, I put it in my gaming setup and it keeps my AMD 8core cool in demanding games and remains the quietest fan in my computer while doing it. If you are looking for something for a silent build or just something that works very well then this is what you need.
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on 25 June 2015
Pros: The unit is silent.
Cons: The fan is attached so strongly to the heatsink that I cut my fingers many times and my brothers trying to take the fan off the unit. Even to this day I cannot remove it. Any more force and the metal clips will break!
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on 1 August 2014
Very quiet and no problems so far
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